Hydro-Electric Turbines Simulation and Optimization

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Joseph Nowarski, 27 בינו׳ 2017 - 83 עמודים

This work introduces hydroelectric power plant optimization method.

The paper also includes some background information used for preparation of Hydro-Electric Energy On-line Calculator, as on site:


The calculator is for general information only; it does not include many components and must not be used for actual design, economic evaluation, or decisions regarding any real project.

In addition, the calculator applies Francis turbine efficiency curve formula which is specific for this work and for the calculator and cannot be used for other turbines.

 The calculator is applied in this work for simulation of the hydroelectric power plant electricity export and for optimization of turbine size.

Estimation of amount of electricity which will be generated and exported from hydroelectric plant is the most important step in decision taking process regarding the hydro project. The amount of electricity exported from the hydroelectric plant will be much lower than the nominal power of the turbine considering 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.  

The optimization using this online calculator allows determination of optimum turbine size for various patterns of the available water flow.

The optimization includes energy and economic considerations.

From the energy point of view, the aim of the optimization is to find the turbine power, which results in highest net electricity export.

From the economic point of view, the aim of the optimization is to find the turbine power that results in highest net income.

Application of the calculator for simulation and optimization can significantly save investment cost of the project and increase net profit. 


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