תמונות בעמוד

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May the mantle fied to succeed bim the church of God sioned.

established in this city to extend the kingdom of Christ. In performing his duties as a member be laboured abundantly, without sparing bimself, and so far as we can judge, he laboured successfully.

But his usefulness was not fully knowo until the formation of the American Bible Society. Of this Institution he was from the beginning a warm and decided advocate. At an early period after its organization he was elected chairman of the standing committee, and so soon as the interests of the Society required it, their agent. In the performance of the duties of this office he was indefatigable, prompt, intelligent, and successful. He never spared himself; and at last fell a victim to his fidelity. On Thursday the 25th of February be exposed himself to very unpleasant and unhealthy weather, to finish a contract which he had made for paper, on account of the Society. In the course of that day he became very unwell, and the next day was confined to his house, from whence he never went out again. He died on the 9th day of Mareh, without a struggle or a groan, in the 50th year of his age.

Such was the nature of his complaint and the suddenness of his death, that his friends can furnish the christian public with little to satisfy their laudable curiosity. Suffice it to say, that throughout his sickness his mind was solemnly affected; and notwithstanding his extreme pain, until three days before his death he attended to the business of the agency, and editorship, together with the performance of family worship. His conversation throughout the whole period of his confinement, was, though not that of a dying christian, yet that of a confirmed believer. On the morning of the day before he died, he directed the 23d Psalm to be read for him, and when finished expressed his satisfaction in its contents. During that day he dictated the additional notice contained in the last number, which announced his relinquishment of the Christian Herald after this number. To the agency of the American Bible Society he had determined to devote all his talents and time, not required by the church of which he was an elder, or by his family. But a righteous and holy God has called him hence that he might enjoy the gracious rewards of his master. He rests from his labours, but his works do follow him!

His character may be summed in the following particulars, viz. an extreme caution in examining every thing that presented itself to his view with the most minute attention and the most faithful diligence; solidity of judgment when the examination was completed to his own satisfaction; an uncommon degree of self-possession ; invincible firmness in defence of the opinions which he embraced, connected with the polished courtesy of a man of the world, and the forbearance of a christian.

Few, if any, laymen were better acquainted with the system of truth as contained in the scriptures, or more engaged in promoting plans for ensuring its extensive circulation, and its triumph over sin and error. In this age of religious exertion, he eminently combined increase of christian knowledge with increase of christian activity.

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The cast of his mind, whilst it kept him from enthusiasm, caused him to advance steadfastly and surely in his measures for the advancement of Christ's kingdom.

He entered fully into all plans for the prosperity of Christ's kingdom; not only those which

are general, but those which are particular. As a member of the Presbyterian Church, he approved of, and patronized, the Theological Seminary established at Princeton. He was also a member of the Direction of the African School formed and supported by the Synod of New-York and New Jersey.

As a member of the different judicatories of the denomination with which he was connected, he displayed powers of mind, and chastened feelings, which made him useful in an eminent degree. Very few men understood so well as he did the principles of enlarged christian policy, as incorporated in the constitution of the Presbyterian Church, and defended them with so much success against his opponents; and yet fewer men displayed so much self-controul and regard to the Ecclesiastical standing of those with wbom he came in direct collision.

May the mantle of this departed christian descend upon one qualified to succeed him in the different relations which he sustained to the church of God, and fill up the chasm which his death has occasioned.


On the death of J. E. Caldwell Esq. Agent of the American Bible Society. How sweetly does the real Christian rest Active thine efforts-steadfast was thine aim,

From all bis labours and from all his cares! To send the BIBLE to earth's farthest bound;
How richly are his earthly labours blest

T' enlighten ev'ry nation with its flame,
When his rapt spirit leaves this vale of lears. And cheer the wretched witb the gospel's sound.
When once releas'd from sorrow and from wo, Oh! who can recollect thine ardent zeal

How great the transport-bow divine the peace!. To give the Sacred Volume to the poor,
In presence of bis Saviour he will know,

And not the throb of Christian sorrow feel, Where all is pure and everlasting bliss.

And not the loss of so much worth deplore. CALDWELL, unweari'd servant of the Cross! Servant of God, thou'st run thy heav'nly race [fight;

By sudden mandate snatch'd from present pain, With christian zeal; hast fought faith's noble Great is the public, great tbe private loss; Henceforward wilt thou share the joys of grace, But thine unspeakable, eternal gain.

A crown of glory, in the realms of light. Long must that sacred INSTITUTION feel Thine is the rich reward-the sacred feast

Thy loss-wbich words but faintly can express, Of knowledge, rapture, and eternal love, For thy best labours tended to its weal,

Which none but saints and holy angels taste, Its plans to second, and the world to bless. Beyond the ken of man-in worlds above.

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Lamented Caldwell! to the Christian dear, "Go, turn that soul from darkness unto light;
Friends of the Bible, looking on thy bier, Let life divine be on his heart bestow'd,
Rememb’ring all thy worth, exclaim'd and sigh'd, Turn him at once from Satan unto God."
"The Bible lost a friend when Caldwell died." He felt the power; he saw the heavenly light;

Scienceand taste, love, friendship, zeal,and grace, Darkness and doubt for ever sped their flight:
Within thy hallow'd mind had each a place; He turn'd his face to Zion's holy bill,
The robe of modesty surrounded all :

His meat and drink to do his Father's will;
Each grace stepp'd forth as duty gave the call; With eager feet he urg'd his steady pace,
And rich attainments never were display'd, Nor could temptation turn him from his race;
Unless the cause of God requir'd their aid. Looking to Jesus with intense desire,

Yet 'twas not always so: the black'ning cloud Love in his soul maintain'd her sacred fire :
Of infidelity once threw its shroud

His heart came burning to his kindling eye,
O'er all the powers of his learned mind; Lodgd with his treasure in the world on higla;
(The light of science cannot heal the blind :) Not the half-love that, clinging to the soid,
In doubt's dark mazes were his wand'rings cast, Devotes, for golden dust, long hours of toil;
And without God his early years were past. He gave his heart to bis redeeming Lord,

But He who makes the rebel's heart to yield, God's fear his treasure, and his hope His word:
With love divine this infidel beheld; (might; No more he covets mortal man's applause,
«Go," said the Lord, and cloth'd the word with But spends his life to serve the Bible cause.



* MR. CALDWELL WAS A Director of the New-York Missionary Society, Director of the United Foreign Missionary Society, Director of the Religious Tract Society, Director of the Society for the Support of the Gospel among the poor, Director of the American Bible Society, A Trustee of the New-York Free School, Corresponding Secretary of the New York Bible Society, and a Member of the Board of Missions of the General Assembly of the

Presbyterian Church. He also superintended the printing of the French New Testament published by the New-York Bible Society: He did the same for the French and Spanish New Testaments afterwards published by the American Bible Society, correcting the press and the Stereotype plates, in those languages, as well as for the several editions of the Bible in the English language. He was master of the French, Spanish, Latin, and Greek languages, and an excellent gramarian and critic.

He undertook the publication of the Christian Herald, chiefly, perhaps solely with the view of communicating in an easy and familiar way to the friends of Zion the glorious things that were accomplishing for her prosperity. In so doing, there is reason to believe he has gladdened the hearts of many

who had been wishing for such a medium of communication. Similar publications have since been commenced, and are producing good effects.

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