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far more than their most sanguine expectations, at the commencement of the year, ventured to anticipate.

Brethren-We have a gracious Master, who, verily, rewards his servants with a liberal hand! He knows and pities their infirmities; and while he tenderly rebukes the weakness of their flesh, deigns to accept and commend the willingness of their spirits. Let his goodness excite us to make greater efforts in his cause.

We have every inducement; for, it is a glorious cause in which we are engaged. It is the cause of this Master, against the arch enemy of the human race: the conflict of the Prince of Light and Life with the powers of darkness and of death. It is a most benevolent cause; for it aims to rescue sinners, of our own flesh and blood, from the captivity of Satan. It is most honourable ; for we, unworthy as we are, are permitted to be fellow-workers with the whole Christian world in evangelizing the nations ; nay, with God himself, in fulfilling his promise to his Son, of putting all enemies under his feet, of giving him the heathen for his inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for a possession. And, it is also a hopeful cause. Already is he giving to it, every where, earnests of future success. It must and shall prevail; for God has promised a final victory; and our leader is Jesus, THE CAPTAIN OF SALVATION. Let us, then, be true to him to whom we have sworn allegiance, and under whose standard we are arranged. God has already condescended to give us a reputable name among the missionary institutions of our country. Let us never be contented, until, by his blessing, we have made the Young Men's Missionary Society one of the most efficient legions in the armies of the LORD OF Hosts.

Little is yet done in comparison with what remains to be executed. Innumerable are the strong holds of Satan in our land yet to be reduced, and they are multiplying with fearful rapidity. Some of them we have conquered, and converted into temples for God's praise. These conquests are to be secured. The country around them is still in the hands of the enemy. They are still invested by watchful foes. Be diligent, therefore, in protecting what has been gained, and in vigorously prosecuting further acquisitions. Let no one, over whom any of us have an influence, remain unconnected with our ranks. Allure, persuade, and entreat them to help us in our exertions in the cause of our Master.

Brethren-Remember the grace of our Lord Jesus CHRIST, THE LORD OF GLORY. He was rich, yet for our sakes he became poor, that we, through his poverty, might be made rich! Has he not commanded us to love one another as he hath loved us? He does not ask us to become poor, that we may make the destitute inhabitants of our country rich. But, this he does require, that we should forego some of our superfluities, to impart to those who are hungering and thirsting after righteousness, a little of the bread and water of life, of which we enjoy such copious abundance-at least enough to alleviate the violence of their famine.

Let not the Infant Churches, which have been planted by your Missionaries, cherished by their prayers, and watered with their tears, and in whose behalf they so tenderly entreat you, wither and die for want of cultivation. Remember the tears of the people of Carthage, when they besought your Missionary, who first made the name of Jesus ' melody in their ears, to intercede with you, not to forget, but to pity and to succour them. Let the cries of the Church at Bolton--where in a fews hort months no less than 65 souls, trophies of rich grace, were awakened and made alive unto Godnot only enter your ears, but penetrate your hearts. Listen to what they say! “ We are totally destitute of preaching, save Missionary labour, and that is very infrequent. We are not able to support the Gospel

. We are composed of 40 families, and there are about eighty communicants in our Church-mostly minors and females-all extremely anxious to have a minister of Christ among them as a Spiritual guide and teacher. We throw ourselves upon your charity, as a needy people ; for we have no prospect to cheer our hopes from an approaching famine of spiritual instruction, except through the agency of your benevolent institution.” Hark, Brethren! Is not the voice of him who once spake to the son of Jonas, on the shore of the Sea of Tiberias, now saying to youmIf you love me, go and FEED THOSE LAMBS ? In behalf of the Board of Directors,

JOHN NITCHIE, Secretary. New-York, Dec. 10th, 1818.

RELIGIOUS CONVENTION. Minutes and Resolutions of the Religious Convention of Christian Denomina

tions, held at Washington, (Mis.) November 19, 1818. The Religious Convention of Christian Denominations met, pursuant to an appointment made at Clear Creek, December 19th, 1817. By request, Rev. Joseph Bullen preached a sermon from Ephesians iv. 3—Endeavour to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

After service, Rev. J. Menefee called the meeting to order, and Rev. J. Bullen was unanimously chosen Moderator, and the Rev. J. Smylie, Clerk.

The following ministers, of regular standing in their respective denominations, came forward and took their seats:

Rev. Joseph Bullen, Rev.John Menefee, Rev. Wm. Montgomery, * Rev. Lawrence Scarborough, Rev. James Carson, Rev. Saml. Royce, Rev. James Smylie, Rev. Nathan Williamson, Rev. Daniel Smith.

The following official members of different churches appeared and took their seats :

+ Mr. John Henderson, Mr. Chilion F. Stiles, f Mr. John Bolls, + Mr. John Grafton, Mr. Matthew Smylie, Mr. Daniel Camron, Mr. Abram Galtney, * Mr. Joel Pate, t Mr. Geo. Daugherty.


*Took their seats the ed day ;- -8 Took their seats the 3d day: fAbsent the 2d and 3d days. Absent the 3d day.

Rev. Dr. Smith, J. Menefee, W. Montgomery, and L. Scarbofough, (in the event of his appearing to-morrow,) were appointed a" committee of overtures, to prepare and bring forward the business of the meeting.

On which the convention adjourned to meet to-morrow at 10 o'clock. Concluded with prayer.

Friday, Nov. 20th, 1818. The Convention met according to adjournment. Opened with prayer.

Rev. N. Williamson preached.

The committee of overtures reported in part, and the convention adopted the following

RESOLUTIONS. Resolved unanimously, That this meeting, having heard and considered “The Minutes, Resolutions, and Address of the Religious Convention holden at Clear Creek,” cordially approve the sentiments and feelings expressed therein, and strongly recommend them to the religious public.

Whereas our youth are indeed the rising hope of oúr churches and our country"_and whereas their temporal welfare, and their spiritual salvation, very much depend, under God, on the exercise of parental fidelity—therefore,

Resolved unanimously, That this Convention earnestly recommend to all parents or guardians, that, by the early, assiduous, and persevering use of christian instruction, persuasion, and prayer, they should labour to train up for society, the church, and the kingdom of heaven, the precious immortals committed to their care.

And further resc!ved, That this convention earnestly recommend to all the friends of religion, to inculcate a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures on the minds of the rising generation. In order to which, that tliey select such passages as they think best, and teach them to their children. We the more earnestly recommend this, as it would give our children a knowledge of Scriptural truth in the language of our truly excellent version.

And further resolved, That this convention recommend to all the friends of true religion, to spend some time on every Sabbath in catechising their children on the Scriptures; and, if practicable, to establish Sunday Schools for that purpose.

And whereas, next to parents, school-masters, preceptors, and other public instructors, are instruinental in forming the understanding, fashioning the faith, moulding the heart, and controling the habits of our youth-therefore,

Resolved unanimously, That this convention regard with beartfelt satisfaction, and unfeigned gratitude to God, the establishment of every seminary of instruction for our male or female youth, that is conducted on christian principles, and that with the rudiments of buman science, inculcates the grand fundamentals of scriptural moralgi and religion

Ånd further resolved, That this convention behold, with heart-felt gries, and trembling anxiety, the almost total dereliction of christian principles, in the instruction and government of our principal seminary of learning, and of many other subordinate institutions.

On motion,

Resolved, That Rev. D. Smith, J. Menefee, and L. Scarborough be a committee to prepare a plan of the principles and objects of union in this convention.

Adjourned to meet to-morrow at 9 o'clock.
Concluded with prayer.

Saturday, Nov. 21, 1918.
The convention met according to adjournment.
Opened with prayer.
The following Resolutions were adopted :

Whereas that degraded portion of our population, the children of Africa, inust be regarded as possessed of immortal souls like ours, for whom as well as for us the blood of atonement has been shed, and whose salvation, like our own, is only to be accomplished through sanctification of the Spirit, and belief of the truththerefore,

Resolved unanimously, That this convention strongly recommend to all masters and employers of slaves, to see that they be initiated into the principles of the christian faith; to grant them, as often as possible, the privilege of attending on stated family worship, and of hearing the sacred Scriptures read; and by every practicable means, to facilitate and encourage their attendance in the sanctuary from Sabbath to Sabbath.

Whereas intemperance, at the present day, is making fearful haToc of the fortunes, reputations, lives, and souls, of thousands; and whereas this ruinous vice involves in misery not only the intemperate, but also, in many instances, the whole circle of their innocent families and relatives--therefore,

Resolved unanimously, That this Convention deem it the bounden duty of every individual, but particularly of every christian minister, and of every ecclesiastical judicatory, to discountenance not only gross intemperance, but even the moderate use of ardent spirits, unless in cases of real necessity.

Whereas the irreverent and profane use of the holy name of God and of Christ, is highly provoking to the Divine Being, as well as highly injurious to the swearer, and to those who hear him therefore,

Resolved unanimously, That this Convention express their strongest abhorrence of so pernicious and wicked a practice; and that they enjoin on all who regard the welfare of society, the salvation of souls, or the glory of God, that they should not only refrain from open and gross profanity, but even from the introduction of God's reverend name, by way of exclamation.

In consequence of a declaration made by a gentleman, on the first day of our session, who professed to be an orderly minister of the ancient Protestant Episcopal Church, that some of the members of this Convention acted on the ground of a rooted pique against said church, implying, if the Convention understood him, a manifestation of an unchristian spirit towards said church--therefore,

Resolved unanimously, That the gentleman must have been mistaken, inasmuch as noihing of the kind was discovered by us in any

of our members. And further resolved, That this Convention hereby express their christian regard for the Protestant Episcopal Church; for its ministers and officers in regular standing; and that we are cordially willing to unite in this Convention, not only with them, but with all other ministers and officers of the churches of Christ of any denomination in the world.

Rev. W. Montgomery and L. Scarborough preached.

The committee appointed on yesterday having made report, the meeting, after mature deliberation, unanimously adopted the following

ARTICLES OF CONVENTION. 1. A meeting, similar to the present, shall be holden annually, as long as shall be found expedient, at such time and place as shall have been appointed at the preceding meeting.

2. The meeting, when convened, shall be styled “The Religious Convention of Christian Denominations."

3. The Convention shall be composed of ministers of the gospel in good standing, and officers or other official representatives of any christian church.

4. The fundamental principles of this Convention are mutual affection for each other as disciples of one common Lord, and cordial desire to promote the interests of his kingdom.

5. It is no part of the business of this Convention to discuss points either of doctrine or of discipline, about which any of its members may differ in sentiment. And it is by no means expected, that any member shall renounce any of the distinguishing charecteșistics of the religious denomination to which he belongs, or that he sball refrain from inculcating his sentiments, either from the pulpit, from the press, or in private conversation.

6. The distinct objects of this Convention are-to promote a spirit of mutual forbearance and brotherly affection between its members, and between their respective denominations—to make unitedly every prudent exertion possible to suppress prevailing vices--and to endeavour, by every means that promises success, to promote the cause of Christ throughout our land, and the world:

7. For these purposes it is proposed to combine, as far as possible, the energies of all the friends of Zion, in the advancement of every moral, religious, and charitable design, in the promotion of which they can consistently and cordially unite.

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