תמונות בעמוד

sions—" of a truth, I perceive that the reconciliation and salvation of lost God is no respecter of persons, but mankind, through repentance towards that, in every nation, they that fear God, and faith in, and obedience to the him, and work righteousness, will be Lord Jesus Christ, who gave himself accepted of him."

There is no doc- for us, that he might redeem us from trine more clearly and fully inculcated all iniquity, and purify unto himself a in the New Testament than that of peculiar people zealous of good works." charity, or, in other words, “ Divine Tit. ii. 14-“Upon which considerations love." “ God is love, and they that thus summarily laid down, they are dwell in him, dwell in love:" and worthy of preference to all other books. by this, said our blessed Saviour, shall in the world; for they are the words, all men know " ye are my disciples, if sayings, and testimonies of God, scripye love one another.” The Apostle tures of truth, divinely inspired writPaul, in the 13th chap. of the first ings, containing the judgments, and Epistle to the Corinthians, describes statutes of the Lord, and the magna the excellency of this virtue in a pecu. charta of his church.” To render the har and striking point of view. His reading and study of the Bible truly illustrations go to prove, That it is the profitable, we stand in need of a meaprominent feature in the Christian sure of the same divine influence which character. Let us therefore, my friends, qualified and enabled the holy men of cultivate this heavenly principle ; let old to write as they were inspired by as, by the tenor of our lives and con- the Holy Ghost. When I reflect, my duct, evince that we are the disciples friends, on the solemnity of the occaand followers of Jesus Christ. I am sion which has drawn together so large thankful in feeling my heart glow with and respectable an assemblage of our love to all my fellow creatures, and fellow-creatures, all of whom, I trust, that I meet with those of every Chris- are arraigned as candidates for an imtian denomination, to whom I can give mortal and glorious inheritance, I hope the right hand of fellowship.

we may feel renewedly animated in a There is one distinction which I am cause which is calculated to promote solicitous may be attended to in our the present and the future happiness of zeal and fervency to spread the holy mankind. scriptures; and that is, in speaking of I do not wish to trespass either on those invaluable writings, let us always the time or patience of this assembly; bear in mind, " They are the words, or but I do not know that I can close my written revelation of the mind and will communication with sentiments more of God. They are streams from the appropriate, or with language better fountain of Light and Life—and as adapted, than was used by my late such, as the apostle declares in his epis- friend Henry Tuke, at a meeting of the tle to Timothy, are able to make wise Bible Society of York, in England, of unto salvation, through faith which is which he was a distinguished member. in Christ Jesus.” They are “profitable “I feel,” said he, "disposed to exfor doctrine, for reproof, for correction, press the gratification which I experiand for instruction in righteousness;"ence on seeing so large and respectable that the man of God may be perfect, a meeting of my fellow-citizens, on the thoroughly furnished unto all good present occasion, and particularly with works. Indeed, when we consider this the union of Christians of various deinvaluable gift of divine goodness to nominations in the support of this great fallen mankind, we may truly say, cayse. May we not compare the va“ They are the most excellent of all rious sects of Christianity to the diffewritings whatsoever, whether we con-rent tribes of ancient Israel? We, like sider the holy author of them, the Great them, may have some different views, God of heaven and earth; or the in- and separate interests; but we acknowspired penmen of them, the holy pro- ledge one God, and one Lord, even phets and apostles, who spake and our Lord Jesus Christ. We prowrote as they were moved and guided fess to be governed by the same laws, by the Holy Ghost; or the divine truths which are contained in the Holy Scriptherein declared and testified of, con- tures, and though we may not unite in cerning the wonderful love of God for the construction of some of these lass,

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Rector of St. George's Church, New-York, in moving the thanks of the Society

to the President, spoke as follows.

it is a grateful stimulus to their re. Having consented, on a very recent doubled increase, and an encouraging intimation, to occupy the place of a pledge of continual support to our valued clerical Brother,* who has been further more zealous and more exprevented by an indisposition which tended labours. we all have reason to regret, from of- In surveying the difficulties that fering the motion which I am now to have been encountered, it is pleasing present to the chair—though I doubt to see that so many have been sucnot its acceptable character, yet I can cessfully surmounted. In looking for neither calculate on supplying the loss ward to any that remain, none appear of his presence, nor on adding to the so formidable as to terrify or dismay. interest excited in the minds of this Even in our regret that prejudice, or assembly by the well-directed display misunderstanding, or a difference of of talent and piety exhibited here to- views, should have induced any of our day.

Christian brethren to withhold their But I cannot deny myself the plea- support to the concentration of the sure of mingling my solicitations with general sentiment into one grand natheirs on the arrival of this cheering tional effort, still we are consoled by anniversary, and on the auspicious as the reflection, that this difference of pect in which the Report of its Ma- sentiment generally regards the mode, nagers presents the affairs of this ines- and not the object—that the Bible is timable Institution.

precious in their eyes as in ours-and Whilst any thing remains to be that under varying modifications, and done, (and O! how much is still before through different channels, they are us ?) we must not too long intermit our zealously employed in the diffusion of labours, and waste our time in con- its blessings. May we not hope, that, templations of the past ; but we may as the benefits of a National Society justifiably and profitably employ our are evinced in the practical result of selves a little in pleasing retrospect, its operations, angry opposition, if it as an excitement of gratitude to God, any where exist, will, by public opinion, and an encouragement to further ef- be frowned into silence, and honest fort. If heaven has been propitious to diversity of sentiment yield to the our first and more enfeebled exertions, force of truth demonstrated by ex

periment. This Society already preThe Rev. Doctor Wharton, of the Episcopal sents a most imposing front. It boasts Church in Burlington, New Jersey.

Tamong its valued patrons men distin


guished in our country for qualities with the beams of that Sun of rightewell entitling them to the civic honours ousness who never shines but with which a nation's gratitude has bestow- healing on his wings. ed, and to the expectation of the Instead of displacing, it has prepared brighter rewards with which a God of the way for the successful preaching of mercy will remunerate their deeds of the word, and powerfully aided the virtue. It accords, with the compla- missionaries of the cross in carrying cent feeling of gospel affection, a long list home to the consciences of hearers of humbler, but as cheerful contribu- the blessed truths of revelation. tors, to whom Providence has given These things, to no inconsiderable but little, yet who gladly give of that extent, this Institution and its Auxilialittle to an object of Christian piety ries have already effected: and what pteeminently dear to their hearts: has it still to accomplish? why, these

It hạs afforded to many a Christian and other objects, on a much more congregation the grateful opportunity enlarged scale, as a liberal publick shall of evincing its attachment to a beloved supply the means. pastor, by enrolling him among its Sir, you have heard justly eulogized functionaries ; thus blending with an that noble Institution in the land of our affecting evidence of love to him, efti- forefathers, from which we are not cient aid to the cause of the master ashamed to have caught the animating whom he serves. It has given rise to fervour that now prompts our own many new associations in quarters exertions. If we cannot rival her the least expected ; opened new stupendous doings, we can, at a disspheres of Bible operation; given reno- tance, imitate them. If we cannot yet: vated ardour to the enterprise of fe- accompany her into the moral deserts male piety; and warmed the rising of the transatlantic world, we can generation into ambitious desires to visit, with the life-giving proclamations become instruments in spreading the of gospel mercy, wildernesses in our savour of the Redeemer's name. own beloved country, into the recesses

It has made new discoveries as to of which even her unbounded philanBible wants, and refuted the pretence thropy has not yet penetrated. Hoof its being practicable to overstock noured as her associate in spreading our country with their superabundant far and wide the wonders of redeemmultiplication

ing love, this Society shall give the If it cannot claim the merit of hav- world fresh evidence of the exalted ing excited, it has kept alive public value of her magnificent example, and attention to the most interesting chari- without lessening, share the glory of ty by which it has erer been arrested. her great achievements. It has contributed, and is daily more MR. PRESIDENT, and more contributing, not to amalga- How exhilarating the prospect before mate religious communities, but to us! How enchanting our view down conciliate them towards each other. the lengthening vista of futurity! when It has taught the ministers of Christ, the cold turf shall cover the youngest and their people tao, by friendly in- head in this assembly, when your tercourse and association, to know each ashes shall repose in the sepulchre of other's worth, and though labouring your forefathers, and your emancipatin different departments of the gospel ed spirit, with many a kindred soul vineyard, to rejoice in each others suc- engaged with you in the labour of this cess.

day, exults in the purchased blessings It has brought the balm of Christian (of eternity, your work of faith and laeonsolation to many a sin-sick soul, bour of love shall survive the mortal and cheered the final hour of many a wreck. The American Bible Society departing spirit.

shall still exist in healthful vigour, and It has practically honoured the gra- prosecute its labours with unrelaxed cious desire of the Saviour, that his exertion. Your generous benefaction gospel should be preached to the poor. not disdaining an association with the It has illumined many a gloomy widow's mite, and many a little free-will mansion with the peerless light of hea- offering of infantile piety, shall bless venly truth, and warmed its tenants with its product the children of pover

ty, and their childrens' children to re-in his hearing, on our debt of gratitude motest time.

to the venerable founder of the AmeriYes, sir, an institution like this, whose can Bible Society, its revered Presiobjects are Jehovah's glory, the ho- dent, I must not be prevented from nour of his Son, the happiness of mil- saying, that whether we consider the lions for whom his precious life-blood intelligence, zeal, and perseverance, streamed upon the cross, cannot go un- with which he planned, and prosecublessed. So distinguished an agent in ted, and, amidst much opposition, eseffectuating his purposes of mercy to tablished this Institution ; the anxious a ruined world, has been the product solicitude with which he has watched of those celestial influences which shall over its advancing interests, the unpreperpetuate its being. Never will they cedented liberality with which lie has be withdrawn till the visions of an- endowed its treasury, or the unlooked cient prophecy shall be realized, and for effort, (thanks be to God for its sucall the kingdoms of this world shall be- cess,) at the risque of his life, to favour come ihe kingdoms of our Lord and of this meeting wiih his presence, we are his Christ.

equally called upon to express upon MR. VICE-PRESIDENT,

our records the feelings which these The resolution which I have to offer evidences inspire. I address to you. I have not yet even It is under such impressions that I hinted at its import; and I shall still be propose the adoption of the following prevented, by the honoured presence resolution : of its subject, from pouring forth those Resolved, That the thanks of the So. effusions of heart, for the privilege of ciety be presented to the President, uttering which I could almost wish for his continued and watchful attenfor his temporary absence. But while tion to its interests, and for bis munifiI am forbidden by delicacy to enlarge, cent liberality towards its funds.

THE REV. JAMES M. MATHEWS, Pastor of the Reformed Dutch Church in Garden-street, New York, in seconding

the motion of Mr. Milnor, made the following Speech.


the West?” I do not allude merely to I rise to second this motion: and I several liberal benefactions which have do it with unfeigned pleasure, as it added to the resources of different ingives me an opportunity of paying a stitutions for the spread of truth; but tribute of public respect in which every to our President's prayers and perseone here will gladly unite. I will not verance in the Bible cause; to a zeal dwell on commendations, and I shall and devotedness which have led him detain you with but one expression to attend our meeting this day, not only of the kind. It has been said of the at a sacrifice of ease, but at the hazard Apostolic Buchanan," that, reasoning of life. from the ordinary blessing of Provi- Mr. President, if you will excuse dence on the use of means, had every something like a benediction from one million of Christians, from the day so much younger than yourself—may of Pentecost to the present time, that Redeemer who crowned the contained but one such man as Dr. wishes of aged Simeon, denying himBuchanan, there would scarcely now self for a time the comforts of his home, remain a heathen nation in the world.” that he might see “ the Consolation of Were another man in the chair before Israel," reward your pious desires to be me, I might be disposed to do more here-send you from us with the acthan ask the question, whether we may knowledgment, “Lord, now lettest not with some justice take the language thou thy servant depart in peace, for thus applied to the author of “The mine eyes have seen thy salvation;" Star in the East,” and use it in appli- and may the recollection of the Recation to the author of " The Star in deemer's presence with you this day

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sooth your spirit when you “shall was there; the youth of the poor come to your grave in a full age, like were allowed to grow up in the midst ás a shock of corn is gathered in, in his of us, ignorant of truth and duty; season."

hardened into the spirit of IshmaelYou will not consider me as using“ every man's hand against them; and language too solemn for the present their hand against erery man;" and of occasion. Indeed, 'Sir, if ever we are late, throughout the greater partof Pro. entitled to look for the fulfilment of testant Christendom, so suddenly too the promise, “ where two or three are as though it were the effect of magic, gathered together in my namē, there have arisen those true instruments of am I in the midst of them," it is so reform, those fountains of life and when we are assembled as a Bible light to the poor, SUNDAY SCHOOLS, Society, in which Christians of every in which the intelligent and polished denomination forget their distinc- of both sexes stoop and take by the tive names, and laying their hands hand the young vagrant, and the igon the one Book, as the charter of norant adult, and lead them to know. their hope from heaven, feel that they ledge and to God: nay, sir, and the are leagued together by one covenant, very deaf and dumb, whom Providence engaged in one holy enterprise-to seemed to have insulated irrecoverably spread the Scriptures of truth, the from rational enjoyment and intergospel of salvation, to the ends of the course, and to have set before us to world. I cannot look around me, to manifest how far human nature can survey an assembly like this, without sink-from these once prisoners of desbelieving that here is a spectaele which pair the chains are broken off which gładdens the heart of God and man; confined them from the range of human and which should be counted among intellect; and a language is discovered the many monuments which in those which the dumb can speak and underlatter days have been erected on the stand. earth, as both omens and instruments Thus is God enabling alt classes of of good to our sinful race.

mankind to profit by the Bible where Admitting, sir, that it is impossible they have it. But he does not allow to state, with any thing like precision, his people to stop here in their labours what is the amount of means annually of love. There is one great object expended for the spread of the Gos- on behalf of which he has emphatically pel; yet it is due to truth to say, that enlisted the spirit of our day. It is the never since apostolic times has the spread of the Bible without note or moral machinery of the Christian comment, in that simple form in which world been so vast and magnificent he gave it from his own holy hand: as we find it now. I do not even ex- and so completely has he engaged in cept the days of the ever memorable this cause all sexes, ages, and condireformation. That was a struggle to tions of the Christian world, that ours regain the territory which had once has been justly called “ the age of belonged to Christianity, which she still Bibles." Sir, I have often thanked the nominally held, but which she had in author for that expression, which confact lost. The efforts of the present veys a sentiment so characteristic of day go, not only to render the reign the period in which we live. It is now of truth more universal among all no uncommon thing to find the little classes in lands where it is; but to send apprentice boy stealing time, not from it into those remote wilds where its his master, but from his sleep, to earn sound was never heard ; to spread it as something to cast into the treasury of far and wide in the earth as there are a Bible Society. The weather-beaten sins to be forgiven, and souls to be mariner, whose wages were once scatsaved; to wrest from the prince of tered without thought, and without darkness, kingdoms, where his throne advantage to himself, can now be was never before disturbed. Look, found laying up of his money for the sir, both at home and abroad, and see same good end; and while thus from what is doing. Not many years since, the youngest, and poorest among manthe huts of poverty were seldom visit- kind, the gold and the silver are ed by the rich, to inquire if the Bible brought as an offering to the Lord,

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