Changes of Extreme Air Temperature in Jerusalem

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Joseph Nowarski, 12 באוק׳ 2019 - 21 עמודים
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The annual minimum air temperature in Jerusalem increases with years. From 1993 to 2019, the minimum temperature increased by 1.47°C from -0.46°C to 1.01°C. Considering the current linear trendline, in year 2100 the minimum yearly temperature in Jerusalem will be 5.60°C, 6.06°C above year 1993 level.

Also daily changes of daily average temperature increased significantly. The maximum negative change (getting colder the next day) increased from -7.98°C in year 1993 to -10.72°C in year 2019. According to the linear trendline, in year 2100 the maximum daily change will be -19.26°C.

This work analyses 7 parameters of extreme temperature or extreme temperature changes, based on over 1 million air temperature records monitored at one meteorological station in Jerusalem. 


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