תמונות בעמוד

The disciples are puzzled,


and enquire what is meant.

A.M. 4033
A.D. 29.

A. D. 29.

CCII. 1.

CCII. 1.

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18 They said therefore, What is this 22 And ye now therefore have sor. A. M. 4033 . An. Olymp. that he saith, A little while ? we can- row: but I will see you again, and An. Olymp. not tell what he saith.

your heart shall rejoice, and your 19 Now Jesus knew that they were desirous joy no man taketh from you. to ask him, and said unto them, Do ye enquire 23 And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. "Veamong yourselves of that I said, A little while, || rily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever


shall and ye shall not see me: and again a little ask the Father in my name, he will give it you. while, and ye shall see me?

24 Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my 26 Verily, verily, I say unto you, That ye name: ask, and ye shall receive, “that your joy shall weep and lament, but the world shall re- | may be full. joice: and ye shall be sorrowful, but your sor- 25 These things have I spoken unto you in row shall be turned into joy.

proverbs : but the time cometh, when I shall 21 A woman when she is in travail hath || no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon | shall shew you plainly of the Father. as she is delivered of the child, she remember- 26 “At that day ye shall ask in my name : and eth no more the anguish, for joy that a man I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father is born into the world.

for you:

· Isai. 20. 17.

- ver. 6.- Luke 24. 41, 52. ch. 14. 1, 27. & 20. 20.

Acts 2. 46. & 13. 52. 1 Pet. 4. 8.

& Matt. 7.7. ch. 14. 13. & 15. 16. ch. 15. 11.- Or, parables.

* Or, par ables. n ver. 23.

try; and ye shall see me virtually in the great and wonderful gained, and the kingdom of heaven opened to all believers. work which shall then take place in the hearts and lives of men. Therefore is it said Acts iv. 33. that with great power did the

This may also refer to his coming again to destroy the Jew-l apostles give witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. ish state; and also to judge the world: but how can this Verse 23. Ye shall ask me nothing.) Ye shall then be led láttér be said to be in a little while ? Because a thousand years | by that spirit which guides into all truth, to consider me in are but as a day in the sight of God: Ps. xc. 4.

the character of Mediator in the kingdom of God; and to - Verse 18. What is this that he saith] They knew from address your prayers to the Father in my name—in the name what he had said, that he was to die; but knew not what he of Jesus the Saviour, because I have died to redeem you: in meant by their seeing him again in a little time.

the name of Christ the Anointer, because I have ascended to Verse 20. Ye shall weep and lament] To see me crucified | send down the gift of the Holy Ghost. and laid in the grave.

Verse 24. Hitherto have ye dsked nothing in my name] Ye But the world shall rejoice] The chief priests, scribes, Pha- || have not as yet considered me the great Mediator between risees, and persecuting Jews in general, will triumph, hoping | God and man: but this is one of the truths which shall be that their bad cause is crowned with success.

more fully revealed to you by the Holy Spirit. But your sorrow shall be turned into joy.) When ye see me Ask] In my name; and ye shall receive-all the salvation risen from the dead.

ye thus request; the consequence of which shall be, that It is very evident that our Lord uses the word world in se- your joy shall be full; ye shall bé thoroughly happy in being veral parts of this discourse of his, to signify the unbelieving made completely holy. and rebellious Jews.

Verse 25. In proverbs] That is, words which, besides their Verse 21. Por joy thett a man is born) Av@guros is put here plain, literal meaning, have another, viz. a spiritual or figurafor a human creature, whether male or female: as homo among tive one. I bave represented heavenly things to you through the Romans denoted either man or woman.

the medium of earthly. Verse 22. Your joy no man taketh from you.) Or, shall take The time cometh] Viz. the interval from his resurrection away-Some excellent MSS. and Versions read the verb in to his ascension; which consisted of forty days; during the future tense. Our Lord's meaning appears to have been which he instructed his disciples in the most sublime this; that his resurrection should be so completely demonstrated | tèries and truths of his kingdom. Acts i. 3. to them, that they should never have a doubt concerning Verse 26. I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father it; and consequently that their joy should be great and per- for you! I need not tell you that I will continue your intermanent, knowing that the atonement was made, the victory || cessor: I have given you already so many proofs of my love,


Christ explains himself, and the


disciples comprehend his meaning,

A. M. 4033
A. D. 29.

A. N. 4033.

A. D. 9. An. Olymp.

CCIL. 1.

CCII. 1.

27 · For the Father himself loveth thee : by this ' we believe that thou An. Olymp. you, because ye have loved me, and camest forth from God.

bhave believed that I came out from 31 Jesus answered them, Do ye now God.

believe? 28 ° I came forth from the Father, and am 32 % Behold, the hour cometh, yea, is now come, come into the world : again, I leave the world, that ye shall be scattered, every man to ' his and go to the Father.

own, and shall leave me alone: and yet I am 29 ( His disciples said unto him, Lo, now not alone, because the Father is with me. speakest thou plainly, and speakest no. pro- 33 These things I have spoken unto you, that verb.

'in me ye might have peace. * In the world ye 30 Now are we sure that thou knowest all shall have tribulation : "but be of good cheer; things, and needest not that any man should ask I have overcome the world.


Ch. 14. 21, 23. ver. 30. ch.3. 13. & 17.8.-chi. 13. 3.- Or, parahle.- -e ch. 21. 17.-ofver. 27. ch. 17.8.- Matt. 26. S1. Mark 14. 27.ch. 20. 10,- Or, his own home.

* Ch. 8. 29. & 14. 10, 11.--Isai. 9. 6. ch. 14. 27. Rom. 5. 1. Eph. 2 14. Col. 1. 20.- ch. 15. 19, 20), 21. 2 Tim. 3. 12.-_ ch. 14. J.• Rom. 8. 37. 1 John 1. 4. & 5. 4.

that ye cannot possibly doubt this: besides, the Father him- Yea, your faith will be then so shaken, that ye shall run self needs no intreaty, to do you good, for he loves you, and away, each striving to save himself at his own home, or is graciously disposed to save you to the uttermost, because among his kindred. ye have loved me, and believed in me as coming from God, for Verse 33. That in me ye might have peace.] I give you this the salvation of the world.

warning as another proof that I know all things; and to the Verse 28. 1.came forth from the Father] With whom I end that ye may look to me alone for peace and happiexisted from eternity in glory.

ness. The peace of God is ever to be understood as includAm come into the world] By my incarnation.

ing all possible blessedness-light, strength, comfort, support, I leave the world] By my death.

a sense of the divine favour, unction of the Holy Spirit, puAnd go to the Father.] By my ascension. These four words rification of heart, &c. &c. and all these to be enjoyed in contain the whole economy of the gospel of man's salvation, Christ. and a consummate abridgment of the Christian faith. This In the world ye shall have tribulation] Or, as most of the gave the disciples a key to the whole of our Lord's discourse; || very best MSS. read, exiti, ye have—the tribulation is at hand; and especially to that part, ver. 16. that had so exceedingly ye are just about to be plunged into it. embarrassed them; as appears by verses 17 and 18.

But be of good cheer] Do not despond, on account of what Verse 29. Lo, now speakest thou plainly] The disciples re- || I have said :—the world shall not be able to overcome you, ceived more light now on the nature of Christ's person and how severely soever it may try you. office, than they had ever done before.

I have overcome the world.] I am just now going by my Verse 30. Now are we sure that thou knowest all things] Is death to put it and its god to the rout. not the following the meaning of the disciples? We believe My apparent weakness shall be my victory: my ignominy that thou art not only the Messiah, who camest out from God; shall be my glory; and the victory which the world, the but that thou art that God who searchest the heart and triest | devil, and my adversaries in general shall appear to gain the reins ; and needest not to be asked, in order to make thee over me, shall be their own lasting defeat, and my eternal acquainted with the necessities of thy creatures; for thou triumph-Fear not! perfectly knowest their wants, and art infinitely disposed to Luther writing to Philip Melancthon quotes this verse, and relieve them.

adds these remarkable words; “ Such a saying as this, is wor. Verse 31. Do ye now believe ?] And will ye continue to thy to be carried from Rome to Jerusalem upon one's knees." believe? Ye are now fully convinced; and will ye in the hour of trial retain your conviction, and prove faithful and of the grand subjects in this chapter, the mediation steady?

of Christ, is but little understood by most Christians. Christ Verse 32. The hour cometh] Ye shall shortly have need of all having made an atonement for the sin of the world, has asthe faith ye profess-ye now believe me to be the Omniscient; cended to the right hand of the Father, and there he appears but ye will find difficulty to maintain this faith, when ye in the presence of God for us. In approaching the throne see me seized, condemned, and crucified as a malefactor. Hof grace, we keep Jesus, as our sacrificial victim, continually Christ, as high priest, offers


up the great sacrificial prayer.

in view: our prayers should be directed through him to the || tercession.' He has taken our nature into heaven; in that Father; and under the conviction that his passion and death | he appears before the throne :-this, without a voice, speaks have purchased every possible blessing for us, we should, with loudly for the sinful race of Adam, for whom it was assumed; humble confidence, ask the blessings we need; and as in him and on whose account it was sacrificed. On these grounds the Father is ever well pleased, we should most confidently every penitent, and every believing soul may ask and receive, expect the blessings he has purchased. We may consider and their joy be complete. By the sacrifice of Christ, we apalso, that his appearance before the throne in his sacrificial | proach God: through the mediation of Christ, God comes character, constitutes the great principle of mediation or in- Il down to man.

CHAP. XVII. Christ prays the Father to glorify him, 1. In what eternal life consists, 2, 3. Shews that he has glorified his Fa

ther, by fulfilling his will upon earth, and revealing him to the disciples, 4-8. Prays for them, that they may be preserved in unity and kept from eril, 9–16. Prays for their sanctification, 17—19. Prays also for those who should believe on him through their preaching, that they all might be brought into a state of unity, and finally brought to eternal glory, 20–26. A. M. 4033. THESE words spake Jesus, and 2 • As thou hast given him power An, Olymp.



to heaven, and over all flesh, that he should give An. Olymp. said, Father, the hour is come: glo- eternal life to as many as thou hast rify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee : given him.

A. D. 29.

A.M. 4033
A. D. 29.


- CCII. 1.

CCII. 1.

*Ch. 12. 23. & 19. 32. Dan. 7. 14. Matt. 11. 27. & 28. 18. ch. 3. 35. & || 5. 27, 1 Cor. 15. 25, 27. Phil. 2. 10. Hebr. 2. 8.ver. 6, 9, 24. ch. 6. 37.


as he is now performing his last acts in his state of humili. Verse 1. These words spake Jesus] That is, what is related | ation. in the preceding chapters. We may consider our Lord as still Glorify thy Son] Cause him to be acknowledged as the promoving on towards Gethsemane, not having yet passed the mised Messiah, by the Jewish people ; and as the universal brook Kedron, chap. xviii. 1.

Saviour, by the Gentile world : and let such proofs of his GodOur Lord, who was now going to act as high-priest for the head be given, as shall serve to convince and instruct mankind. whole human race, imitates in his conduct that of the Jewish That thy Son also may glorify thee] That by dying be may high-priest on the great day of expiation; who in order to of- magnify thy law and make it honourable, respected among fer up the grand atonement for the sins of the people, inen-shew the strictness of thy justice, and the immaculate

1. Washed himself, and put on clean linen garments. This purity of thy nature. Christ appears to have imitated, chap. xiii. 4. He laid aside Verse 2. As thou hast given him power] As the Messiah, his garments, girded himself with a towel, &c. There is no Jesus Christ, received from the Father universal dominion. All room to doubt that he and his disciples had been at the bath | flesh, i. e. all the human race was given unto him, that by one before; see chap. xiii. 10.

sacrifice of himself he might reconcile them all to God; having 2. The high-priest addressed a solemn prayer to God, 1. by his grace tasted death for every man, Heb. ii. 9. And this For himself: this Christ imitates, ver. 1-5. 2. For the was according to the promise of the universal inheritance made sons of Auron : our Lord imitates this in praying for his dis- to Christ, Psal. ii. 8. which was to be made up of the Heathen, ciples, ver. 9-19. 3. For all the people : our Lord appears and the uttermost parts of the land, all the Jewish people. So to imitate this also in praying for bis church, all who should that he got all from God, that he might give his life a ransom believe on him through the preaching of the apostles and their for the whole. See 2 Cor. v. 14, 15. Rom. v. 21. 1 Tim. ii. successors, ver. 20—24. After which he returns again to his | 4, 6. disciples, ver. 25, 26. See CALMET's Dict, under Expiation ; That he should give eternal life, &c.] As all were deliveredand see La Grande Bible de M. Martin, in loc.

into his power, and he poured out his blood 10 redeem all, then I. Our Lord's prayer for himself, ver. 1-5. the design of God is that all should have eternal life; because Father) Here our Lord addresses the whole divine nature, all are given for this purpose to Christ : and that this end might

Christ shers in what


eternal life consists.

4. M. 4033, A. D. 29

A. D. 99. An. Olymp CCII. 1.

CCII. 1.

3 And 'this is life eternal, that they thine own self with the glory & which 4. M. 404 An. Olymp. might know thee the only true God, I had with thee before the world was.

and Jesus Christ, 'whom thou hast sent. 6 "I have manifested thy name 4. ' I have glorified thee on the earth : 'I have unto the men · which thou gavest me out of the finished the work which thou gavest me to do. world: thine they were, and thou gavest them 5 And now, O Father, glorify thou me with me; and they have kept thy word.

* Isai. 53. 11. Jer. 9. 21.01 Cor. 8. 4.'1 Thess. 1.9.-ch. 3. 34. & 5. 36, 37. & 6. 29, 57. & 7. 29. & 10. 36. & 11. 42. Sch. 13. 31. & 14. 13. •ch. 4. 34. & 5. 36. & 9. 3. & 19. 30.

fCh. 14. 31. & 15. 10. ch. 1.1, 2. & 10. 30. & 17. 9. Phil. 2.6. Col. 1. 15, 17. Hebr. 1. 3, 10. hver. 26. Ps. 22. 22.-iver. 2, 9, 11. ch. 6. 37, 39. & 10. 29. & 15. 19.


be accomplished, he has become their sacrifice and atone- of God to redeem men by his blood: being the author of eterment.

nal salvation to all them that thus believe, and conscientiously Verse 3. This is life eternal] The salvation purchased by keep his commandments. Christ, and given to them who believe, is called life, 1. Be A saying similar to this is found in the Institutes of Menu. cause the life of man was forfeited to divine justice; and the Brigoo, the first emanated being, who was produced from sacrifice of Christ redeemed him from that death to which he the mind of the Supreme God, and who revealed the knowwas exposed. 2. Because the souls of men were dead in tres ledge of his will to mankind, is represented as addressing the passes and sins; and Christ quickens them by his word and spi. human race and saying: “Of all duties, the principal is to rit. 3. Because men who are not sayed by the grace of Christ, acquire from the Upanishads (their sacred writings) a true known do not live, they only exist: no good purpose of life being | ledge of one supreme God; that is, the most eralted of sciences, answered by them. But when they receive this salvation, they because it ensures eternal life. For in the knowledge and adolide—answer all the divine purposes, are happy in themselves, ration of one God, all the rules of good conduct are fully comuseful to each other, and bring glory to God. 4. It is called prised.” See Institutes of Menu, chap. xii. Inst. 85, 89. eternal life, to shew that it reaches beyond the limits of time; Verse 4. I have glorified thee] Our Lord, considering him and that it necessarily implies, 1. the immortality of the soul, self as already sacrificed for the sin of the world, speaks of 2. the resurrection of the body, and 3. that it is never to end, having completed the work which God had given him to do; hence called awww.os wn, a life ever living ; from all, always, and he looks forward to that time when, through the preaching and wy, being or existence. And indeed no words can more of his gospel, his sacrifice should be acknowledged, and the forcibly convey the idea of eternity than these. It is called true God should be known and worshipped by the whole world. CIWNIOS Śwn, TAAT eternal life, by way of eminence. There Verse 5. Before the world was.] That is, from eternity, bemay be an eternal eristence without blessedness ; but this is that fore there was any creation-so the phrase, and others similar eternal life, with which infinite happiness is inseparably con to it, are taken in the sacred writings, see ver. 24. Psal. xc. 2. nected.

Eph. i. 4. See chap. i. 1. Let the glory of my eternal diviThe only true God] The way to attain this eternal life is to || nity surround and penetrate my humanity, in its resurrection, acknowledge, worship, and obey, the one only true God; and ascension, and in the place which it is to occupy at thy right to accept as teacher, sacrifice and Saviour, the Lord Jesus, hand, far above all creatures, Phil. ii. 6, 9. the one and only true Messiah. Bishop Pearce's remark here II. Our Lord's prayer for his disciples, ver. 6. 19. is well worthy the Reader's attention :

Verse 6. I have manifested thy name] Eparegwoo, I have “ What is said here of the only true God, seems said in op- | brought it into light, and caused it to shine in itself, and to il position to the gods whom the heathens worshipped; not in luminate others. A little of the Divine Nature was known by opposition to Jesus Christ himself, who is called the true God the works of creation ; a little more was known by the Mosaic by John in 1 Epist. v. 20.”

revelation : but the full manifestation of God, his nature, and The words in this verse have been variously translated, 1. his attributes, came only through the revelation of Christ. That they might acknowledge thee, and Jesus Christ whom The men which thou gavest me] That is, the apostles, who thou hast sent, to be the only true God. 2. That they might having received this knowledge from Christ, were, by their acknowledge thee, the only true God, and Jesus whom thou preaching and writings, to spread it through the whole world. hast sent, to be the Christ or Messiah. 3. That they might Out of the world} From among the Jewish people; for in acknowledge thee to be the only true God, and Jesus Christ to this sense is the word xoouos to be understood in various parts be him whom thou hast sent. And all these translations the of our Lord's last discourses. original will bear. From all this we learn that the only way Thine they were] Objects of thy choice, and thou garest then in which eternal life is to be attained is by acknowledging the || to me from among this very unbelieving people, that they might true God and the divine mission of Jesus Christ, he being sent be my disciples and the heralds of my salvation,

A. JI. 1033.
A. D. 29.

A. D. 29.

CCII. 1.


be one,

he was capable of through the love of money!

of those who are termed credituble persons in the Jesus prays for his disciples,


that they may be kept in the truth. 7 Now they have known that all 10 And all mine are thine, and A. 11.4033. An. Olymp. things whatsoever thou hast given me d thine are mine; and I am glorified An. Viymp. are of thee.

in them. 8 For I have given unto them the words which 11 And now I am no more in the world, but thou gavest me; and they have received them, these are in the world, and I come to thee. band have known surely that I came out from Holy Father, 'keep through thine own name thee; and they have believed that thou didst those whom thou hast given me, that they may send me.

as we are. 9 I pray for them : 'I pray not for the world, 12 While I was with them in the world, I but for them which thou hast given me ; for kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest they are thine.

me I have kept, and "none of them is lost, •Ch. 8. 28. &i 12. 49.& 14. 10. -- "ver. 25. ch. 16. 97,31,--s1 Julin 5. 19.1 Pet. 1. 5. Jude 1. ---&ver. 21, &c.ch. 10.30.-nich. 6. 39.& 10.46. dch. 16. 15. Lech. 13. 1. & 16. 28.

Hebr. 2. 13.-ch. 18. 9. 1 John 2. 19. And they have kept thy word.] Though their countrymen preceding. The whole passage should be read thus: Holy have rejected it: and they have received me as thy well be Father, keep them through thy own name which thou hast giren loved Son in whom thou delightest.

me, that they may be one, &c. By the name here, it is eviVerse 8. I have given-them the words] I have delivered dent, that the doctrine or knowledge of the true God is intendthy doctrine to them, so that they have had a pure teaching ed; as if our Lord had said, Keep them in that doctrine which immediately from heaven : neither Jewish fables nor fictions thou hast given me, that they may be one, &c. This readof men have been mingled with it.

ing is supported by the most ample evidence and indisputable And hare known surely] Are fully convinced and acknow. authority. Griesbach bas admitted it into the text, and Proledge that I am the promised Messiah, and that they are to fessor White in his CRISENS says of it, Lectio indubiè gelook for none other; and that my mission and coctrine are all nuina, “ It is without doubt, the genuine reading." divine, ver. 7, 8.

That they may be ONE] That they, and all that believe Verse 9. I pray not for the world] I am not yet come to through their word (the doctrine which I have given them), that part of my intercession, see ver. 20. I am now wholly may be one body, united by one Spirit to me their living head. employed for my disciples, that they may be properly quali- The union which Christ recommends here, and prays for, is fied to preach my salvation to the ends of the earth. Jesus so complete and glorious, as to be fitly represented by that here imitates the high-priest, the second part of whose prayer union which subsists between the Father and the Son. on the day of expiation, was for the priests, the sons of Aa Verse 12. I kept them in thy nume] In thy doctrine and truth. ron, see on ver. 1. These words may also be understood as But the son of perdition) So we find that Judas, whom all applying to the rebellious Jews. God's wrath was about to account to have been lost, and whose case at best is extremely descend upon them, and Christ prays that his own followers dubious, was first given by God to Christ? But why was he might be kept from the evil, ver. 15. But he does not thus lost? Because, says St. dugustin, he would not be saved: and pray for the world, the rebellious Jews, because the cup of he farther adds, After the commission of his crime, he might their iniquity was full, and their judgment slumbered not. have returned to God and have found mercy. Aug. Serm.

Verse 10. I am glorified in them.] Christ speaks of the 125. n. 5. Psal. cxlvi. n. 20. Ser. 332. n. 8. and in Psal. cviii. things which were not, but which should be, as though they See Calmet; who remarks, Judas only became the son of perwere. He anticipates the glorifying of his name, by the suc dition, because of his wilful malice, his abuse of the grace cessful preaching of the apostles.

and instructions of Christ; and was condemned through bis Verse 11. I am no more in the world] I am just going to own arurice, perfidy, insensibility and despair. In behalf of leave the world, and therefore they shall stand in need of pe- the mere possibility of the salvation of Judas, see the obsera culiar assistance and support. They have need of all the in- vations at the end of Acts i. fluence of my intercession, that they may be preserved in thy Perdition or destruction is personified ; and Judas is repretruth.

sented as being her son, i. e..one of the worst of men-one Keep through thine own name those whom thou hast giren me) whose crime appears to have been an ati, mpt to destroy not ABCEHLMS. Mt. BHV. and nearly one hundred others, read And all 1, which refers to the tw ovou&to cou, thy nume, immediately || How man

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