Dictators in the mirror of medicine: Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin

כריכה קדמית
Medi-Ed Press, 1995 - 462 עמודים
Like comets, they flashed across the sky of world politics; obsessed with power, they mobilized enormous masses of people for their ambitious goals - those three world - historical figures who changed the face of this earth: Napoleon, Stalin and Hitler. Millions of victims died on the altar of their greed for power, fame, and sadistic vengeance and pathological delusions. The historical facts are sufficiently known, but who were these "leaders", really; what gave them the capacity for such brutal and ruthless action, and what lay behind their power to fascinate and manipulate the masses. With persuasive expertise, Prof. Anton Neumayr discusses the medical histories and develops fascinating psychographs of these three personalities, including psychiatric, psycho-historical, and criminal-psychological aspects. Neumayr enjoys worldwide recognition as a doctor of internal medicine. Striving relentlessly for objectivity and with close scrutiny of the sources, Neumayr convincingly links the physical and mental conditions of these three dictators with their political careers. It is a breathtaking and moving book, not just for readers interested in medicine and history, but also for every person who is politically aware and has an intact social conscience. Originally published in Austria; translation by David J. Parent. To order, call: (800) 500-8205 or write: MEDI-ED Press, #5 White Place, Bloomington, IL 61701.

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