Terræ-filius: or, the secret history of the University of Oxford; in several essays. To which are added, remarks upon a late book, entitled, University education, by R. Newton, ... By N. Amhurst, ...

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Printed for R. Francklin, 1754 - 335 עמודים

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עמוד 165 - ... drunk, and carry you, as they call it, a corpse to bed; the next night you are treated as civilly again, and perhaps for three or four nights afterwards. This glorious way of living being new to you, it confirms the notion you had conceived, upon throwing away your satchels, that you are no longer boys, but men, at your own disposal, and at liberty to follow your own inclinations. ' But let us now suppose this honey-week of...
עמוד 224 - P. 224. into certain classes, and to appoint to every one what school he shall dispute in ; which he is to dispose in such a manner, that some of them may come up in all the schools every monday, tuesday, Wednesday, thursday, and friday, (excepting holidays) from the beginning of Lent to the end of the term. For this purpose they draw a scheme (which is printed and sent to every college) in which the names of all determiners are placed in several columns ; and over against them, in other columns,...
עמוד 310 - I do acknowledge it is a very fine garden. I question whether there are finer evergreens in any garden in Europe, than in that of...
עמוד 215 - — ' Being of age to play the fool, With muckle glee I left our school at Hoxton, And mounted on an easy pad, Rode with my mother and my dad to Oxon.
עמוד 261 - I have me recommended unto you from the bottom of my heart, desiring the Holy Ghost may be among you until the end of the world, and desiring Almighty God that every one of you may love one another as brethren, and I shall desire you all to apply your learning, and so doing God shall give you His blessing, both in this world and in the world to come.
עמוד 207 - says the vice-chancellor, ' who is here ? ' ' Sir,' CONFERENCES ON BOOKS AND MEN. 37 says the impudent ale-house-keeper, ' you bad me go for a rascal, and lo ! here I have brought you one.
עמוד 247 - ... part, very good assurances; but when they walk together in bodies, (as they often do,) how impregnable are their foreheads! They point at every soul they meet, laugh very loud, and whisper as loud as they laugh. Demme, Jack, there goes a prig! Let us blow the puppy...
עמוד vii - ... annulled by the restoration of their victim. But means of annoyance still remained, as well for the Whig as for the Tory. Degrees were refused to even the most senior applicants. Dr. Wills complained of the strenuous opposition that was offered to the conferring of his degree, " which he obtained at last with much difficulty by a majority of only three or four...
עמוד 153 - Miss, as soon as she knows what it means, and send her to the dancing-school to learn to hold up her head, and turn out her toes: she is taught, from a child, not to play with any of the dirty boys and girls in the neighbourhood; but to mind her dancing, and have a great respect for the gown.
עמוד 125 - Meadowcourt answer'd, that he did not think that he had any thing to do with Mr. White ; that his complaint lay against the proctors in office ; that he was directed by his friends to proceed against them ; and that he thought himself obliged to follow their direction.

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