The Deacon Letters

כריכה קדמית
Xulon Press, 2007 - 280 עמודים
Written over a ten year period, these Letters convey with wisdom, humor and candor not only the joys and quiet pleasures but also the inevitable strivings and sorrows of a mature life. As a Vocational Deacon, speaking from a place somewhere between the altar and the congregation, the writer inspires readers to experience fully the small and large moments of their own lives, and to pursue the Christian life with gratitude, charity, hope and a cheerful heart. Caroline Conklin is a Vocational Deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Montana. For twenty-four years, before retiring in 1995, she was a Speech/Language Pathologist for the Great Falls, Montana public schools. She has also written Meditations for Altar Guild Members, published by Morehouse Publishing in 2000, and has been a frequent Guideposts writer. After forty-seven years in Montana, she and her husband William now make their home in Seattle. Kathleen Petersen teaches art at Boise State University and is a free-lance illustrator. She is an active member of Amity United Methodist Church in Boise.

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