Elizabethan Humours and the Comedy of Ben Jonson: Being the Book of the Play "Every Man in His Humour," 1598

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P. Elder, 1905 - 38 עמודים

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עמוד 6 - So in every human body, The choler, melancholy, phlegm, and blood, By reason that they flow continually In some one part, and are not continent, Receive the name of humours. Now thus far It may, by metaphor, apply itself Unto the general disposition: As when some one peculiar quality Doth so possess a man, that it doth draw All his affects, his spirits, and his powers, In their confluctions, all to run one way, This may be truly said to be a humour.
עמוד 15 - I loved the man, and do honour his memory on this side idolatry, as much as any. He was (indeed) honest, and of an open and free nature ; had an excellent fancy, brave notions and gentle expressions ; wherein he flowed with that facility, that sometimes it was necessary he should be stopped : Sufflaminandus erat, as Augustus said of Haterius.
עמוד 23 - THOUGH need make many poets, and some such As art and nature have not better'd much ; Yet ours for want hath not so loved the stage, As he dare serve the ill customs of the age, Or purchase your delight at such a rate, As, for it, he himself must justly hate...
עמוד 13 - But deeds and language such as men do use, And persons such as Comedy would choose, When she would show an image of the times. And sport with human follies, not with crimes; Except we make 'em such, by loving still Our popular errors, when we know they're ill.
עמוד 34 - Luscus, what's played to-day ? Faith, now I know, I set thy lips abroach, from whence doth flow Naught but pure Juliet and Romeo. Say, who acts best ? Drusus, or Roscio ? Now I have him, that ne'er of ought did speak But when of plays or players he did treat.
עמוד 23 - To make a child now swaddled, to proceed Man, and then shoot up, in one beard and weed, Past three-score years ; or, with three rusty swords, And help of some few foot and half-foot words, Fight over York and Lancaster's long jars, And in the tyring-house bring wounds to scars.
עמוד 24 - em such, by loving still Our popular errors, when we know they're ill. I mean such errors, as you'll all confess, By laughing at them, they deserve no less; Which when you heartily do, there's hope left then, You, that have so graced monsters, may like men.
עמוד 23 - He rather prays, you will be pleased to see One such to-day, as other plays should be; Where neither chorus wafts you o'er the seas; Nor creaking throne comes down, the boys to please; Nor nimble squib is seen, to make afeard The gentlewomen; nor rolled bullet heard To say it thunders; nor tempestuous drum Rumbles, to tell you when the storm doth come...
עמוד 35 - le tell a jest" (Of some sweet ladie, or graund lord at least), Then on he goes, and nere his tongue shall lie Till his ingrossed jests are all drawne dry ; But then as dumbe as Maurus, when at play Hath lost his crownes, and paun'd his trim array. He doth...

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