תמונות בעמוד
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. A N D
L I T E R A T U R E,
For the YEAR 1765.”

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W E have so often had occasion to thank the public for the reception with which they have been pleased to honour our labours, that the doing of it any more may appear to arise from habit rather than any consciousness of the obligations we are underto them. We shall, therefore, just beg leave to assure them, that greater pains ! have been taken with this volume of the | Annual Register, to render it worthy of their perusal, than with any of the former; though we are very far, at the same time, from meaning to assert, that these pains have been attended with proportionable success; and much less still, that, even in that case, we do not equally stand in need of their tenderness, since every indulgence on their side is a title to extraordinary exertions on ours. Nay, in one respect, the the lateness of its appearance, we must own something more than bare indulgence may appear necessary to absolve us from want of gratitude; but that too, we hope to obtain, when we have assured our readers, that in the delay we sacrificed more to their gratification, than to our own convenience. However interesting the topics of the year 1765 may be, we hope those of the year 1766 will prove more agreeable: we shall then, it is to be presumed, in consequence of the measures taken in the last session, be able to view the storm from port; and our fear of danger will be succeeded by the pleasing remembrance of it. Besides, there seems to have arisen a spirit of liberty in many parts of the world; and fuch an uncommon one in some of the Spanish dominions in America, as is not, perhaps, to be equalled in any annals, since it has engaged those whom it ačtuates to give up, in favour of the rights of mankind, a great deal more than they claim for themselves under the same title.


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