Records of the Geological Survey of India

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Includes the Annual report of the Geological Survey of India, 1867-

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עמוד 286 - NICHOLSON. A Manual of Zoology, for the use of Students. With a General Introduction on the Principles of Zoology. By HENRY ALLEYNE NICHOLSON, MD, D.Sc., FLS, FGS, Regius Professor of Natural History in the University of Aberdeen.
עמוד 283 - The Canadian Journal ; a Repertory of Industry, Science and Art ; and a Record of the Proceedings of the Canadian Institute.
עמוד 272 - Descriptive Catalogue of the Nests and Eggs of Birds found Breeding in Australia and Tasmania
עמוד 97 - Geological notes made on a visit to the Coal recently discovered in the country of the Suni Pathans, southeast corner of Afghanistan, 145.
עמוד 295 - Official Year Book of the Scientific and Learned Societies of Great Britain and Ireland.
עמוד 263 - Kentucky fossil corals. A monograph of the fossil corals of the Silurian and Devonian rocks of Kentucky.
עמוד 1 - Annual Report of the Geological Survey of India, and of the Geological Museum, Calcutta, for the year 1887.
עמוד 154 - Tiri-Garhwal. On the geology of the Garo Hills. On some Indian image-stones. On soundings recently taken off Barren Island and Narcondam. On a character of the Talchir boulder-beds. Analysis of Phosphatic Nodules from the Saltrange, Punjab. Part a.— The fossil vertebrata of India. On the Echinoidea of the cretaceous series of the Lower Narbada Valley, with remarks upon their geological age.
עמוד 300 - Geological and Natural History Survey of Canada. Contributions to Canadian Palaeontology, by JF Whiteaves. Vol.
עמוד 101 - Gokteik.Kunl6n valley marks a line of great disturbance of the strata ; two large faults, or probably two systems of compound faults, running from the south-west to the north-east, are distinctly discernible.

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