With All Our Strength: The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

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Psychology Press, 2003 - 318 עמודים
"Brodsky chronicles how RAWA members, whose identities have been concealed in order to survive, have run schools and orphanages, supplied medical care in secret, and covertly documented fundamentalist atrocities against Afghan women through cameras hidden in their clothes. Since the toppling of the Taliban, RAWA continues its important work, not only helping women and children survive the aftermath of years of abuse, but continuing to fight for human rights, equality for women, and a free and democratic Afghanistan."--BOOK JACKET.

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Anne E. Brodsky is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and Women's Studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She is an expert on women and resiliency. Her accounts of RAWA have appeared in the The Washington Post and In These Times and she has been working with RAWA for more than two years.

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