Gain-based Damages: Contract, Tort, Equity and Intellectual Property

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Hart, 2002 - 279 עמודים
On July 27, 2000, the House of Lords delivered a decision where, for the first time in English law, it explicitly recognized that damages for civil wrongs can be assessed by reference to a defendant's gain rather than a claimant's loss. This book considers the nature of gain-based damages and explains when they have historically been available and why, and provides a framework for appreciating the operation of such damages awards. The core thesis of the book is that two different forms of gain-based damages exist: the first is concerned with restitution of a defendant's gains wrongfully transferred from a claimant; the second is concerned only with stripping profits from the defendant's hands. Once these two gain-based damages awards are separated, they can be shown to be based upon different rationales and the basis for their availability can be easily understood.

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James Edelman, a Justice of the Federal Court of Australia and Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland, has previously been a Justice of the Supreme Court of Western Australia and Professor of the Law of Obligations at the University of Oxford.

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