Being Human: A Christian Understanding of Personhood Illustrated with Reference to Power, Money, Sex and Time

כריכה קדמית
Being Human is a report from the Doctrine Commission. It addresses the fundamental questions of what it is to be a human being today.

We live in a world in which issues of power, money, sex and time press upon us from all sides. Yet rarely does the Church seem to address these matters in ways that are theologically grounded and that relate to our practical, day-to-day concerns.

The Commission took as their starting point the Wisdom books of the Old Testament and the books of Luke and Acts in the New Testament. Engaging also with classical Christian teaching and contemporary thought, Being Human offers ´wisdom´ for our day.

The reader is encouraged to do three things:

to reflect upon the Scriptures and upon a proper 'wisdom' for our changing culture;
to adopt attitudes which are consistent with Christian believing;
to make choices in the light of what the Christian gospel has to say about these issues.

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