A Book about Lawyers, כרך 2

כריכה קדמית
Hurst and Blackett, 1867 - 432 עמודים

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קטעים בולטים

עמוד 98 - He has forfeited all the respect of societies and of men. Into what companies will he hereafter go with an unembarrassed face, or the honest intrepidity of virtue ? Men will watch him with a jealous eye — they will hide their papers from him, and lock up their escritoires. He will henceforth esteem it a libel to be called a man of letters...
עמוד 275 - With us the nobility, gentry, and students, do ordinarily go to dinner at eleven before noon, and to supper at five, or between five and six at afternoon. The merchants dine and sup seldom before twelve at noon and six at night, especially in London. The husbandmen dine also at high noon as they call it, and sup at seven or eight : but out of term in our universities the scholars dine at ten.
עמוד 289 - This man now has been ten years about town, and has made nothing of it;" meaning as a companion.* He said to me, " I never heard any thing from him in company that was at all striking ; and depend upon it, Sir, it is when you come close to a man in conversation, that you discover what his real abilities are ; to make a speech in a public assembly is a knack. Now I honour Thurlow, Sir ; Thurlow is a fine fellow ; he fairly puts his mind to yours...
עמוד 205 - A woman, having a settlement, married a man with none ; The question was, he being dead, if that she had was gone. Quoth Sir John Pratt : ' Her settlement suspended did remain, Living the husband ; but, him dead, it doth revive again.
עמוד 84 - It is a nest of wasps, or swarm of vermin which have overcrept the land. I mean the Monopolies and Pollers of the people : these, like the Frogs of Egypt, have gotten possession of our dwellings, and we have scarce a room free from them. They sup in our cup.
עמוד 123 - He had nothing of rigid or austere in him. If any near him at the bar grumbled at his stench, he ever converted the complaint into content and laughing with the abundance of his wit.
עמוד 311 - Tully; but not one case in the reports of our own courts. No one ever took him for a fool, but none, except his intimate friends, know he has a great deal of wit.
עמוד 193 - Mr. Bacon, if you have any tooth against me, pluck it out; for it will do you more hurt, than all the teeth in your head will do you good.
עמוד 229 - Erskine concluded by recapitulating, in a strain of agonising and impressive eloquence, the several more prominent heads of his speech : he had been a soldier and a sailor, and had a son at Winchester School, — he had been called by special retainers, during the summer, into many different and distant parts of the country — travelling chiefly in postchaises. He felt himself called upon to declare...
עמוד 123 - He put off officious talk of government or politics with jests, and so made his wit a catholicon or shield to cover all his weak places and infirmities. When the court fell into a steady course of using the law against all kinds of offenders, this man was taken into the king's business...

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