Evidence-based Psychotherapy: Where Practice and Research Meet

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Carol D. Goodheart, Alan E. Kazdin, Robert J. Sternberg
American Psychological Association, 2006 - 295 עמודים
"This book engages a broad range of clinical researchers, practitioners, educators, and public policy advocates in a comprehensive discussion of key issues and arguments in the current debate on Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). The editors of this volume present a range of viewpoints on the role and nature of EBP from leading figures in clinical practice and research. Their intent is to instigate a dialogue among mental health professionals. To this end, the book offers distinctive perspectives; seeks common ground; and reveals legitimate differences, unanswered questions, and promising avenues for improving psychotherapy. The chapter authors examine the evolution, politics, treatment approaches, and implications of EBP in psychotherapy. In their introduction and notes between the sections, the editors tie together the book's themes, discuss their implications, and lay out a series of cautions regarding EBP in psychotherapy"--Jaquette. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved).

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