An Introduction to Native North America

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Allyn and Bacon, 2000 - 404 עמודים
""An Introduction to Native North America" provides a basic introduction to the Native Peoples of North America, including both Eskimos and Indians." Beginning with a discussion of the geography of North America, this excellent book delves into the history of research, basic prehistory, the European invasion, and the impact of Europeans on Native cultures. A final chapter covers contemporary Native Americans, including issues of religion, health, and politics. Much of the book is also written from the perspective of the ethnographic present, and the various cultures are described as they were at the specific times noted in the book." For anyone interested in anthropology and the history of North America and Native Peoples of North America.

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Native North Americans
A Brief History of Research on Native
The Paleoindian Period
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Mark Q. Sutton is an emeritus professor of anthropology at California State University, Bakersfield, where he taught for twenty years. He is currently the director of the San Diego office of Statistical Research, Inc.

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