Institutes of Ecclesiastical History: Ancient and Modern ... Much Corrected, Enlarged, and Improved from the Primary Authorities, כרך 2

כריכה קדמית
R. Carter & Bros., 1871
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עמוד 454 - Guaqumus, of Belgium, educated at Paris, a monk of the order of the Holy Trinity for the redemption of captives, general of his order in 1473, and envoy of Lewis XII.
עמוד 88 - The first was, respecting the manner in which the body and blood of Christ are present in the sacred supper.
עמוד 194 - Nicolaus and the council required to be believed, namely, that the bread and wine after consecration are not only a sacrament, but also the real body and blood of Christ, and are sensibly, and not merely sacramentally, but really and truly handled by the hands of the priests, broken and masticated by the teeth of the...
עמוד 415 - ... without the merits of Jesus Christ ; that the old law of Christ was soon to be abolished, and that a new law, enjoining the baptism of blood, to be administered by whipping, was to be substituted in its place.
עמוד 232 - ... the trials in the king's court, till the proceedings come to relate to deprivation of life or of limbs. — Tolerated. 12. When an archbishopric, bishopric, abbacy, or priory, of the king's demesnes, becomes vacant, it ought to be in his hands ; and he shall receive all its rents and issues, just as of his demesnes ; and when the church is to be provided for, the king is to send his mandate to the chief parsons of the church, and the election is to be made in his chapel, with his assent, and...
עמוד 196 - Berenganus only denied transubstantiation, or the transmutation of the substance of the bread and wine into the substance of Christ's body and blood...
עמוד 138 - In Tartary and the adjacent regions, the activity of the Nestorians continued daily to gain over more people to the side of Christianity. And such is the mass of testimony at the present day, that we cannot doubt, but that bishops of the highest order or Metropolitans, with many inferior bishops subject to them, were established at that period in the 13 provinces of Cashgar, Nuacheta, Turkestan, Genda, Tangut, and others.
עמוד 88 - The controversy that commenced in the preceding century, respecting the procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son...
עמוד 189 - As the right order of proceeding requires, that we believe the deep things of the Christian faith, before we presume to discuss them by the aid of reason ; so it appears to me to be negligence, if when we are confirmed in the faith, we do not study to understand what we believe.
עמוד 254 - ... fund, to give and transfer to every one such an amount of good works as his necessities require, or as will suffice to avert the punishment of his sins.

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