Dynamic Trendline of Air Temperature in Jerusalem

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Joseph Nowarski, 11 בפבר׳ 2018
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Linear trendline of air temperature in Jerusalem shows temperature increase between years 2017-2100 as "only" +4.66°C, while the "chain reaction" effect as determined using dynamic trendline, results in +7.00°C additional warming, total +11.66°C.

The "chain reaction" of global warming is observed as constant change of air temperature trendline. The trendline was determined using yearly average temperatures of last 18 years. The "chain reaction" was determined as yearly change of the trendline in last 4 years.

This work applies over 1 million air temperature records monitored at one meteorological station in Jerusalem. Total 13,898 (1.2%) missing records were estimated using linear interpolation between neighboring records, copying records from other Jerusalem stations and copying records from neighboring days. 


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