Australia; a Popular Account ...: With the History of Its Colonization, Etc

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S.P.C.K., 1865 - 365 עמודים

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עמוד 100 - ... these had been selected for the closing scene of their existence. Certainly, none more likely to be free from disturbance of every kind could have been chosen, than these islets of a hidden lagoon of an uninhabited island [called by Captain F.
עמוד 128 - Here were very large islands, and there appeared more to the southward. They were inhabited by black people, very corpulent and naked. Their arms were lances, arrows, and clubs of stone ill fashioned.
עמוד 338 - Wills found himself getting very weak, and was shortly unable to go out to gather nardoo as before, nor even strong enough to pound it, so that in a few days he became almost helpless. I still continued gathering; and Mr. Burke now also began to feel very weak, and said he could be of very little use in pounding. I had now to gather and pound for all three of us. I continued to do this for a few days ; but finding my strength rapidly failing, my legs being very weak and painful, I was unable to go...
עמוד 19 - It seems to me, that when the animalcules, which form the corals at the bottom of the ocean, cease to live, their structures adhere to each other, by virtue either of the glutinous remains within, or of some property in salt water; and the interstices being gradually filled up with sand and broken pieces of coral washed by the sea, which also adhere, a mass of rock is at length formed. Future races of these animalcules erect their habitations upon the rising bank, and die in their turn to increase,...
עמוד 339 - I should go up the creek, and if they went down, I should also go down ; and from this time they seemed to look upon me as one of themselves, and supplied me with fish and nardoo regularly. They were very anxious, however, to know where Mr Burke lay, and one day when we were fishing in the water-holes close by, I took them to the spot. On seeing his remains the whole party wept bitterly, and covered them with bushes.
עמוד 64 - ... and bearing heavy burdens on their backs, with their little ones astride on their shoulders, come the despised and degraded women. They are the drudges in all heavy work, and after their lords have finished the repast which the women have prepared for them, these despised creatures contentedly sit at a distance and gather up the bones and fragments which the men throw to them across their shoulders, just as we should throw meat to a dog.
עמוד 339 - ... and gave it to them in return for these little services. Every four or five days the tribe would surround me and ask whether I intended going up or down the creek ; at last I made them understand that if they went up I should go up the creek, and if they went down I should also go down, and from this time they seemed to look upon me as one of themselves, and supplied me with fish and nardoo regularly.
עמוד 126 - the direction given to some parts of the coast approaches too near the truth for the whole to be marked from conjecture alone'. The italics are mine; Wood quotes this sentence but does not appear to see its full import. There is however the difficult problem of the longitudes. If the land-mass is Australia, the maps have shifted it bodily westwards until Jave la...
עמוד 326 - From the extraordinary and deceptive appearances, caused by mirage and refraction, however, it was impossible to tell what to make of sensible objects, or what to believe on the evidence of vision, for upon turning back to retrace our steps to the eastward, a vast sheet of water appeared to intervene between us and the shore, whilst the Mount Deception ranges, which I knew to be at least thirty-five miles distant, seemed to rise out of the bed of the lake itself, the mock waters of which were laving...
עמוד 316 - There suddenly burst upon the sight a noble river, running through a beautiful country, and, where we saw it, at least three or four miles across, and studded with numerous verdant islands.

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