Personal and Military History of Philip Kearny, Major-general United States Volunteers

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Palmer, 1870 - 512 עמודים

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עמוד 50 - lampa shone o'er fair women and brave men ; A thousand hearts beat happily ; and when Music arose with its voluptuous swell, Soft eyes look'd love to eyes which spake again, And all went merry as a marriage
עמוד 438 - Which now beneath them, but above shall grow In its next verdure, when this fiery mass Of living valor, rolling on the foe, And burning with high hope, shall moulder cold and low.
עמוד 217 - mappery, closet-war; So that the ram, that batters down the wall, For the great swing and rudeness of his poise, They place before his hand that made the engine, Or those that with the fineness of their souls By reason guide his execution.
עמוד 379 - Where is thy power, then, to beat him back ? Where be thy tenants and thy followers? Are they not now upon the western shore, Safe-conducting the rebels from their ships ? " STANLEY — " No, my good lord, my friends are in the north.
עמוד 438 - a pilgrim gray, To bless the turf that wraps their clay And Freedom shall a while repair, To dwell a weeping hermit there.
עמוד 422 - yet thy banner, torn, but flying, Streams like the thunder-storm against the wind: Thy trumpet voice, though broken now and dying. The loudest still the tempest leaves behind : Thy tree has lost its blossoms, and the rind. Chopped by the axe, looks rough and little worth. But the sap lasts, — and still the seed we find Sown deep, even In the bosom of the NORTH
עמוד 182 - thorough examination of the subject will evince that the art of war is both comprehensive and complicated ; that it demands much, previous study, and that the possession of it in its most improved and perfect state is always of great moment to a nation." NAPOLEON I. admitted, after fourteen campaigns and unparalleled successes, that experience in war, familiarity with the combat,
עמוד 408 - * * * I am clear that one of two courses should be adopted : first, to concentrate all our available forces to open communication with POPE; second, to leave POPE to get out of his scrape, and at once use all our
עמוד 134 - not to reason why, Theirs not to make reply. Theirs but to do and die. Into the Valley of Death Rode the
עמוד 438 - And Ardennes waves above them her green leaves, Dewy with nature's tear-drops as they pass, Grieving, If aught inanimate e'er grieves, Over the

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