תמונות בעמוד

• Not e'en in thought we quit oor native place
• A calm, contented, inoffensive race!
• By avarice led, ye range remotest climes,
! And every nation execrates your crimes!

• When Timur's house renown’d, in Delhi reign'd,
• Distress affiftance unimplor'd obtain'd:
: When Famine o'er th' afflicted region frown's,
* And Sickness languith'd on the barren ground,
• Th' imperial granaries wide display'd their doors,
• And ships provision brought from diftant hores ;
• The laden camels crouded Kurah’s vales,
• From Colgon's cliffs they hail'd the coming fails.
• But ye!--e'en now, while fav'ring seasons smile,
* And the rich glebe would recompense our toil,
• Dearth and Disease to you alone we owe;
! Ye cause the mischief, and enjoy the woe!

• This beauteous clime, but late, what plenty bless'd! What days of pleasure, and what nights of rest! • From Gola's streets, fam'd mart of fragrant grain ! : Trade's chearful voice resounded o'er the plain; • There now sad Silence listens to the waves : That break in murmurs round the rocky caves. • Sweet were the songs o'er Jumal's level borne, • While bufy thousands throng'd to plant the corn; • Now tenfold tax the farmer forc'd to yield, : Despairs, and leaves unoccupied the field. : Sweet were the songs of Burdwan's mulberry grove, : While the rich filk the rapid fhuttle wove; : Now from the loom our costly vestments torn, Th'insulting robbers, meanest Naves, adorn. • In Malda's shades, op Purna's palmy plain, • The hapless artists, urg'd to toil in vain, • Quit their fad homes, and mourn along the land, : A pensive, pallid, self-disabled band! : The year revolves“ Bring choiceft fruits and flowers! .: Spread wide the board in consecrated bowers ;

– Bring

f* Bring joy, bring sport; the fong, the dance, prepare!
so 'Tis Drugah's feast, and all our friends must Mare !!!
: The year revolves--nor fruits nor flowers are seen,
✓ Nor feftive board in bowers of holy green;
: Nor joy, nor sport, nor dance, nor tuneful strain:
< 'Tis Drugah's feaft-but grief and terror reign.

Yet there, ingrate! oft welcome guests ye came,
. And talk'd of Honour's laws and Friendfhip's flame.

• The year revolves--and Bilhen's fast invites On Ganges' marge to pay the folemn rites; ? All, boons of Bishen, great Preserver, crave; • All in the facred flood their bodies lave : • No more, alas !--the multitude no more • Bathe in the tide, or kneel upon the shore ; • No more from towns and villages they throng, : Wide o'er the fields, the publick paths along; • Sad on o’r ways, by human foot unworn,

Stalks the dim form of Solitude forlorn! From Ava's mountains Morn's bright eyes survey : Fair Ganges' streams in many a winding stray: : There fleecy flocks on many an island feed; • There herds unnumber'd pasture many a mead;

(While noxious herbs our last resource fupply, • And, dearth escaping, by disease we die) “ Take these,” ye cry, “nor more for food complain; " Take these, and slay like us, and riot on the slain !" ? Ah, no! our law the crime abhorr'd withstands ; ! We die—but blood shall ne'er pollute our hands. ! O guardian genius of this sacred wave! ! Save, save thy fons, if thine the power to save!'

So Serim spoke-while, by the moon's pale beam, The frequent corse came floating down the stream. He figh'd! and rising, turn'd his steps to rove Where wav'd o'er Nizim's vale the coco-grove ; There, 'midft scorch'd ruins, one lone roof remain'd, And one forlorn inhabitant contain’d.



The sound of feet he near his threshold heard;
Slow from the ground his languid limbs he rear'd:
• Come, Tyrant, come! perform a generous part;
• Lift thy keen steel, and pierce this fainting heart!
Com'ft thou for gold ? My gold, alas! I gave,
• My darling daughter in distress to save!
• Thy faithless brethren took the shining store,
• Then from my arms the trembling virgin tore!
: Three days, three nights, I've languish'd here alone
$ Three foodless days, three nights to sleep unknown!
• Come, Tyrant, come! perform a generous part;
• Lift thy keen steel, and pierce this fainting heart!'

• No hostile steps the haunt of woe invade!'
Serim reply'd—and, passing where the glade
A length of prospect down the vale display'd,
Another fight of misery met his view;
Another mournful voice his notice drew!
There, near a temple's recent ruin, stood
A white-rob’d Bramin, by the sacred flood:
His wives, his children, dead beside him lay;
Of hunger these, and those of grief the prey !
Thrice he with duft defil'd his aged head;
Thrice o'er the stream his hands uplifted fpread:
• Hear, all ye Powers, to whom we bend in prayer!
• Hear, all who rule o'er water, earth, and air !
« 'Tis not for them, tho’ lifeless there they lie;
« 'Tis not for me, tho' innocent, I die;-
• My country's breast the tyger, Avarice, rends,
! And loud to you her parting groan ascends.
• Hear, all ye Powers, to whom we bend in prayer !
? Hear, all who rule o'er water, earth, and air !
• Hear, and avenge!

• But hark! what voice from yonder starry sphere Slides, like the breeze of evening, o'er my ear? : Lo, Birmah's form ! on amber clouds enthron'd; ? His azure robe with lucid emerald zon'd;

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* He looks celestial dignity and grace,
• And views with pity.wretched human race !'
“ Forbear, rash man! nor curse thy country's foes ;
“ Frail man to man forgiveness ever owes.
“ When Moisasoor* the fell to earth's fair plain
“ Brought his detefted offspring, Strife and Pain,
“ Revenge with them, relentless Fury, came,
“ Her bosom burning with infernal flame !
“ Her hair sheds horror, like the comei's blaže;
Her eyes, all ghastly, blaft where'er they gaze ;
“ Her lifted arm a poison'd cricet sustains;
" Her garments drop with blood of kindred veins !
“ Who asks her aid, must own her endless reign,
“ Feel her keen scourge, and drag her galling chain!”

. The strains sublime in sweetest musick close,
• And all the tumult of my soul compose.
Yet you, ye oppressors ! uninvok'd, on you,
• Your steps, the steps of Justice will pursue !
• Go, spread your white fails, on the azure main;
• Fraught with our spoils, your native land regain;
• Go, plant the grove, and bid the lake expand,
• And on green hills the pompous palace stand:
• Let Luxury's hand adorn the gaudy room,
• Smoothe the soft couch, and led the rich perfume
• There Night's kind calm in vain shall fleep invite,
• While fancied omens warn, and spectres fright;

Sad sounds shall issue from your guilty walls,
• The widow'd wife's, the fonless mother's calls;

And infant Rajahs' bleeding forms shall rise,
• And lift to you their fupplicating eyes ;
• Remorse intolerable your hearts will feel,
. And your own hands plunge deep th' avenging steel:

(For Europe's cowards Heaven's command disdain;
• To Death's cold arms they fly for ease in vain.)

* Moisasoor : the Hindoo author of evil, similar to our Satan.

Crice, an Indian dagger.


• For us, each painful transmigration o'er;
• Sweet fields receive us to resign no more;
• Where Safety's fence for ever round us grows,
• And Peace, fair flower, with bloom unfading blows;
• Light's sun, unsetting, shines with chearing beam;
• And Pleasure's river rolls it's golden stream!'

Enrapt he spoke-then ceas’d the lofty strain,
And Orel's rocks return'd the sound again.
A British ruffian, near in ambuh laid,
Ruth'd sudden from the cane-ifle's secret shade;
• Go to thy gods! with rage infernal cried,
And headlong plung'd the hapless fage into the foaming tide!

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HAT beck’ning ghoft along the moon-light shade

Invites my steps, and points to yonder glade ?
'Tis she !---but why that bleeding bosom gorld?
Why dimly gleams the visionary sword?
Oh! ever beauteous, ever friendly! tell,
Is it in Heav'n a crime to love too well ?
To bear too tender or too firm a heart,
To act a lover's or a Roman's part?
Is there no bright reversion in the sky
For those who greatly think, or bravely die ?

Why bade ye else, ye pow'rs! her soul aspire ·
Above the vulgar flight of low desire?
Ambition first sprung from your bless'd abodes,
The glorious fault of angels and of gods;
Thence to their images on earth it flows,
And in the breasts of kings and heroes glows.


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