The Doctrines Of The Salvation Army Prepared For The Training Homes

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Kessinger Publishing, 1 בספט׳ 2004 - 116 עמודים
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1893. The Contents are divided into the following sections: God; Jesus Christ is God; How We Became Sinners; Redemption; The Extent of the Atonement; The Finished Work of Christ; Election; The Holy Ghost; Conditions of Salvation; The Forgiveness of Sins; Conversion; The Two Natures; Assurance; Sanctification. What It Is; Sanctification. Can It Be Attained?; Sanctification. Conditions; Sanctification. The Conditions (Consecration); Sanctification. Objections; Sanctification. The Fruits; Backsliding; Final Perseverance; Death and After; Hell; The Bible; Woman's Right to Preach; and Getting Men Saved.

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