Life Verses ALIVE: And You He Made ALIVE -- Ephesians 2:1, כרך 1

כריכה קדמית
Hannibal Books, 2007 - 240 עמודים
What is a life verse? We talk about them and even quote them with only a hazy understanding of what they are. Even an Internet search offers no definition. Perhaps the only way to really understand a life verse is to first understand God's promises from the Bible. The next step is to see how the life verse plays out in a real-life situation. This is exactly what Ed Jackson has done in his book about his classmates from the University of Oklahoma. Ed interviewed 12 of his classmates who were active in the Baptist Student Union during the early 1950s at Oklahoma University. All have life verses that have helped them in good times as well as during troubled periods of their lives. By the time Ed interviewed his friends, all had experienced what Ed calls a few "bumps on the road of life." The one common experience of all these friends was their spiritual commitment during their college years. The book follows their families and careers to see how those decisions played out in their lives. Ed's prayer is that God's promises will become real in the lives of his readers and that God will lead each person to select a life verse for his or her own personal mission statement from Him. Ed Jackson is a volunteer missionary for the Southern Baptist Convention, an adult Sunday School teacher, and an ordained deacon. He is a fitness fanatic, community volunteer, and retired electronics executive who still looks ahead to the best years of his life. He has been a naval officer, space engineer, senior corporate executive and small-business owner. He and his wife, Re, reside in Garland, TX.

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