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be taught the principles of the oracles of God, (Heb. 5. 11, 12, 13, 14.) think not to get knowledge without hard study, and patient learning, by hearing nothing but what you know already, or can understand by one hafty reading over; left you difcover a conjunction of Nothfulness with an ignorant and unhumbled mind : Or at least, if you must learn at fo cheap a rate, or else stick still in your Milk and your Beginnings, be not offended if others outgo you,

and think knowledge worthy of much greater diligence; and if leaving the principles we go on towards perfection, as long as we take them along with us, and make them the life of all that followeth, while we seem to leave them : And this we will do, if God permit, Heb. 6.1, 3.

R. B.

Feb. 3. 1669


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P. 32


Hot Faitb is, page 2. The Text opened, p. 4. The

grounds of the certainty of faith briefly intimaied,p.5,&c. Why God wil barve w live by Paith, and not by hght, p. 12, &c. Ulc 1. To inform us sbat a Chriftian or Believer is ; described,

p. 15 Ule 2. The Reafon wby Believers are more serious in matters of

Religion, than unbelievers m. Ulc 3. Of Examination,

p. 29 Ibe wifery of unbelievers,

P. 3e Marks of a true Faitb, use 4. Exhortation to the serious exercise of Faith,

Soome affiting fuppofitions,
How tbose wil live wbo tbm believe ; opened in certain Qur

Mutives to live by a foreseeing Faith on things not seen,

p. 45 The Conclufiou ; 1. Exborting to live by Faith : 2. And to promote this life in orbers,

The Additions. Cap. 1. The canviction and reproof of Hypocrites, la live }

contrary to tbe Paith wbicbtbey profeß, Cop. 2. A general Exbort aionió live as Believers, Cap; 3. Anexboriation to the particular duties of Believers. 63

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P. 46.



The Contents of the Second Parr.

Chap. 1. The Believers Dire@ory most faire bim, 2. Hope to:

strengthen Paisb: 3. How to ufo. *.

And I. For tbe forft, be order of tbe presupposed Natural Verities, is briefly mentioned,

8. Chap. 2. The true Merbod of enquiry into tbe fupernatural evi.

dences of Faib, and ibe Rules tberein to be observed, 87 Chap. 3. The proper Evidence of Faith. The SPIRIT and be Image of God bimself ,

97 Chap. 4. Tbe Image of Gods Wisdom on the Cbriftian Religime'a

l's wonderful Method opened, in sbiriy inftances. Sox more instances,

99 Chap. 5. Ibc Image of Gods Goodness and Holiness on the Cbri. Stian Religion : in tbirsy intances,

18 Chap. 6. The Image of Gods Power upor sbe Cbriftion Religion; ini prenty instances,

115 Chap. 7. Tbe means of making kronon el ibir to us infalibly. Home

the first witnefes knew it. How the next Age and Claribes knew it. How we know it. Twenty peciel biftorical Tradi. rions of Cbriftiantry, and matters of fedt. Wbat tbe Spirits Witness to Chriftianity is,

125 Chap. 8. Twelve furiber Diredions to confirm our Faitb, 136 Chap.9. Twenty General Directions how to wf- Fairb, or so live

by it, woben it is confirmed. Whet Cbriftian Faitb is: Errones about it,

The Contents of the third Part.

Chap. 1. How to live by Faitb or God,

168 Chap. 2. How to live by Faisbon Jesus Cbrift, Abuses of the Doctrine of Redemption. The extent of it. Of Christ's

Office: His Merits and Sacrifice Example, &c. Chap: 3. How to live by Faith on the Holy Gbot. Of the Trinity.

Several doubts resolved about believing in the Holy Gboft. Of giving the Spirir: Hi operations : Wbetber Love to God, of Feitb in Cbrift pe fint's Familly surfersd. (Andi consequently wberber Feitb or Repentance be firft.) of the Spirit in Cbrift and the Apoftles: Oj fuficient Gruse. How Faislo procureub the Spirit. Wbether defras of grano ba grase,

20013 Chap. 4. How to live by faith is to Gods Comentands. Tbi pelnoia


rable goodness of Gods Lagos. Whether the Promise and Reward be the end of Obedience, or. Obedience the end of the Promise and Reward. Of Scripture exemples,

232 Chap. 5. How to live by faith on Gods Promises. What will of God

it is, according to sobicb tbey must ask who will receive. Of a particular faith in prayer. Is the same degree of grace conditionally promised to all? Diredions for undertanding tbe Promises. Í be true nature of faitb or trust in Gods Promises, opened at large. Affiance is in the underftanding, will and vital power. Whetker Faith be Obedience, or bodo related to it. Tex ads of tbe understanding effential to tbe Cbriftian Faith in the Promises. Several aas of the will offential to Feitb. And intbe vital power, wherber al true Fairb have a subjective certainty of the truth of tbe Word. Choice, and venturing or forfaking all, is the fign of real trut. Promises collected for tbe belp of Faith, 1. Of Pardon, 2. Of Salvation, 3. Of Reconci. listion and Adoption, 4. Of pardon of nemo fins after conversion. 5.of Sandification : 6. Promises to them ibat desire and seek. 7. To Prayer, 8. To groans that want expression. 9. Promises of all that we want, and that is good for us. 1o. To tbe use of Gods Word and Sacraments. 11. To be bumble, meck and lowly. 12. To tbe peaceable

. 13. To the diligent. 14. To the patient. 15.To Obedience, 16. To the Love of God. 17. To them tbar love the godly, and are merciful in good works. 18. Torbe poor, 19. To the oppreffed. 20. To be perfecuted. 21. In dangers. 22. Against Temptations. 23. To tbem ibat overcome and persevere. 24. In sickness, and är de stb. 25. Of Refurre&ion, final Juftification and Glory. 26. For children of the godly. 27. T. ibe Cburch,

241 Chap. 6. H.W to exercise faitb on Gods Tbrearnings and Judge

ments. How far belief of ibe i breatnings is good, neceffary, and a laving faith. Hom levingfaitb is a personal application. H to perceive true faith,

297 Chip. 7. How to live by faisb fır Pardon and Justifica:ion. In

bow many respects and waies Cbrist justifieth us. Of the imputation of Cbrists Righteousnefs. Iwelve reafoxs to help our belief of pardon. How far fins should make us doubt of our Juftifi

Cation, Chap. 8. 58 Dangerous Evrours detected, wbich binder the




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work of faith about our Juftification ; and the contrary truths


Chap. 9. How to live by faith in the exercise of otber graces and

duties : And 1. Of tbe do&rinal Diredions. Wbar Sandifi-
cation is. How Godlovetbo tbe un sanctified. Howo be lovet b us ing

Cbrift. Of Preaching meer Morality,


Chap. 10. The practical Diretions, to promote Love to God and



Chap. 11. Of tbe order and barmony of graces and duties, which

must be taken all togetber. Of the parts ibat make up tbe neve
Creature. 1. The intele&ual order ; or a method, or scbeme of
ibe beads of Divinity. 2. I be order of Intention and Affe&tion.
3. The order of prašice. Of tbe various degrees of means to
Mans ultimate end. Of tbe grace necesary to concur with these
various means, Tbe circular motion by divine communication to
our Receiving Graces, and so by our Returning Graces, unto
God again. Tbe frame of the present means of grace, and of
our returning duties. Rules about tbe order of Chriftian pras
dice (bobicb them that, and bow the best is to be preferred, and
which is beft) in fifty tbree Propositions. How mans Lapos bind
Conscience (and many other cafes, resolved. A lamentation for
the great want of order, and metbod, and barmony in the ux-
derft andings, wils and lives of Cbriftians. Many instances of
mens partiality as to trurbs, graces, duties,sins, etc. I wenty Rice
fons woby fcm Cbriftians are compleat and entire, but lame and
partial in tbeir Religion. Ten Confedaries. Wberber al graces
be equal ix babit. Religion not so perfe& in us as in tbe Scri-
ptures; whicbt berefore are the Rule to us, dc.


Chap. 12. How to use faith against particular fins,


Chap. 13. Wbat fins tbe beft are most in danger of, and Bould most

carefuly avoid. And wherein the infirmities of the upright dif-

fer frone mortalsins.


Chap. 14. How to live by faitb in prosperity. The way by wbieb

faitb doto save us from tbe world. General Directions against

ibe danger of prosperity. I wenty marks of worldliness. The

pretences of worldly minds. Tbe greatness of the fin. The il of-



Chap. 15. Him to be poor in fpirit. And i.How to efcape tbe Pride

of prosperous men. Tbeck aks of Pride, The figns of Pride and

* of

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