תמונות בעמוד

of the lying congue, Eples. 5.27. Satan will no more tempt or trouble us (Rev. 12. 9.) Mattb. 25.41. Sin and death will be excluded, and all the fears and horrours of both : For the facc of latinite Love will perfc&ly and perpetually thing up on us, and thinc us-into i perfc& perpetual Glory, Love and Joy; and will feed chese, and the thankful and praefchul cx-s; preslions of them, to all cternity, Matth. 5. 46. 2. Cor. 4:17. 1 Rev. 2, & 3.

Direct. 10. Lally, Tbink berie neer all ibi mult needs be If the day of the Lord was near in the times of the Apoflcs, it cannot be tar of io us. If the worlds duration be co fix obousand years (the time which arrogant presumpsion molt plautibly gucílech ar) it will bc Iets than 350 yeus lo it. Though we know not the time, we know it cannot be long...'

And let me conclude with a wmning to both forts of Readers: And 1. To the ungodly unprepared finger. Popr soul! doft thou belicve this dreadful day or not? slapi, why doft thou dilsemble, by profelling it in thy Creed: if thou do, how canit thou live fo merrily or quictly in a carcles unprepared ftate? Cantt chou poflibly forget to grcat, fo furo, for near a day? Alas, it will be another kind of meetings bas, Christ had with finnas upon carta ; when he came ja mackab ness and humiliation, not to judge and condemn the world, buc ro b:fallly judged and condemned by them, John 3-1745 & 12. 47: Not will it be such a mecting as Christ bad with, thec, cither by his Minifters that called hoc to repeat, who were men whom thou couldest calily despise ; or by his Spirit which thou couldest refits and quench, or by his affiliating Rod, which did but say to thec, Go, fin no more, left worse befallibee, Joh. 5. 14. Heb. 12.-10, 12. 1-Tim. 5. 24. Nor as thc Judgment of mans Allac, which, poffech sentence only. against a temporal life, Luk. 124. Nor like the orcary of a Judas with his new awakened o nfcience hert. 1. O no!. It will be a more glorious, but more dreadful day. It will be the mecting, 'not only of a creature with his Creatout, but of a: finner with a juft and boly God, and of a despiser of grace, with chc Ged whom he despised : O terrible day to the unbelieving, udgudly, carnal and impenitent ! Heb.10.31. & 2.3. & 10.12.



cryis, ic

Luke 19. 27. There mult thou appear to receive thy final doom i to hear the last word that ever thou muti hear from Jesus Chrilt (unless his everlalting wrath be called his Word) And O how different will it be from the words which thou waft wont to hear! - Thou watt wont to hear the calls of grace : Mercy did intreat the: to return to God: Chrift by his Minifters did beseech thee to be reconciled: Bor if thou intreat big for pardon and peace, with the loudcft would be all in vain, Matth. 7. 21, 22, 23. Prov. 1. 27, 18. * Now the voice is, Bebold the Lamb of God, wbo takrab Day sbe fins of the world, John 1. 29. But then it will be, [Bebold be comes with clouds, end every eye shall fee bim, and tbey alSo wbich pierced bim, and all the kindreds of the certo fall wail, because of bim, Rev. 5.7. And (bebold the Lord come etb will ten sbousands of bis Saints, to execute Judgment upen all, and to convince all that are ungodly among tbem, of all tbeir ungodly deeds, which bey bove ungodly committed, and of all their burd Speeches, wbich ungodly finners bave spoken againft bin, Jude 14, 15. Now he enticatech you to come to bim ibet you may bave life, John S. 40. But then you will cry to the Mountaius to fall upon you, and the bills to cover you from his prcfence, Luke 23. 30. Rev. 6.16. Now he faith, Bebold I ftand at the door and knock; If any man bear my voice, and open ibe door, I will come in to bim, and will fup with bim, and be with me, Rev. 3. 20. But when once you hear that midnight cry, Bebold sbe Bridegroom somosib, go ye forte and meet bim; eben they that are ready fall go in, and tbe door shall be Shus against the reft, Matth. 25.9, 10. The door of mercy fhall be shut : Your Reprobution will be then made furc, Rom. 9. 22. & 2. 5. The day of the vilitation is then palt, (Luke 19. 41,42.) No more offers of Chritt and mercy : No more intrcatics to accept them : No more calls to turn and live : Minifters muft no more preach,end perswade, and intrest in vain. Friends muft no more warn thcc, and pray for thee. All is donc alrcady that they can do for thy soul for ever. No more Arivings of the Spirit with thy conscicace, and no more patience, health or time to be abused upon Aeshly lufs and pleasures : All these things are paft away, 1 Cor. 7.31. 2 Cor. 4. 17. And the door of Hope will be also shut : No more hope


of a part in Chrift: No more hope of the success of Sermons, of Prayers, or of any other means : No hopes of pardon, of juftification, of Galvation; or of any abatement of thy woe, Luke 16. 25, 26. Bebold e bin in i be accepted time, bebold skin is ibe day of salvation, 2 Cor. 6. 3. Hcb. 6.4, 5, 6, 8 Pril,5-4,5. & 9. 7. James 1.15.

By this time, mcthinks you should better know what the use and meaning of the Gospel, and Gracs, and Ministers is ; and what is the defign of Preacbing, and in what manner it should be donc. Would you have us filent, cor talk to you as in jcalt, while we see such a day as this before us? Every truc Prcacher Ipakcth so you with Judgment and Eternity in his cyc. Our work is to prepare you, or to help you to prepare to meet the Lord, and to be ready for your final fintrocc: 0 then with what seriousness should we spear and should you bear; and should both we and you prepare ! li's pitry to foc people hear Sermors many years, and not so much as know what a Sermon is; of what is the use and nature of it. If our busines were to draw away Disciples after us, and to make our felves the admired heads of factions, then we would fpeak thosc perverfe tbings contrary to the doärine which you bave been taught, by which our cads might be cauyed on, Ads 20. 33. Rom. 16.17. Or ifour dchiga were to be bigb, and great, and ricb, we would flater the great ones of the world, that we might rule you with violencc inftead of love: Or if we confulted our case, we should spare much of this labour, and let you filently alone, at cheaper ratcs to the flesh, then now we speak to you. But O who can be lilegt, who is engaged in this sacred office, when he forcfeech what will mortly be tboiffue of our prevailing, or not prevailing with you! Now as we love Cbrift, we muft feed bis seep; and neceffity is laid upon us, and wo be unto us if we preach not sbe Gospel, 1 Cor. 9. 16. Our preaching Cbrift is to warn every man, and teach every man, but we may prefent every man perfed in Christ Jesus, Col.1, 221 And to pera soade men as knowing thc tcffours of the Lord, 2 Cor.9. 10, 11. Heb. 12. 25,29. If it were only that we loved fo to hcar our felves talk; or to be cryed up by many followers, we deserved to pay dear indeed for such Preaching. But when our Lord loved and pittied fouls at the rate of his fefferings and bloody


dealb, surely our rates are not above the worth of fouls.. 0 what a doleful fight is it to us, to foresec by faith how loud, how carncAly you would knock and cry, when the door is (but, and hope is gonc ! And what you would then give for one of these dries which you now are aweary of; and for a drop of that mercy which now doch b:g your cntertainmeat!

What then remaineth, but as ever you believe that day; and as cver you care what becometh of your fouls and bodies for ever; and as cver you would not b: charged and condemned, as final and obftinate refusers of mercy and salvation; yca and for wronging the Ministers of Christ, by making them Rudy and preach in vaia : That you harden not your hearts, but hear Chrifts voice, to day, while ic is called to day, before the door of grace be shut: O cry while crying and begging may do good: Meet Chriâ now as my best prepare you to meet him then. Meet him now as the Prodigal met his Father, Luke 19. Suying, I bave finned, and and no more wortby to be calledtby Son, make me one of : by bired fervants.

Meet God as Abigail met David, 1 Sam. 25.32,34. with on offering of peace (even Christ apprehended by an obedient faith :) when she heard from David, Except thox badi bafted and come to meet me, all had been deftroyed.

Meet him to ecquire of his facrcd Oracle, what is like to become of thy soul; as the King of Syria fent Hazael with a present to Elisha, to meet him, saying, Sballl ricover of Ibis disease? 2 King. 8. 8. Or as Paul met with Chrift when he humbled and converted him, saying, Wbo art sbou, Lord? and wbat wouldftbou bave me do ? Ads 9.

Meet him as the men of Ifrael and Juds did David their King, 2 Sem. 19. ftriving who should firht own and honour him, Amos 4. 12. Meet God thus now when he callerh you by his Word, when he perswadeth you by his Ministers, when he movch you by his Spirit, when he alluresh and obligeth you by his mcrcics, while he driveth you by affli&ion, while he waiteth on you by his patience, and by all theke calleth you re. repent, to love bim, and to obey ; to let your hearts on Heaven if cvor you hope it lould be your portion : Mect him thus Qow, and then you may joyfully meet him in his glory.

II. And

* II. And all you that are truc Believers,lift up your heads with hope ar.d joy, for your final deliverance drawerh nigh. The world hath but a little while longer to abuse you : Satan hath but a little while more to moleft you : The blinded Sodomites (hall not long be groping for your doors: You shall not long walk along mies and dangers; nor live with onemits, cor with troublesome urfuitable friends : You have not. long to bear the burden of that wearifome body, of that fcducing fieln, of thosc unruly passions, or those difordered thoughes í you have not long to groan under the misery of chat troubled and doubring conscience, that darkened mind, those dull affcctions, those remnants of unbelich, Aupidity and carnality; not to cry out with wearincls from day to diy, o when thall I know God better, and love him more! Death is coming, and quickly after, Chritt is coming: One will b:gin, and the other picik & your full deliverance, and put an end to these complaints.

And remember, that though Death hach somewhat in it, which to nalurt is terrible (God having made the love of Life to be the pondus, or spring of motion to the great engine of The finlitive world) yer what is there in the fecond coming of Chrift, that should feem unwelcome to you? You Thall not moct an ex:my, but a friend ; your fureft, and your greateft friend; one that hath done more for you than all the world hach donc ; and one that is ready now to do much more, and thew his love and friendship to the height: One that will be then your furcht friend, when all the world thall caft you off. You go not to be condemned, but to be openly juftified; yca boneured before all the world, and sentenced to endles glory. You go not to be numbered with the enemics of holinefs, or with ihe slothful and unprofitable fervants'; but to be perfect ly incorporated into the heavenly focicty, and cosce the glori. hed faces of Henoch, Mofes and Elias, of Pater, and Joba, and Paul, and Timotby, and all the Saints that ever you knew, or whole writings you have ever read, or whofonimes you cver heard of, & millons more. You goto be better acquainted with Bhole Angels that rejvyced at yoór repentance, and that tibitired for your good, and that borc yoa in their hands, and were your continual guaid-both nighi and day. You go to G888


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