תמונות בעמוד

common with poor men to love riebes better than che rich that never needed : (And yet, poor souls, they deceive themselyes, and cry out again the rich, as if they were the only lovers of the world, when they love it more themselves, though they cannot get it.) Never think of bcaring affiliation with a patient and fubmiffive mind, as long as you over- love sheshings which affliction taketh from you : For the loss of them will gear chose hearts which did Aick fo inordinately to them.

2. And if you grow to an undervaluing of Holines, you can never be reconciled ro affiding providencco: For it is for our profit that God corrc&cth us, but for what profit? that we may bepartakers of bis bolines, Heb. 12. 19,14. If therefore you pndervalue that which is Gods end, and gocth for your gain, you will never think that you are gainers or savers by his rod. In corrcion God doth as it were make a bargain with yous he will take away your riches, or your friends, or your health, and he will give you (if you refuse it not) increase of patience, and mortification in the ferd of them-s hc will exchange lo much heavenly-mindedness, for-lo much of the trcafures or pleasures of the world, : And now, if you do not like thabur. gain, if really you had rather have'morchealth, ihan morc haliness, more of the world, then more heavenly-mindedness; more Aleshly pleasure, than more mortification of Aclhly desirçs, you will never then like the corre&ting hand of God, nor rightly profit by it: You will grudge at his dealing, and with that you were out of his hand,

and in your own; and that your Çkates, and health, and friends, were not at his disposal, but at yours; and you will lose the offered benefit, because you valus it not; and accept it not as it is offered you.

3. And those that have some eftecm of Holiness, and yet negle&ihe duty which should procure the exercise and inpicrease of grace, do make correction burdensome by making it .unprofitable to them. For to hear that they may be griners by affli&ion, and to find that they are not, will not reconcile them to it." Wherčas if they had really got the bencfic, 'ic would quiet them, and comfort them, and make them patient, and thankful to their father. What have you to show that you gained by your sufferings ? Are you teally more morrikcd, more penitent morc humble, morc heavenly, more



obcdicnt, more patient than you were before? If you are lo, you cannot possibly think that it hath been to your loss to be afflicted : For no onc that hath these graces can fo undervalue them, as to think that worldly prosperity or cafe is better. Bus if you have not such gain to hew, what wonder if you are wca. sy of the medicine which healeth not? and if, when you have made it do you no good, you complain of it, when it is your selves, that you should complain of. If you could say, that before you were a filiated, you went aftray, but now you bave learnt and kept Gods precepts, you might then lay by experience, I is good for me ibat I was affli&ted, Plal. 119.67,71. And men are taught by natural self-love, not to think ill of that which doch that which doth them good, if by experience they know it. You will then conless that God in very fait kfulness affidab you, Pfal. 119.75. ? Dircat. 6. Remember that worbing can be emiss wbicb i done by God: For where there is perfection of Power, and Wifdom, and Goodness, no adions can bebed. And there is nothing donc by any of your fiders, which is not governed by the will of God, Amos 3. 6. $bal there be evil in a City,and the Lord bath nor done it ? 2 Chron. 10. 15. Sotbe King bearkened not to the people ; for the cause was of God, that ibe Lord might performe bi Word -God who would not cause tbe fin, is said to be the cause of the event as a punishment, because he wisely permitted it for that end, Aas 2.23. Him being delivered by ibe determinate counsel and foreknowoledge of God, ye bave taken, and by wicked bands bave crucified ond flaix. Ads 4. 28. Ibe people of Israel were gathered to do, whatsoever i by band and

I by counsel determined before to be done : That is, he willed by · his antecedent will, that Chrift should be a sacrifice for fin ; and he willed by his consequent will

, (as a Judge and punisher of : mans fin) that the rebellious Jews should be left to their malicious wills, to execute it

. And that God which, moderatech the wills and adions of the mof malicious men and Devils, will reftrain them from violating any of his promises for his fervants good.

Dired. 7. Alwaies kecp, before your eyes the example of a crucified Chrift, and, of all his holy Apofles and Martyrs which z kars followed him. Look Aill to Jefustbe autbor and finisher

of your Fairl, who for the joy that was set before bim, endared obc cross, and despised tbe shame, and is set down at the right band of the Ibrone of God. Confider bin that endured, such contradi&tion of finners againft bimself, left you be wearied and faiæt in your mind, Heb. 12. 2,3. If you did determine to know nothing but Chrift crucificd, and by his cross had crucificd che the world, (1 Cor. 2. 2. Gal. 6. 14.) you would be able to say, I ang crucified witb Christ, yet I live, that is, not l, but Cbrist liveth in me, Gal. 2.20. And to look on the pleasure and glory of the world, as the world did look on a crucified Christ, when they shook the head at him as hc hanged on the cross. You would love the narrow suffering way, where you see before you chę footsteps of your Lord, and of so many holy Martyrs and Believers : You would say, sure this is the safe and blefied way, in which Chrift, and all the heavenly Army have paffed hence unto their Crown : You would say, Istbe fervant grea-, ter than bis Lord? If thus the innocent Lord of life, and Master of the bouse was injured and afilided, am I better than he ? Though he suffered to save me from Hell, yet not to save me from the purifying tryals here on carth. Doubtless you would count alsbings but loss, for the excellency of the knowledge of Jesmo Cbrift, and count them but dung that you migbt win bimand ibat you might knope him, and the power of bis refurre&ion, and tbe fellowship of bis sufferings, being made conformable s so bis deatb, Phil. 3. 8, 10.

Dirca. 8. Keepibe eye of Faitb til fixed on tbe ciernal glory; ibat you may understand wat affli&ion is, when you takc it with its end. Remember what eternal Joyes it leadeth to; and what thoughts you will have of all your pain, when you find your selves in the everlafting rest, Remember where all tcars shall be wiped from your eyes, and who darc blame that way as porrow or foul, which bringech us to such an end, Pfal. 126. 5.6. They obat fuw in tears, hal reap in joy: He tbat goed foreb and weeperb, bearing precious seed, mal doubtless come again wirb rejoyoing, bringing bis Meaves, with bim, Maf.5.4. Bleged are obey that mouen, for they shall be comforted. Is not eternal joy fufficient for you? When you arc fuffering with the Church militant, look up to the Church triumphant ; and re member that they were lately as low, as lad, as forrowful as Rri 2


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you, and you Thall shortly be as high, as glad, as joyful as they. Look into Heaven and see what

you suffer for and think whether that be not worthy of harder terms than any you can undergo, Rom 8.17,18.If we Lwffer with bim, but we may be also glorifiedtegetber:For I reckon that she sufferings of t bis present time, are not wortby to be compared with the glory wbicb hab'bereural ed in 1, 2 Cor. 4 16, 17, 18.For mbicb cause we faint not : bat though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day: For our ligbe aj dion wbicb is but for a moment workerb for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory: Wbile we Look not at the things wbicb are seen, but at the ibings whicb are not seen : For iberbings dobicb ere fees are temporalibue tbe tbings wbich are not feex are eternal. For we know that if our eartbly bouse of this tabernacle were dissolved, we bave a building of God, an bouse not made with bands, eternal in the Heavens. Heavca well believed, will enable us patiently and chearfully to bear all things. He will account the very reproach of Christ, to be greater

riches than the treasures of the world, who lookech believingly to the recompence of reward, Heb. 11. 26.

Dircã. 9. Learn to die, and oben you bave learned to suffer. He that can bear death, by the power of faith, can bear almoft any ching. And he that is well prepared to die, is prepared for any aftidion ; and he that is not, is unprepared for prosperity.

Dirca. 10. Remember fill that life being so very short, the aflations of Believers are as short. We have to little i time to live, that we have but a little while to fuffor. And if tbou faint in sbe day of adversity, when it is so liedte a while to night, tby strengtb is small, Prov. 24.10.

Dirca 11. Remember that thou bearest but tbe comma burden of the Sons of Adan, who are born to forrow as the fparks Ay upward: And charchou art like to all the members of Christ, who must rake up their crofs, and fuffer with him, ifthey will reign with him: And that thou art but going the common wiy to Heaven, which that heavenly fociety hath trod before thee: And cant thou expect to be exempted both from the lot of homane lapfed nature, and from the lot of all the Saints? If thou wouldef be carryed to 'Heaven in the Chariot of Eliers and couldelt cxpect to cscape the jaws of


death, yet mult thou endure the persecution, weariness and hunger of Elias before such a change.

Direc. 12. Think also how unreasonable it is, for one tbat? mult bave eternal glory, to grudge at a little suffering in the way, and for on! ibat is saved from ibe for ments of Hel, to ebink it much so be duly cbaftened on eartb. For a Lakirus that mult be comforted in Abrabam's bosom, to murmure that he waiteth a while in poverty at the rich min; doors ? Shall 'a wicked worldling venture into endless pains, and put himself out of the hopes of Heaven, and all this for a short and foolish pleasure ? And will you grudge to fuffer lo small and (hört a challtisement in the way to an endless rcft and joy?

Diređ. 13. Think wby it is tbar Cbrift bato so largely comnended, and blest a suffering ftate, and confen fucb a life for those ibat be will save: And why he so often pronouncech a mie to chc prosperous world: It is not for want of love to his Dir ciples; nor for want of power to secure their peace, Matth. 5. Bieffed are the poor in spirit, for obeirs is the Kingdom of Heaven: Blefjed øre they that yourn, for obey Mall be conforted. Blipd. are they that are perfecuted for righteousness faks for theirs is tbe Kingdom of Heaven. Luke 6.24, 25,26. Woe to you tbat are ricb, for you bave received your consolation : Woe to you that are ful, fór ye shell bunger : Worunto you that laugo novo, for ye shall mourn and weep: Woe into you bben all men Mall speak well of you, for so did ibeir Fathers to be false Propbets, James 1, 2, 3. My Breibren, count it all jny woben ye fall into divers temptations (that is, trying afflictions) knowing that the trying of your faisb woorbeib patience James 5. 1, 2. Go too nooo ye rich men, weep and bowl for tbe miseries tbat Mall come upon you" All these words are not for nothing : And judge how he should think of adverfiry who believetlo them.

Dirc&. 14. Mark well woberber you find not that your felves and others are usually much better in aftidion, tbon in prosperity: And whether there be noe fomething in the one to make you better, and in the other to delude men, and make them worfe. O look and tremble at the dangers and doleful miserics of molt chat are listed high! how chey are blinded, fattered, captivated in fin, and are the shamc of nature, and the calamity of the world. And mark when they come to dic, or lie in


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