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their fin; so it is not unlike that (according to Gods ordinary way of punishing) it was also a mataral offca of their cxccls.

8. It is a moft unsuitable ching to fucb-great finners as we are, who have forfeited all our mercics, and are called so loud to penitent humiliation; when we fhould turn to the Lord with all our hearts, with fitting, weeping and mourning, co be iber plcasing our felbly apperires with curiofitics and cxccls, is a fin char God once thrcained in a terrible sort, 1s4.22.12,13. Fasting is in such cases a duty of Gods appointment, Joel 2.12. Lük! 2. 37. 1 Cor.7.5. Cornelius his fafting and alms.decds come up before God, Ads 10. 30. Daniel was hcard upon his faft, Dan. 9. 3. Chrilt fafted when he entered folemnly on his work, Marib. 4. And fome Devils would not be calt out without fafting and prayer': And is luxury fit in such a casc?

9. Lattly, Remember what was said before, that ofbers are empty, while we are full: Thousands need all thar We can fpare: And they are members of Christ, and of the fame body with us : And so much as wc waste on our appetite, or pride, lo much the less we have to give. And be tbær feet bi bio Brosber in need, and soutterb up his bowels of compassion from bins (when he cannot deny superfluitics to himsell) bow dwellesb the Love of God in bim"? When the poor we shall bave elmaies wirb ws; that we may alwaies have exercise for our love: And he that glurreth his own flesh to the full, and giveth the poor but the leavings of his lut, if it were a thousand pound a year that he givesh, must look for small reward from God, however he may do good to others.

More particular Directions may be as followeth. "Dire&. 1. Uaderftand well bow macb obe pl.so in this lapsed fete is our enemy; and how much gulofily doch strengthen it againf us; and how much of the work of grace lyeth in refifting and overcoming it; and whit need we have to serve tbe Spirit, and not to be helpers of the Acth : And the truc confi. deration of these things may do much, Gal. 5.17,18,19,22,23. Rom. 8. 6, 7, 8,9,10,13. Direct. 1. Set your felves to tbe work of God according to your


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several places ; and live not idly: And then mark obat belpetbor bir.dersih you in your work. If you play not the loitering hypocrites, but make your duties the serious bufiness of your lives, you will quickly find how inconsistent a bruitish appetite, and a ful bely, and a curious, coftly, and time-wafting pampering of the flith, is with such a Chriftian Misc.

Direct. 3. Study wel the life of Christ, and tbe example of the ancieni Şaints.Remember what dyet was in use with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; with the Apoftles, and holiest fervants of Chrift. And that it was Solomon the molt voluptuous King of Ifrael, that was told by his Mother, that it is not for Kings to drink wine, but for them that are of a forrowful beart : ' And that the defcription of the luxurious then was [riotous esters of flesh, Prov.31.5.& 23. 20. And that it was the mark of Acthly Hco reticks, to feast themselves witbout fear, Jude 12. And that they were destroyed by Gods wrath, though they had their defiro who murmured for want of Acth, after many years abftinence in a wilderness; and it's called, Asking meat for their

lust, Pfal. 78. 18. I doubt many of our servants now, would be discontented, and think their bellies too hardly used, if they had no better than the milk and boney of the Land of Promifc; yca or the Onions and flesh-pots of Egypt.

Dire&. 4. Think wbat a base and Swinish kind of fin it is, to be a flave to ones guts or appetite: And how far it is below,not only a Chriftian, but a man, and what a shame to humano nature,

Dire&. 5. Look ofren to tbegrave, and observe thosc skulls into which once the pleasant mcats and drinks were put i and those jows that were fo oft employed, in grinding for the belly And remember how quickly ihis will be your case, and think then whether such a caykals deserve fo much care, and coft, and curiosity, to the neglect and danger of an immortal foul.

Dirc&. 6. Lay a conftant Law upon your appetite, and use it not to be pleased without cause and benefit ; but use it to a wholefome, but not a ful, a coftly, a curions, or a delicious food : And use will make intemperance to be loathsome to you, and temperance to be sweet. Dirca. 7. Learn so much reason as to knowo truly what is Ooo


most conducible to your health, bord for quantity and quality, and muk what discafes and deaths are usually caused by excess : It is more reasonable to be temperate for prevention of difcafes, than under the power and feeling of them; when pain and fickness force you to it, whether you will or not. If you will not obey God so carefully as your Physician; yet obcy the preventing counsels of your Physician, before you need his curing coxnfil.

Dirca. 8. Negle&t not the manly and I be fecred delights wbicle

. God alomeib: I mean, the pleasures of boneft labours, and of your calling, and of reading and knowledge, of meditation and prayer, and of a wel ordered soul and life, and of the certain bopes of endless glory. Live upon these, and you will casily sparc cho fethly pleasures of a Swinc.

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Hip to conquer floth and idlexess by sbc Life of Faitb. Th HE Third fin of Sodom, and of abused Prosperity, is idle.

, the nature and signs of it, and then the evil of it, and then give you more particular Dirc&ions against ir: Bir this also buc bricily, because I have done it more largely in my Cbriftian Directory.

1. That you may know who are guilty of this fio,and who not, I shall firdt premisc thcsc Propolitions.

1. Nothing but disability will cxcuse any one from the ordinary labours of a lawful calling. Riches or honours will excuso nonc. They are the subjects of God, as well as others that have lefs : And he that hath moft, hath most to ufc, and molt to anfwer for: To whom men commit much, of them they require thc morc, Luke 12. 48. & 19. 23. Greatness and wealth is so far from excusing the forbcarince of a calling, that it will not allow any one the omission of one hours labour and diligence in his calling. If God give the Ricb more wages than otbers, it's unreasonable to think that therefore they may do lefs work

2. Yet when meer . neceffity, compelleth-the poor to labour more than ellc they were obliged to do, even to the detriment of their bealtb, or shortening of Gods Worlhip, the rich arc not bound therefore to imitace them, and to incurr the same inconveniencies; because shey have not the same wocesries. As in their dyet, the rich is not allowed to take any more for quantity.or quality, than is truly for their good, any more than the poor : but they are not bound to live as those poor do, who want tbat cither for quantity or quality, which is truly for their good, fo is it also in ihis sale of labouring.

3. The labours of every oncs calling must be the ordinary Lusiness of bin life, and not a little now and then instead of a sco crcation. If it be a mans caling, he muft be confiant and laborious in it.

4. Yca no interposed recreation or idleness is lawful, but that which cicher is neceffitated by disability, or that which is neede full to fit the mind or body for its work: As whctting to the


5. All mens callings tye them not conftantly to one kind of la. bour ; but some may be put ko vary thcir cmployments cvery day: as poor men that live by going on crrands, and doing other mens business, under several Masters, several waics : And as many rich people whose occasions of doing good may often vary.

6. The rich and honouriblc are not bound to the same kind, of labour as the poor. A Magiftrate or Paftor is not bound to follow the Plow; nay, he is bound not to do it ordinarily, left he negle& his proper and greater work. Somc mens labours arc with che band, and some mens with the bead.

7. Every man should chuse that calling which is most agrace able to his mind and body: Somc arc Atrong, and fomc arc. weak : Come are of quick wits, and some are dull : All should be defigned to that which they arc fittcft for.

8. Every one should chuse that calling (il he bc fit for it) in which he may be most serviceable to God, for the doing of the greateft good in the world : and not that in which he may have mod cafe, or wealth, or bonour : God and the publick good muf be our chicfcA ends in the choice. 9. And in the labours of our calling, the getting of riches 0002


muft never be our principal end: But wc mult labour to do the molt publick good, and to plcasc God by living in obedience to his commands.

10. Yet every man mult defire the success of his labour; and the blessing of God on it, and may continue his work as beft tendeth to fuccess. And though we may not labour to be ricb, Prov. 23. 4. as our principal end; yet we must not be formal in our callings; nor think that God is delighted in our meer soil, to scc men fill a bottomless veffel; but we mult endeavour after the most successful way, and pray for a juft prosperity of our labours : and when God doth profper us with width, we mul cake it thankfully (though with scar) and use it to his Service, and do all the good with it that we can, 1 Gor. 16.2. Lay by as God barb propered every man, Ephel. 4. 28. Let bine work with his bands the tbing that is good, that be '

may bave to give to bim that needeib, James 1.9. Let the brorber of lovo degree rejyyse 'in ibat be is exalted.

11. The loweness of a mans caling, or baseness of his employment, will not allow him to be negligent or weary of it, or uncomfortable in it: Şccing God muft bo obeyed in the lowed fer. vices, as well as in the highest sand will reward men according to their faitbful labour, and not according to the dignity of their place: And indeed no service should-be accounted low and base, which is fincerely done for fo great and bigb a Mafter, and hath the promise of fo glorious a rebourd, Col. 3. 23; 24.

12. The greater and more exeelent any wens work and caling ir, bu id'enefs and weligence is the greater fire

. It is bad in a Plowo-man, orany day-labourer ; but it is far wirje in a Minister of the Gospel, or a Magistrate: Because they wrong many and that in the greatest ibings, and violate the greaselt truft from God; Chritt biddeth us pray she Lord of the barvest to send fort b Łabourers into bu barveft, Luke 10:27 and not proud, covetous, idle drones, that would have honour only for their wealth and titles: And he faith, that the Labourer is worlby of big bire, but not the loiterer. Among the Elders that rule the Church, it is especially the labourers in the word and djarine that are worthy of double honour. Dr, Hammond notcth on 1 Thef. 5. 12. chat thc Bishops whom they are required to kwow and honour, were thosc that laboured among them, and


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