תמונות בעמוד

alw sies is at their very mouths, even a David, a Solomon, a Noak, is not fasc.

2. They arç in danger of those sins which they little tbirk of; for it is a lign that they are not forewarned and fortified ; nor have they overcome tbat fix; for victory here is never got it fo cheap a rate : cspecially as to inwerd fins: If ic have nor coft you inany a groan, and many a daics diligence, to conquer Golfishness, pride and appetite; it's twenty to one they are not conquered.

3. They are much in danger of those fins which they extenuate, and count to be smaller than they are. for indeed their hearts arc infc&cd already, by thosc falfc and favourable thoughes. And they are prepared to entertain a neeier famiJiarity with them. . Men arc cofily tempted upon a danger which focmcth small.

4. They are much in danger of thosc fins, which chcir come Airutions and temperature of body doth encline them to ; and Therefore muß here keep a double watch. No small part of the punishment of our Original fin (both as from Adam, and from our neercft Parents) is found in the ill complexion of our bodies: The temperature of some inclincih chem vehemently to paffion; and of others unto luft ; and of others 'to flub and duiness: and of others to gulofity,&c.And grace doth not immcdiately change this diftcmper of the complexion; but only watch over it, and keep it under, and abaic ie consequently, by contrary actions, and mental dispofitions : Thercfore we Thall have here unceffant -work, while we are in the body. Though yet the power of grace by long and faithful use, will bring ihc very sonic, ad imagination, and passions into so much calmness, as to be far less raging, and calily ruled : As a well ridden horse will obey the Rider ; and even dogs and other bruirs will Arive but little against our government : And then our work will grow more çafic : For as Seneca saith, Maxima pars libertat is oft bene moratüs venter: A good conditionod belly is a great part of a mans liberty : meaning, an' ill COAdirioned belly is a great part of meos Navery: And the same may be said of all the senses, fantasie and passions in their re(p:Give places. s. We are much in danger of the fins' which ous callings,


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trades and worldly intereft, do moft and conltantly témpt us to. Every man hath a carnal intereft, which is his great templation; and every wisc man will know it, and there fet a double watch. The carnal intercât of a Preacher, is applausc or prc ferment: The carnal interiit of Rulers and great men, I shall pass by; but they miuft not pass it by themselves. The carnal interest of Lawyers ar.d Tradesmon, is their gain, &c. Here wc must keep a conftant watch.

6. We are much in danger of those fins, the matter of which is somewhat good or lawful, and the danger lyech only in the manner, circumstances or degree. For there the lawfulneß of the matter, occafionech men to forget the accidental evil. The whole Kingdom fecleth the mischief of this, in in. Aances which I will now pass by. If eating fuch or such a mcat węyc pot lawful it sell, mca would not be so casily drawn to glucrony. I drinking wine were not a lawful thing, the pallage to drunkennels were not so open: The apprchenfion that a lufory lot is a lawful thing (as Cards, D.cc, &c.) doch occafion the heinous fin of time-wafting, and citate-wasting gameters. If apparel were not lawful, cxcels would not be to casily endured. Yca ihe goodness of Gods own Worship, quicieth many in its great abuse.

7. We are much in danger of those sms, which are not.in any great disgrace among thosc persons whom we molt bonour and cltcem. It is a great mercy to have sin lie under a conmon odium and disgracc :. As swearing and drunkenness, and curfing, and fornication, and Popish errours, and fuperftition, is now amonga the forwardeft Professors in England: For here conscience is mol aposkened, and help:d by the opinion of mon; or if there be fomc carnal respect to our reputation in it sometimes, yet it tendeth to suppress the fin : And it is a , great plague to live where any great lin is in little disgrace (as the prophanation of the Lords day in most of the Reformed Churches beyond Sex; and they say, cipling, if not drunkennels in Germany; and as backbiting and evil speaking against those that differ from them, is among the Profcflors in England, for too great a part; and also many fuperftitions of their own and dividing principles and pra&ices.)

8. But especially if the greater number of godly people live in Luch a fin; then is the temptation great indecd ; and it is but few of the weaker forr, that are not carryed down that Arcam. The Munfter case, and the Rebellion in which Munfter perished in Germany, and many other, but cfpecially abundance of Schisms from the Apostles daics till now, are too great crie dences of mens fociableness in honing. We al like theep beus gone astray, and turned every one to bio omon way, Ifa: 536. And like sheep in this, that if one that is leading, get over the hedge, all the rest will follow after ; but especially if the greater part be gone. And do not think that our Churches are in fallible, and that the greater part of the godly cannot crre, or be in the wrong: For that would be buć to do as the Papifts, when we have finned by fallibility, to keep off repentance by the conceit of infallibility:


9. We are in great danger of fisning, in cases where we are ignorant : For who can avoid the danger which hc fccth not? And who can walk safely in the dark? Therefore we fee that it is the ignoranter fort of Chriftians, and such as Paul callcth Novices, that moft erre ; cfpecially when Pride accompanyath Ignorance, for then they fall into the special condemnation of the Devil, 1 Tim. 3.6. Study therefore painfully and patiently till you understand the truth.

10. But above all, we are in danger of those fins which are masked witb a pretence of the greatest trurbs and duties, and use to be fatbered in' God and Scripturé ; ond fo under ibe fpecious titles of Holiness and of Free Grace. For here it is the understanding chiefly that refiftcth, while the very names and pretences secretly ftcal in, and bring them into love and reverence with the Will. And the poor honcft Chriftian is afraid of refifting them, Icft it should prove a resisting God. What can be fo

la fe that a man will not plead for, if he take it to be a neceffary truth of God? And what can be lo bad that a man will nos do, if he take it once to be of Gods commanding? The foresaid instances of the Munster and Germane Aions, with those of the followers of David George in Holland (who took himself to be the Holy Ghoft, or the immediate Prophet of his Kingdom) and Hacket and his Grundlctonians ; and the Familifts, the Ranters, the Seckers, the Quakers, the Churchdividers, and the Kingdom and State-overturners in England, have given fo great a demonftration of this, that it is not


ławful to overlook it or forget it. The time cometb, that tbey tbat kill yon, Mall ibiuk that tbey do God fervice, Joh. 16. á And then who can expcAt that their consciences should avoid it? Why did Paul persecute the Chriftians, and compel them co blasphemc? Because he verily thought that he ought to do many things againft the Name of Jesus, Ads 26.9. O it is religious fins which we arc in danger of ! fuch as come to us as in the Name of God, and Chrilt, and the Spirit : fuch as pretend that we cannot be saved without chem: and such as pload the holy Scriptures : such as James 3. is written again, when a wisdom from beneath, which is caribly, sensual and doo vilish, working by envy and Arife, anto confusion and every evil work, pretendech to be the wisdom from above : when Zeal consumcth Love and Unity, under pretence of consuming fixi: which made Paul and Jobu require us not to believe every pirit, but to try the fpirits mbetber they be of God, 2 Thef. z. a. & 1 Thef. 5.20, 21. 1 Joh.4. 1, 2, 3. And made Paul Cay, If an Angel from Heaven bring you anotber Gospel, let him be scout Sed, Gal. 1.7, 8. And more plainly, 2 Cor. 11. 13, 14. Sueb are false Apoftles ; deceitful workers; transforming tbemfelves in. to the Apoftles of Cbrift: and no marvel, for Sutan binsfelf is transformed into an Angel of ligbt : therefore it is no great ibing if bis Minifters also be transformed as the Ministers of rigbtroufnej, wbose end shall be according to tbeir works. And Aas 20.30. Also of your own felves fall men crise, speaking perverse things, to drapo away Disciples after them. And what need any Disciple of Chrif greater warning, than to remember that their Saviour himself was thus assaulted by the Devil in his temptation, with [It is writton.]

Yet let no Papift hence take occafion to vilific the Scripture, because it is made a plea for fin: For lo he might as well vilific bumane Reason, which is pleaded for all the errours in the world ; and vilific the Law, because Lawyers plead it for it Causes; yaa and 'vilific God himfelf, because the fame and other finnets plead his will and ausbority for their fins : when contrarily, it is a great proof of the Scripture Artbority and HoHout, that Satan himfelf, and his fubtileht inftruments,do place their greatest hope of prevailing, by perverting and misapply. ing it; which could be of no ufc to them, if its authority were not acknowledged.


11. Wo

B1, We are in conftant danger of chose fins which we think we can conccal frame men: Therefore suppose fill chat all chat yon do will be made knopen i and do all as in the open streeis : it's wricson (by (wo) in the lifc of holy Epbrem Syrth, that when a Harlor compied him to uncleanness, he desired but that he might chuse the place, which the consenting to, he chora the open market-place, among all the people, and when the told him, ebat there they thould be shamed, for all would rec; he told her such a lefon of linning in the light of God, who is every where, as was the means of her conversion. Conccis of secrecy emboldenech to lin.

fo 12. We are in constant danger of lins of sudden palcon and irruprion, which allow us not téason to deliberare, and furprize us before our reason can confider. *. 13. We arc in danger of fins that come on by infenfible de grees, and from small beginnings creep upon us, and come not by any Tudden wakening assaulis: Thus pride, and cevi. foxfrefs, and ambitios, do infc men: And thus our zeal and deligence for God, doth usually decay.

14. Lafly, We are ip much danger of all fins which require a conftant vigorous diligence to resit shem; and of omirring thosc duties, or that part or mode of daty, which must have a confiant vigorous diligence to perform it: Because feeble Couls are hard, jy kept (as is aforesaid ) 10 constant vigorous diligence. :

Queft. 2. Whercin differetbebe fins of a fan&ified persunfrom piber mens ibat are unlandified:

Antw. 1. In a fanátified man the b'abitual tens of bis will, is ever morc again lio, than for it ;, howeves hc bc tempied into that particular a&ti

2. And as to the Ad also, it is cyer contrary to the scopeand tenour of his life, which is for God and sincere obedience.

3. He hath no fin which is inconfident with the crue Love of God, in the predominant babit : It never turnçch his heart {Q another End; or Happinels, or Malter.

4. Therefore it is morc a fin of passion, then of fittled.instreft and cboice. He is more liable to a haly peffion, or word, 02.unruly I boughis, than to any. pscvalent covetoufness or am

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