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misters or omitters of fuch an action contrary to tbe Lem; or that our act or omiffior wis really a crime or fault.

3. The guilt of punishment, reatus fane, vel ad pænam, is the foundation of this charge, that we are by tbat Lim wbiche mwift judge us, condemnable, or obliged to punishment (or it is our right) for the lins fo commitica.

Now Chrift doth not by juftifying us, or pardoning us, make us either to be fuch as really did not do the fađ; or fuch as did not a culpable fa&; no nos such as did not defiruo damna. tion, or to whom it was not due by the tirlt Law alone; but to bc fuch who are not now at all condominable for it, because the new Low which we muft be judged by, doch abfolve us, by forgiving us ; not making the fault no fault, por cauting God to think that Chrift committed it, and not we; or to cftccm us to be fuch as never did commit it; but rernitting the pu. wishment, and that duenes of punishment and obligation to it, which did before sclult from the fault and Law together; and so the fault it self is remitted as it is the foundation from whence that obligation to punilhment resulteth, respectively, but not limply, nor as a fault in it self at all.

When I lay the punishment and the dueness of it to us, is forgiven, I mean not only the punishment of sense, but of loss allo: nor only the out ward part, which is exccuted by crcacarcs, but especially the first and great penalty, of Gods own displeasure with the person, and the withdrawing of his Spirit and complacential love, and that which we may improperly call, bis obligation in Justice to condemn the finner. There was upon God, before Christs fatisfa&ion and our title ro him, that which we may so call a legal or relative obligation on God to punith us, because elle he thould have done contrary to the duc ends of Government, and so contrary to the Wisdom and Justice of a Governour, which is not conlistent with his perfc&ion. But now the ends of Government arc so answered and provided for, that there is no fucilo obligation on God to punish us, but he way remit it wichout any difhonour at all ; nay, with the bonent of his Wisdom and Justice. We are now ner condemnandi, not condemnable, rhough we are finners. Id Judgement we muft confess the latter, and deny the former only.

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wards our salvation as he hath donc, Heb. 8, & 9.

4. That it is his very ofice and undertaking, which therefors he cannot posibly negle&, Luke 19. 10. & 2.11. Jobs 4:42 Ads 5.31. & 13:23.

5. That God the Father himself did give him to us, and appoint him to this laving ofice, Jobm 3.16, 18. A&: 5:31. & 13. 23. Yca God was in Chrift reconciling ibe world unto bineSelf

, not imputing to themibeir trefpapis, 2 Cor. 5. 18, 19. And 'God made bim fin (that is, a facrifice for fin) for us bobo kuevo no fin, tbat pe nigbl be made she righterusness of God in kim (that is, migbo be the publick instances of G:ds ma ciful Justice, as Christ was of his penal Juftice; and this by a rightcousness given us by God himself, and purchased or merited for us by Chrift, 2 Cor.5.21. yea and be renewed in holiness and righ Icoulnclo according to his Image.

6. That now it is become the very intereft of God, and on Jesus Chrilt himself to justifie us; as ever he would not lose cather the glory of his grace, or the obcdicnce and fuffing which he hath performed, 1/4.53.19. Rom. 5.12,13,18,19,&c. Rom.4. throughour.

7. Consider the mearness of the Person of Christ, both to the Farber and ious, Heb. 1. & 2, & 3.

8. Think of the perfc&tion of his facrifice and merit, let out throughout the Epift!c to thc Hebrews.

9. Think of the word of Promise or Covenant, which he hath made, and scaled and sworn, Heb. 6. 17, 18. Tuus 1. 2.

10. Think of the great seal of the Spirit, which is more than a Promise, even an earnest, which is a certain degree of pofsession, and is an executive pardon (as after shall be declared) Rom. 8. 15, 16. Gal. 4.

6. 11. Remember that Gods own Juftice is now engaged for our Judification, in these two rcspcas conjuna : 1. Because of the fulness of the mcrits and satisfaction of Chrif; 2. And because of his Voracity which must fulfil his promise, and his governing or deftributive Justice, which muft judge m.co according to his own Law of Grace, and must give men that which he himself hath made their right, 2 Tim. 4. 7, 8. 1 Jobs $. 9, 10, 11, 12. 13, Lally, Think of the many millions now in Heaven,


of whom many were greater finners than you ; and no ong of them (live Chrift) came thither by the way of innocency and legal Juftification : There are no Soints in Heaven that were not redeemed from the captivity of the Devil, and juftified by the way of pudoning grace, and were not once the heirs of death, fobro 3. 3, 5. Rom. 3. & 4.

Upon these confiderations (rult your felves confidently on the

grace of Chrift, and take all your fins but as the advantages of his grace.

Dirca. 9. Remember that there is somewbet on your (DOM parts to be done, for I be continuing as well as for the begin, ing of your fustification ; yea fomewbat more than for abe beginning i cueribe faithful keeping of your baptismal Covenant, ir. ibe ellentials of it; and alsi e but you bave continual need of Chrift, continue your fuftification.

Many cake Justification to be one instant srius ad of God, which is never afterwards to be done : And so it is, if we mean only the first making of him rightechs webo was uprigbreous : (As the fight making of the world, and not the continuanca (f it, is call d Creation :) but this is but about the name : For the tbing it felf, no doubt but that Covenant which tieft justifica us, doth continue to juftific us ; and if the cause should cease, theiff a would ceasc. And he that requireth no adual obedience, as the condition of our legun Jultification, do:h require boih: he continuance of faib, and actual fincere obedience, as the condition of continuing, of not losing our Juftification, (as Davenant, Bergius, Blank, c. have well opened, and I have clsewhere proved al I rze.) As Matrimony gioch vitle to conjagal priviledges to the wife; but conjugal fidelity and performance of the essentials of the contra is necessary to contine them. Therefore labour to keep up your faith, and ro sbide in Chrift, and he in you, and to bring forth fruir, lift ye be branches withered, and for the tire, pobr 15. 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, &c.

And upon the former mifipprehenfion, the fame pe; fons de look upon all the faith which they exercise through their lives, after the firft instantarious ad, as go juftufying faith at all (but only a faith of the same kind) but to what use they hardly know. Yca they look upon Christ himfelf, as if they

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had omoreule for hiseeicherias no comtime yheimathifeet) CIPIT; Orto forgive ehtirafser-lins when as ou contindedo faittirnuft bé txereised all our lives on the fame Calringande trük on the food Cuvão ant, for the contingskinnbando perso Aronof that which was begun

ag eher king of queReganeta lion, Col. 1. 23. 1 Jolay 23 24 »Heb. 3.6.19201. Heba 6.313121 &ad72, i3. como Oy 1:01:7. 01111sitos par. 1 çu

Ditoa. 1o. Understand $b ourty in which you cammit, baib need of a renewed pardon in Christ : and that he dich, notes prevent your neceffity of such pardone. And. I bokebore you will bave opongtano need of Christ, and must daily.comed! God for paridon by liga sm mog only for sbo.pindonofsemporal obatisements turpfevert Lasting punishments 1 710410 Iesu lud.sex!)

il the sensdof this, I thall Jaymore anom: the proof of it is in the forcrccited Promises; and in albchofo texts of Scripe use which tellus thu death is she wiges of Go, aod call us to ask pardon, and tell us on whatsoms he may be hadiswinan iDisca. FJ. Fra dengabinkiniat cuery Yin dit beput you into e Date of condemnation again, by kulifie your former Jutrpi cation: Fortboughsbc Lamier nature mi fa far still in force, 16 tako punifumont by it yako natural dve se yet the Covenant of Grade i a comisualy, pardaning aat, band according to its propers in masing dotle difflue tbe forefaiskobligations and presently remil Abepanit ment: end as its moraliradion is not interrupted, no more, KY justified ftate.. :) latra ***1:40220g 351 bere ne condemnation 10 tbem bat ere in Obrift, Jefus; dre. Rom. 8. 1 John 3:16; 18. 1 John 5 J11, 12,all any man fam, Darbaric at Adyosate micbisbe Father, Jesus Christ the rig Leotullo and teo in the Propinistion for our fins al John 2, 1, 2, sif

cort of our fins, he is fainful and just to forgive us our fish and 11.cluanfo w fromt wel warigoteoufnefs. If all need of pardog had been prevented by Chril, what use wçre cherc of his ad vocarion for our future forgiveness? 2.1.815,63

67.9.id Direct. 12. Remember, that tbougl unknown infirmities, and mahe avoidable pres, bave an immediate pardon, because the. Believer batb an babitual Fastb. and Repentancais yet, great and koppen fons must bave sanal Repentanos, before the pardon will be ple: nary or perfekt though the person is not in the mean timan Maha registrats or injustified perfam '

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