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misters or omitters of fuch an action contrary to tbe Law; or that our att or omiffion wes rcally a crime or fault.

3. The guilt of punishment, reatus fæne, vel ad pænam, is the foundation of this charge, that we are by tbat Lin wbicle mwift judge sus, condemnable, or obliged to punishment (or it is our right) for the fins fo commitica.

Now Chrift doth not by juftifying us, or pardoning us, make u's either to be such as really did not do the faūti or fuch as did not a culpable fa&; no nor such as did not defiruo damna. tion, or to whom it was not due by the firlt Law alonc; buc to be fuch who are not now at all condemnable for it, because the new Law which we muft be judged by, doth abfolve us, by forgiving us; not making the fault no fault, nor cauting God to think that Chrift committed it, and not wc; or to cftcem us to be fuch as never did commit it; but remitting the pu. mishment, and that dueness of punifoment and obligation to it, which did before result from the fault and Lad together; and fo the fault it self is remitted as it is the foundation from whence that obligation to punilhment resulteth,refpe&tively, but not limply, nor as a fault in it self at all.

When I say the punishment and the dueness of it to us, is for given, I mean not only thc punishment of sense, but of lofs allo: nor only the oui do srd part, which is executed by creafares, but especially the firft and great penalty, of Gods owa displeasure with che person, and the withdrawing of his Spirit and complacential love, and that which we may improperly call, bis obligation in Juftice to condemn the finner. There was upon God, before Chrifts fatisfa&tion and our title ro him, that which we may fo call a legal or relative obligation on God to punish us, because elle he should have done contrary to the due ends of Government, and so contrary to the Wisdom and Justice of a Governout, which is not conlistent with his perfccion. But now the ends of Government are so answered and provided for, that there is no fucb obligation on God to punish us, but he way remit it without any difhonour of all ; nay, with thc borear of his Wisdom and Juftice. We are now non condemnandi, nos condemnable, though we are finners. In Judgement we muft conkss the latter, and deny the formet only.

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wards our Salvation as he hath donc, Hrb. 8, & 9.

4. That it is his very ofice and undertaking, which therefors he cannot postbly negle&, Luke 19. 10. & 2.11. Jobs 4:42 Ads 5.31. & 13. 23.

Thar God the Farber himself did give him to us, and appoint him to this Caving office, Jobu 3.16, 18. A&5:31. & 13. 23. Yca God wes in Chrift reconciling tbe world unió bineSelf, no imputing to themibeir trespalis, 2 Cor.5. 18, 19. And "God made bim fin (that is, a facrifice for fin) for us tobo kuevo no fin, tbat we migbe bo mede sbe righterusness of God in tim (that is, migbs be obe publick. inftances of Gids merciful Juftice, as Christ was of his penal Justice; and this by a rigletconfress given us by God himself, and purchased or merited for us by Chrift

, 2 Cor.5:25. yca and be renewed in holiness and righ Icousncls according to his Image.

6. That now it is become the very intereft of God, and of Jesus Christ himself to justifie us; as ever he would not lose cucher the glory of his grace, or the obedience and fuff..ing which he hath performed, 1/ Rom. 5.12,13,18,19,&c. Rom.4. throughour.

7. Consider the nearness of the Person of Christ, both to the Faibor and lous, Heb. 1. & 2, & 3.

8. Think of the perfc&tion of his facrifice and merit, let out throughout the Epift!c to the Hebrews.

9. Think of the word of Promise or Covenant, which he hath made, and scaled and (wotn, Heb. 6. 17, 18. Tius 1. 2.

10. Think of the great seal of the Spirit, which is more than a Promise, even an earnest, which is a certain degree of poffeffion, and is an executive pardon (as after shall be declared) Rom. 8, 15, 16. Gal. 4.6.

. 11. Remember that Gods own Justice is now engaged for our Judification, in these two rcspcas conjuna : 1. Because of the fulness of the cries and satisfaction of Chrif : 2. And because of his Voracity which mult fulfil his promise, and his governing or deftributive Justice, which mult

, judge mco according to his own Law of Grace, and muft give men that which he himself hath made their right, 2 Tim. 4. 7, 8. 1 Jobs $. 9, 10, 11, 12 13, Laaly, Think of the many millions now in Heaven,



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of whom many were greater finners than you, and no one of them (lave Chrift) came chither by the way of innocency and legal Juftification : There are no Soints in Heaven that were not redeemed from the captivity of the Devil, and juftified by the way of purdoning grace, and were not once the heirs of death, John 3. 3, 5. Rom. 3, & 4.

Upon these confiderations fruit your felves confidently on the grace of Chrift, and take all your fins but as the advantages of his grace.

Dirca. 9. Remember that there is somepbet on your IDON parts

to be done, for the continuing as well as for the begin, ing of your fuftification i yea fomew bat more than for sbe beginning i ruenibe faithful keeping of your baptismal Covenant, ir. ibeerentials of it; and all that you bave continual needs of Christ, 10 continue your justification.

Many také Juftification to be one instant sriw act of God, which is never afterwards to be donc : And so it is, if we mean only the firft making of him rightecus wbo was warighteous : (As the fisit making of the world, and not the continuance (f it, is call d Creation :) but this is but about the name : For the ibing it felf, no doubt but that Ccyrmant which tieft juttificed us, doth continue to juftifie us ; and if the cause Thould ceale, theiff & would ceasc. And he that requireth no adual obea dience, as ihe condition of our legun Justificarion, do:h require boch he continuance of fairb, and a&ual fincere nbedience, as the condition of continuing, or not losing our Liftification, (as Davenant, Bergius, Blank, &c. have well opened, and I have clsewhere proved all rzc.) As Mairimony giveth vitle to conjogel priviledges to the wife ; but conjugal fidelity and perfor. mance of the effenrials of the contraat is necessary to conti*'* them. Therefore labour to keep up your laith, and to abide in Chrift, and he in you, and'ro bring forth fruir, lidt ye

bc branches withered, and for the fire, pobu 15. 2, 3, 7, 8, 9,

, &c.

And upon the former mifipprehenfiun, the fame pe; fons de look upon all the faith which they exercise through their lives, after the firft infantarious ad, as no juAfying faith at all (but only a faich of the same kind) but to what use they

a hardly know. Yca they look upon Chrift himself, as if they

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hadarmoreuletfor him, either as so comlj#4 heinlaftificat IiPOT; "orto forgive thtiryafier-lins when as Di contindedo bu istinu bitxoreiled all our lives on the fame. Caringande trük on the fons Cuvioant, for the coniingskinnband persoa Aronof that which was begun agchec bing of Que Regantea tion, Cel. 1. 23. 1 311 3 34 xHeb. 3.6.1241 Hebe 6.313121 &19.22, 23.2075 :13:01101010 abr. n cu - Ditea. 10.3 Understand by ourty in which you canimit batb need of a renewed pardon in Cbrift: and that she did not prevent your neceffity of sucio pardone And barefore you will lave opongtano need of Christ, and mouf daily.cometr God for pardon by laima samog obly for abopardon, eftemporal.cbatisements barrofeuer Lafting punishmentfooliumistad con lo cudnud liid:62*****99)

il chefenfdof chisi: hall Jay-more anom:che proof of it is in the forerecited Promises; and in alkohofo texts cl Scripe uso which tell us that death is she wiges of lio, aod call us to ask pardon, and tell us on whatsoms he may be hadi sisa iDitcat. F3. Pemainetebink nhat cuery Sint det bepet you into a Aute of condemnation again, tulifie your former justifications For thoughsbc Law of nature mod for far still in forces #16 maka punifoment hy it your natural due sa pet, she Covenant of Graced

cominually. pardaning and, land according to improper in my doth difflue the forefaidh obligation, and presently remit bepanishmont: dend as dis morala&ions do not interrupted, no more toke justified.ftate.:) Iatna, 4*** 28. 25 1 here who condemnation to them that are in Ohrift Jefuss ere. Rom. 8. 1. John 3-16; 18. 1 John 5 JII, 13.alf any man fixo parlare an Advocate pitbatbe Fatben, Jesu Christ the righs teoliti vand ter w. the propriation for our fins al.John 2, 1, 2, saf corft/s our fins, ke is faithful and just to forgive us our fism and 19.cluanfe me from all warighteousness all all need of pardon had been prevented by Chrift, what use.wçucchero of his ad vocation for our future forgiveness?).31.625,00

Direct. 12. Remember, that though unknown infirmities, and sie avoidable ones, beveaningmedigte pardon, because the Believer barb an babitual Eastb, and Repentancas yet, great and knoppen fons must beve edinal Report ones, before the person will be pla: nary or perfe&i though the person is not in the more time on the regnset ats Hot unjustified performe, per

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