The bibliographer's manual of English literature, containing an account of rare, curious, and useful books, publ. in or relating to Great Britain and Ireland

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עמוד 884 - GIBBON'S Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Complete and unabridged, with variorum Notes ; including those of Guizot, Wenck, Niebuhr, Hugo, Neander, and others. 7 vols.
עמוד 893 - The history of the world, from the reign of Alexander to that of Augustus...
עמוד 1084 - Testament!,' with 90 wood-cuts beautifully engraved. Crown 8vo. half bound morocco, 1(. Is. A few copies printed entirely on India paper, 2J. 2s. THE DANCE OF DEATH, exhibited in fifty-five elegant Engravings on Wood, with a Dissertation on the several Representations of that Subject; more particularly on those attributed to MACABER and HOLBEIN, by FRANCIS DOUCE, FSA 8vo.
עמוד 1099 - The WHOLE WORKS of Homer, prince of Poets, in his Iliads and Odysses, translated according to the Greeke, by GEO. CHAPMAN.
עמוד 1145 - The Great Hero of the Ancient Minstrelsy of England, " Robin Hood," his Period, real Character, &c., investigated, and perhaps ascertained. By the Rev. JOSEPH HUNTER.
עמוד 1064 - The Life of Merlin, Surnamed Ambrosius. His Prophecies, and Predictions Interpreted; and their truth made good by our English Annals.
עמוד 996 - J. A Picturesque and descriptive Tour in the mountains of the High Pyrenees, comprising 24 coloured views, (mounted), with an account of the bathing establishments in that department of France.
עמוד 993 - Journey from London to Portsmouth,' 'Jonas, (said he,) acquired some reputation by travelling abroad, but lost it all by travelling at home.
עמוד 897 - A familiar Survey of the Christian Religion, and of History as connected with the Introduction of Christianity, and with its Progress to the present Time. Intended primarily for the Use of young Persons of either Sex, during the Course of public or of private Education.
עמוד 1082 - The Works of William Hogarth, including the Analysis of Beauty, elucidated by Descriptions, critical, moral and historical, founded on the most approved Authorities ; to which is prefixed, some Account of his Life. By Thos.

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