Record and Revelation - Essays on the Old Testament by Members of the Society for Old Testament Study

כריכה קדמית
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This is a systematic study of the Old Testament to which many distinguished Old Testament scholars, British and foreign have contributed. J.A Montgomery writes on our new sources of knowledge, J. Hempel and O. Eissfeldt on the literature, W.L. Wardle, T.H. Robinson, and H.H. Rowley on the history, A. Lods, N.W. Porteous, N.H. Snaith and W.A.L. Elmslie on the religion, the editor on the theology. Special topics included are archaeology by S.H. Hooke, language by D. Winton Thomas, exegesis by W.O.E. Oesterley, the relation to Judaism by C.G. Montefiore and the realtion to Christianity by W.F. Lofthouse. Detailed bibliographies and lists of recent commentaries should add greatly to the usefulness of this important book. Contents Include: The New Sources of Knowledge - The Literature of Israel - The History of Israel - The religion of Israel - The Theology of the Old Testament - Archaeology and the Old Testament - The Language of the Old Testament - The Exegesis of the Old Testament - The Old Testament and Judaism - The Old Testament and Christianity - Abbreviations

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