Don Juan..: Cantos VI.-VII.-and VIII..

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John Hunt, 1823 - 184 עמודים

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עמוד 66 - They accuse me — Me — the present writer of The present poem — of— I know not what — A tendency to underrate and scoff At human power and virtue, and all that : And this they say in language rather rough. Good God ! I wonder what they would be at ! I say no more than hath been said in Dante's Verse, and by Solomon and by Cervantes ; IV. By Swift, by Machiavel, by Rochefoucault, By Fe'ne'lon, by Luther, and by Plato ; By Tillotson, and Wesley, and Rousseau, Who knew this life was not worth...
עמוד 142 - Crime came not near him — she is not the child Of solitude; Health shrank not from him — for Her home is in the rarely trodden wild, Where if men seek her not, and death be more Their choice than life, forgive them, as beguiled By habit to what their own hearts abhor — In cities caged. The present case in point I Cite is, that Boon lived hunting up to ninety...
עמוד 2 - But no doubt every thing is for the best — Of which the surest sign is in the end : When things are at the worst they sometimes mend. There is a tide in the affairs of women " Which taken at the flood leads"— God knows where...
עמוד 141 - Of all men, saving Sylla the manslayer, Who passes for in life and death most lucky, Of the great names which in our faces stare, The General Boon, back-woodsman of Kentucky, Was happiest amongst mortals...
עמוד 136 - God save the king !" and kings! For if he don't, I doubt if men will longer — I think I hear a little bird, who sings The people by and by will be the stronger...
עמוד 27 - But she was a soft landscape of mild earth, Where all was harmony, and calm, and quiet, Luxuriant, budding ; cheerful without mirth, Which, if not happiness, is much more nigh it Than are your mighty passions and so forth, Which, some call
עמוד i - Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale ? — Yes, by Saint Anne, and ginger shall be hot i' the mouth, too ! " — a motto which promises nothing but offence and satiric pleasantry.
עמוד 14 - I love the sex, and sometimes would reverse The tyrant's wish, " that mankind only had One neck, which he with one fell stroke might pierce :" My wish is quite as wide, but not so bad, And much more tender on the whole than fierce : It being (not now, but only while a lad) That womankind had but one rosy mouth To kiss them all at once from north to south.
עמוד 180 - Reader ! I have kept my word, — at least so far As the first Canto promised. You have now Had sketches of Love — Tempest — Travel — War, — All very accurate, you must allow, And Epic, if plain truth should prove no bar ; For I have drawn much less with a long bow Than my forerunners.
עמוד 142 - And, what's still stranger, left behind a name For which men vainly decimate the throng, Not only famous, but of that good fame, Without which glory's but a tavern song — Simple, serene, the antipodes of shame, Which hate nor envy e'er could tinge with wrong ; An active hermit, even in age the child Of nature, or the Man of Ross run wild.

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