Poe's Seductive Influence on Great Writers

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Each of the twelve prominent writers named on the front cover of this book shows the telling effect on his publications of Poe's life or works, as indicated in Dr. Pollin's articles and reviews. Their "testimony" varies: Kipling states his great "debt to Poe"; Henry James, in two important works pivotally quotes from Poe's novel and The Raven; Walter de la Mare's tale features Poe as a reluctant ghost; a major novel by Thomas Mann links the chief characters and their declining family to those of "Usher"; James Thurber in cartoon sketches and tales reveals himself to be "haunted by Poe"; in Melville's fictions are seventy unmistakable traces for characters, situations, and settings; the same is true for Stephen King plus his ending thematically every chapter in Gerald's Game with "Nevermore"; Ginsberg devotedly visits Poe's various homes, lauds him by name in his own poems, and teaches his works as models; Terry Southern purposefully recreates his teenage enthusiasm for Poe's horror-filled Pym; Stevenson knowledgeably evaluates Poe's works in numerous commentaries for an unpublished review; and Hemingway's fiction appears as indebted to Poe's. In addition a final section of book reviews demonstrates Poe's continuing sway.

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Herman Melville 18191894 Traces of Poe in the Works of Melville
Henry James 18431916 Poe and Henry James The Yearbook
A Heavy Debt
Walter de la Mare 18731956 The Pathway of Poe Traced through
Notes begin on p 155 132
Ernest Hemingway 18991961 Poe and Hemingway on Violence
A Literary Connection
Allen Ginsberg 19262000 Edgar Allan Poe as a Major Influence
A Number of Short Reviews of PoeRelated Books of Fiction
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