Regulation and Risk: Occupational Health and Safety on the Railways

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Oxford University Press, 2001 - 356 עמודים
Regulating the risks associated with economic activities is a feature of modern societies and one in which the state increasingly seeks to co-opt the regulatory powers of corporations. This book examines the impact of a system of enforced self-regulation on the corporate life of BritishRailways. It uses this case study of occupational health and safety regulation to focus on broader theoretical and empirical discussions of regulation, risk, and corporate activities.A central organizing perspective of this book is that regulation is a form of risk management. It examines how workplace risks in modern societies are managed by businesses and the individuals within them and considers what influence the law has in this. The tensions between the constitutive andcontrolling aspects of regulatory law are analysed with reference to in-depth empirical data about corporate and individual compliance and non-compliance. Related concerns about the social control of organizational and economic life are explored and their policy and theoretical implicationsexamined.These issues are especially significant following the privatization of Britain's rail network and the introduction of regulatory systems which are highly reliant on industry self-regulation. More generally, their significance is highlighted by the increasing popularity of risk-based approaches tocorporate governance. The book argues that if regulation is to be an effective way of managing risk we need to pay more attention to the assumptions we make about corporate life and be more prepared to use the full range of regulatory sources and tools available to us.

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Concepts and Orientations
The Railway Industry in Britain
The Railway Industry and Risk
Regulatory Objectives and the Social Dimensions of
inspectors could take
Regulatory Objectives and the Social
The Impact of Regulation The Management of Risk
Participative Regulation?
Constitutive Regulation? Risk and Compliance
as a risk according to department
RiskTaking and Compliance
Privatization and the Safety Cascade
The Regulation
Data Collection

Information about Health and Safety

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Bridget Hutter is the Peacock Professor of Risk Management at the London School of Economics and Deputy Director of CARR (the Centre for the Analysis of Risk Regulation). She is author of numerous publications on the subject of regulation. Her research interests are in the broad area of the sociology of regulation and risk management; the regulation of economic life with particular reference to financial, occupational health and safety, and environmental regulations; regulatory enforcement and corporate responses to regulation; and the social control of organizations.

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