Exploring the Messianic Secret in Mark's Gospel

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Rowman & Littlefield, 1997 - 173 עמודים
In Exploring the Messianic Secret in Mark's Gospel, John Perry shows the reader how to distinguish between the actual history of Jesus and Mark's Messianic Secret theology, explaining why the substance of Mark's theology is still valid and can still nourish our contemporary faith.

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The Origin and Evolution of Ancient Israels Messianic Expectation
The Early Churchs Need for Messianic Secret Theology
Marks Secrecy Theme in Jesus Baptism by John and in Jesus Exorcisms Healings and Parables
Marks Secrecy Theme from Jesus Rebuke of Peter at Caesarea Philippi to His Transfiguration
Marks Secrecy Theme from Jesus Final Journey to Jerusalem to His Cleansing of the Temple
Marks Secrecy Theme from the Priestly Plot to Seize Jesus to His Arrest in Gethsemane
Marks Secrecy Theme in the High Priests and Roman Prefects Interrogations of Jesus
Marks Secrecy Theme from Jesus Crucifixion to the Discovery of His Empty Tomb
Remaining Questions
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מידע על המחבר (1997)

John Michael Perry is a professor of religious studies and philosophy at Stritch College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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