Bibiliographie Zu Flavius Josephus: Supplementband Mit Gesamtregister

כריכה קדמית
BRILL, 1979 - 242 עמודים
After being cast out of the Clan that had adopted her as a child by the new leader, Ayla shares a lonely valley with a herd of steppe ponies, harnesses their power, and discovers speech and love with Jondalar, a member of her own race.

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Addenda et Corrigenda zu ALGHJ 1 1968

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עמוד 197 - The / Jewes / Tragedy, / Or, / Their Fatal and Final "/ Overthrow / By / Vespatian and Titus his Son. / Agreeable / To the Authentick and Famous History / of losephus.
עמוד 198 - Engravings. 12mo, 5s. cloth. STORIES FROM THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS, on an improved plan. By the Rev.

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