The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques & Discoveries of the English Nation: Made by Sea Or Over-land to the Remote and Farthest Distant Quarters of the Earth at Any Time Within the Compasse of These 1600 Yeeres, מהדורה 1

כריכה קדמית
J. MacLehose and sons, 1903

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עמוד xviii - words of the Prophet together with my cousins (things of high and rare delight to my yong nature)] tooke in me so deepe an impression, that I constantly resolved, if ever I were preferred to the University, where better time, and more convenient place might be ministred for these studies, I would by Gods assistance prosecute
עמוד xvii - Honorable, I do remember that being a youth, and one of her Majesties scholars at Westminster that fruitfull nurserie, it was my happe to visit the chamber of M. Richard Hakluyt my cosin, a Gentleman of the Middle Temple, well knowen unto you, at a time when
עמוד xvii - directed mee to the 23 & 24 verses, where I read, that they which go downe to the sea in ships, and occupy by the great waters, they
עמוד x - He does smile his face into more lines than is in the new map with the augmentation of the Indies.
עמוד 22 - esset inter eos, precibus illius nullatenus voluit acquiescere, sed illos ad regem Hungarorum Salomonem nomine misit nutriendos vitaeque reservandos. Quorum unus scilicet Eadmundus processu temporis ibidem vitam finivit. Eadwardus vero Agatham filiam Germani Imperatoris Henrici in matrimonium accepit, ex qua Margaretam Scotorum reginam, & Christinam Sanctimonialem, & Clitonem Eadgarum suscepit. The same in English.
עמוד 231 - fower covered cartes of our owne and with two other which wee borrowed of them, wherein we carried our bedding to rest upon in the night, and they allowed us five horses to ride upon. For there were just five persons in our company: namely, I my selfe and mine associate frier Bartholomew of
עמוד 278 - together, not finding any people, and then we were constrained not to ride so fast. Of 20. or 30. horses we had alwayes the woorst, because wee were strangers. For every one tooke their choice of the best horses before us. They provided mee alwaies of a strong horse, because I was very corpulent
עמוד xxix - 1598. To the right honorable my singular good Lord, the Lord Charles Howard, Erle of Notingham, Baron of Effingham, Knight of the noble Order of the Garter, Lord high Admirall of England, Ireland, and Wales, &c. one of her Majesties most honourable privie Counsell.
עמוד 145 - indued with the shape of mankinde, but the males were like unto dogges. And delaying the time, in that countrey they met with the said dogges on the other side of the river. And in the midst of sharpe winter, they cast themselves into the water : Afterward they wallowed in the dust upon
עמוד 11 - himselfe was one of the sixe, which in the space of 3. dayes killed threescore. He was a man of exceeding wealth in such riches, wherein the wealth of that countrey doth consist. At the same time that he came to the king, he had of his owne breed 600. tame Deere, of that kinde

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