תמונות בעמוד

this double Yoke, Apostacy and Popery. If the Hebrew Scripturés are to be conArued by the Apostates, we had better have had none. And we had better have had no Reformation, than embrace the Do&rine of the Apoftate Jews, and the Derivations of the Alcoran, and Constructions of the Mahometans.. : The Sermon is said to be about Sacred Things, recorded in a Sacred Language, by the Holy Ghost, not about the Sentiments of Apoftates, Turks, Tartars, or Hottentots. Had it not been a little better Treatment to your Readers, if you had told them, when you introduce your Arabick, to set aside the Meanings of the Root of each, or several Words in the Sermon, how you knew that there were any Arabians then in the World, what Language they spoke, what Objects of Worship they had; whether they had any Aleim ; whether they were the same as created this system, Jehovah Aleim ; whether they had any Revelation i whether it was in Writing, and in what fort of Letters, where `those Writings have been since kept, and by whom ; whether those who kept them, were Believers or Unbelievers, who they were that translated them, into what Language,


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what they knew, or we can know, if such
Words had been retained in the East,
what the Antients mean'd by them, or, dc?
And how you know that Words in
Hebrew; were not originally of that
Language, but derived from Arabick;
had not each' the Signification of other
Words of the same Root; particularly,
how you know that the Prophets did not
understand the Plural Words, to fignify
several of the same Ideas, as they under-
stood the Singular had; and how you came
to offer Instances of the Ufage of Words,
which are Plural in the Hebrew, Sin-
gular in the Translations, Lexicons, c.
of the Apostate Jews or Mahomet ans
Could not you have told us before-hand,
what all the World knows, that they have
renounced the Aleim, and could not have
it writ Plural, nor Cherubim, or, doc.
And that the Apostate fetes did this in
Defence of the Villanies of their Ancestors,
and you tell us yourself, that this in the
Mahometan Religion was driven down
by Forcé, so can in no. Sense be any Evi-
*dence. What will Mr.

H o fay, if I admit Apoftates and Mahometans, and their Usage against Aleim, when they have no such Word? The Mahometans have no Names, nor Aleim, but God and

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their Prophet. Christ says, Mat. v. 18. Till Heaven and Earth pass, one Fot or one Tittle Mall in no wise pass from the Law, till all be fulfilled. As one of you said by Mr. Catcott about his Sermon, I wonder at the Ignorance and Impudence of the Man, that dares produce a Forgery, an Ulage, or Construction from Vagabonds, to cut off IM in Aleim, and consequently in all the Plural Words which are joined with it. :

He who you have made your Enemy, has in his New Account of the Confusion of Tongues, p. 190. shewed the State of Arabick, p. 195. Things to be proved before it be admitted, p. 204. The Consequence of admitting it, p. 201. How the Scriptures are to be interpreted without it; and has set it, and all your Ori. ental Languages and Translations, in such a Light, that it is no longer in the Power of all your Allies, to impose any of them upon Mankind. He has shewed 'tis all Forgery; so all your Imputations of ignofant Blunders in Mr. Catcott, who had such Education, as your Rabbinical Man had, in neglecting your Points and Rules, are wilful Blunders in you, and much worse, Subornation; and what is still worse, preferring these Forgeries to the Text,

writ writ" by Prophets, by the Direction of the Holy Ghost, attested by Miracles, &c. till you have proved their Authority to over-rule the Text. And by the by, please to tell us what became of the Men or Man who pointed the rest, that he did not point that Part, which stands un-pointed in the Book of Numbers, and if there was one Bible pointed what became of it, that it could not be all copied.,'. :

If you had been able, you might have shewed us some Account what the Hieroglyphicks and Emblems, &c. 'were for, that has been long looked for 'by many, before you, had under the Pretence of Ignoránce, ridiculed the Account which is given of them, or brought the Opinions of Apoftates, not to shew that he differs from them, but to set aside the Text. . . 5. When you bring the Translations of the Hebrew, as Evidence to overturn the Evidence of the Usage of Words in a Root, so in the Sermon: When you write to the People, and appeal to them for,' and persuade them to give you their Votes; would it not have looked like 'common Civility, to have told them who the People were, who made these Translations, what Skill they had in the Hebrew, what Religion they were of,


or what Principles they had, and many other Things necessary, before People can give you their Votes in this Cale; because your Enemy has done all these Things, and they must now be forced to read his Works, to give Judgment berween him and you? When you talk of Phraseology, and your Droll plays his Jefts upon the Scriptures; it had been proper, if pollible, to have shewed that they are idle insignificant Writings, writ in a vague Language, by Men who had no Guide, nor any Authority, before you had compared them with the idleft Nonfense, you or the greatest Fool you could meet with, could by Nature or Art invent; especially when he who you oppose, has proved that they are writ in a Manner worthy of their Authors. You may give in Answer, Dan. ii. 10. There is no King, Lord or Ruler that asked fuch Things, at any Magician, or AstroLoger, or Chaldean. What have you proposed to us for following you ? nothing but to make the Scriptures Nonsense'; to keep the Word Lord, which the ApoStates forged instead of Jehovah, and the Mahometan Word God instead of Aleim.

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