Memoirs of Edward Alleyn: Including Some New Particulars Respecting Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Massinger, Marston, Dekker, &c

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Shakespeare Society, 1841 - 219 עמודים

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עמוד 53 - How happy is he born and taught That serveth not another's will; Whose armor is his honest thought, And simple truth his utmost skill!
עמוד 9 - THE PROLOGUE TO THE STAGE AT THE COCK-PIT WE know not how our play may pass this stage, But by the best of poets in that age The Malta- Jew had being and was made ; And he then by the best of actors play'd: In Hero and Leander one did gain A lasting memory ; in Tamburlaine, This Jew, with others many, th...
עמוד 40 - Having, with Captain Clarke, made a voyage to the islands of Terceras and the Canaries, to beguile the time with labour I write this book ; rough, as hatched in the storms of the ocean, and feathered in the surge of many perilous seas.
עמוד 50 - In his service in the Low Countries he had in the face of both the camps killed an enemy and taken opima spolia from him.
עמוד 26 - But remember this, in any case, that all that bed which was parsley in the month of September, you sow it with spinach, for then is the time. I would do it myself but we shall not come home till Allholland tide. And so, sweet mouse, farewell, and brook our long journey with patience.
עמוד 9 - Jew, with others many, th' other wan The attribute of peerless, being a man Whom we may rank with (doing no one wrong) Proteus for shapes, and Roscius for a tongue...
עמוד 96 - I have a sute of clothes and a cloke at pane for three pound, and if it shall pleas you to lend me so much to release them, I shall be bound to pray for you so...
עמוד 78 - In the name of God Amen. May the seaven and twentyeth in the fifteenth yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord James by the grace of god Kinge of England ffrance and Ireland defender of the faith etc and of Scotland the fifyeth.
עמוד 61 - ... deal about these causes ; but to the mean, gave grace : as taking to him, the late Lord Chamberlain's servants, now the King's Actors : the Queen taking to her the Earl of WORCESTER'S servants, that are now her Actors ; the Prince, their son HENRY, Prince of Wales, full of hope, taking to him the Earl of NOTTINGHAM his servants, who are now his Actors. So that of Lord's servants, they are now the servants of the King, Queen, and Prince.

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