Lashon HaKodesh: History, Holiness, & Hebrew

Mosaica Press, 24 2014 - 294

A Linguistic Journey from Eden to Israel

Throughout Jewish literature, the Hebrew language is referred to as Lashon HaKodesh. Its history, origins, decline, and rebirth are simply fascinating. Furthermore, at its deepest level, Lashon HaKodesh is called such (the Holy Language) because it is intrinsically sacred and is thus unlike any other language known to Man.

Lashon HaKodesh: History, Holiness, & Hebrewseeks to understand the holiness of Lashon HaKodesh, follows its history, and focuses on the significance of Aramaic and other Jewish languages such as Yiddish and Ladino. An extended section is devoted to Modern Hebrew, its controversies, and its implications from a religious perspective. This unique work delves into the linguistic history of each Jewish language, as well as the philological, Kabbalistic, and Halachic approaches to this topic taken by various Rabbinic figures through the ages. The author also compares and contrasts traditional Jewish views to those of modern-day academia, offering proofs and difficulties to both approaches.

As the old saying goes, Two Jews, three opinions. In almost every chapter, more than one way of looking at the matter at hand is presented. In some cases, the differing opinions can be harmonized, but ultimately many matters remain subject to dispute. Hopefully, the mere knowledge of these sources will whet the readers intellectual curiosity to learn more.
Written by a brilliant young scholar,Lashon HaKodesh: History, Holiness, & Hebrewis ground-breaking, intriguing, and truly remarkable.




Rav Elio Moti Sonnenfeld
Made aliya a few years ago to Israel
His daughter was killed in a car accident
Elio Moti Sonnefeld he donated in her memory a number of projects
Elio Moti Sonnenfeld is the great grandchild of the great Rav Sonnefeld 

The Tower of Babel
Abraham the Hebrew
The Jews in Egypt
Replacing Lashon HaKodesh
The Language Wars
Foreign Influences on Lashon HaKodesh
Development of Aramaic
Egyptian Names in the Bible
Prayers in Aramaic
Maharal on Aramaic and Lashon HaKodesh
Additions and Corrections


Rabbi Reuven Chaim Klein is a graduate of Emek Hebrew Academy and Yeshiva Gedolah of Los Angeles. He is also a proud student of the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem and Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood. HereceivedRabbinic ordination from several leading figures in Jerusalem, including Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, and Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Lerner. His writings have been published in several prestigious journals includingJewish Bible Quarterly(Jerusalem),Kovetz Hamaor(New York),Kovetz Kol HaTorah(London), andKovetz Iyun HaParsha(Jerusalem). His weekly lectures on Pirkei D'Rabbi Eliezer are available for free online. He is currently a fellow at the Kollel of Yeshivas Mir in Jerusalem and lives with his wife and children in Beitar Illit, Israel.