תמונות בעמוד

cles in it proper for fermentation, is not certain : But it is adapted to be vastly expanded by a little Heat, and that Matter, which meets the Meat and Drink in the Stomach, is doubtless framed for fermentation and Division, and consists of a Mixture of Salts and fluids; whether they have Grayity fufficient, or how they are kept in the Stomach, when the rest is discharged, or whether they fecrete or are issued into the Stomach before the Meat and Drink are put in, or when they are put in, or during the time of their Diffolution, or continually, will hereafter be considered.

Hence Water, Oil, earthy. Matter, and Cold may be termed inactive or paflive, and Salts, Fire and Air active.

снАР. CHA P. IV... The Corpuscles of such different Sorts of

Bodies and Fluids mixed in the Stomach and Guts, will disolve the Bodies in

them, raise Steam, &c. proved by the · Effects, such Mixtures have out of the · Stomach.

THE Trunk of the Body is always I filled by the Bowels and Guts, and the Stomach and Guts are more or less distended, as they are more or less filled by Meat, Drink, or Steam, into the Space which contains the Lungs, and as the force which extends them, or the force of the Atmosphere prevails, the Case of the Belly is extended more or less. The more the Stomach and Guts are contracted, the more space the Lungs have to play in. As the Lungs extend, they part: ly compress the steam in the Stomach and Guts, and partly extend the Case of the Belly. As the Lungs contract, the steam in the Stomach and Guts expands parts and the case of the Belly contracts part. The Liver, Milt, Kidneys, &c. are there


by compressed and relaxed, of which more hereafter.

The Atmosphere without, compresses the Stomach and Guts, and the Steam within, distends them. The Action of the Lungs, by pressing and relaxing, moves them, when the Body is at rest: And the Motion of the Parts in Action and the Agitation of the Body in Motion, shifts and renverses the Matter in the Stomach and Guts variously.

When all the forts of Matter aforesaid are mixed in a thick Fluid in the Stomach, there is at first the Preffure of the Atmosphere upon every Side of the Stomach, and the Gravity of the Matter, and the Elasticity of the Air mixed in it, so that if the Stomach were not moved, the Particles of Matter which are lighteft, must make up to the Surface, with force and speed equal to these two Pref. sures, the Elasticity of the Air, and the force gained in their Motion. Suppose a Corpuscle of Fire or volatile Salt at the Bottom, it ascends till it meet with a Mass of Matter, and with one of its Points strikes between two or more Corpuscles, and if their Adhesion be not too strong, {plits them, and they fly the one the one Way, and the other the other, with a


force equal to the Strength of their Adhesion: The Corpuscle pursues its Way upward by the fame Impulse, and if the two split onės, or one of them, be either Fire, Air, or volatile Salt, it strikes against some other Body, or is pushed back by the Fluid, or begins to mount upward, and act as the other. If they be Matter as heavy as the Fluid, they attend till other Corpufcles ascend and split them, and so on, till all the Corpuscles of Fire, volatile Salts, and Air, after many Oppositions get to the Surface, and if there be Space there, the most volatile form a Steam which presses stronglier. But by the Motion of the Lungs upon the Stomach, and the Motion of the Body, the Contents of the Stomach are frequently inverted or turned topsy turvy, so that the lightest Corpuscles are continually aspiring and dividing the heavier, and continually turn; ed down, and the heavier fixt Salts contribute by friction till they, by dividing the Matter infinitely small, make it take up a greater Space; and by the bustle the Corpuscles make in flying this Way and that Way with great force, and the Elafticity of the Air, expand the fluid in Proportion to the Quantity of the Agents, and their Agitation; so press strongly


against the stomach, which is strongly compressed by the Air without, and thereby the volatile Matter, as the Corpuscles of Fire, Air, volatile Salts and Particles of the Water, Oil, and earthy matter to which they adhere, or which they can drive along with them, press into the upper Parts of the Guts, and thence into the lacteal Vefsels, where they only find Vent in form of Steam, and by that force drivé the crasser Matter, which will not pervade them, downwards.

If the volatile Matter were suffered to rest at the Top of the Stomach, or go off freely, as it ascends successively, the fermentation would foon cease, or go on very flowly, as it does upon the Liquor in a Guilefat unmoved. But the Motion of the Lungs and Body renews the Operation, as beating in the Liquor in an open fat does. But if fermenting Liquor be in a close Vessel, especially if it be moved much, it will make the Vessel extend, and if it get not Vent for the Steam, burst it ; if it get Vent issue in Steam and Bubbles during the ferment. When in an open Vessel, the Matter in the fluid is fufficiently divided, and those Bodies which would afcend gone off, or sheathed in, or adhered to, Other Corpuscles, fo


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