תמונות בעמוד

so that the Stomach contract and difcharge the. Juices, and these the Excrements plentifully, the Stomach will cona tract so much, that upon Eating or Drinking at first, you will feel a Fulneis, and an Inclination to vomit, and upon drinking a small Quantity of strong Drink, which is necessary, the Pulse will be strong and quick, without any great sense of Heat in the Body. When with eating Fruit, Herbs, or other cooling Diet, there is a plentiful Secretion out of the Blood into the Stomach and Guts, and a free Discharge of the Excrements downward, or a Looseness; it carries off the Matter which filled the outer Parts too full, and leaves the Limbs cool, and of a due Thickness in Man, Horse, Beast, &c. If this be done faster than the proper Juices can be separated into the Glands, and the Glands kept open, the Blood will push the thinnest Juices through the Ducts and Glands promiscuously; those Juices will be unfit for Digestion, and will be wanted in other parts where they would be useful. As the gross Steam raised out of green Plants or undried Fruit, cannot go off so fast, therefore it extends the Guts, Belly, and Parts of Creatures, whilst they feed upon them, much more than


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the fine Steam raised out of dry'd Plants,

Fruits, &c. when they feed upon them. Practical When the Muscles and Ligaments; fuffer Hints up the Steam to extend the Belly out of on these Observa- Course, 'tis not a sign of Strength, but tions, of Weakness, and the Food should be

changed, for if the Parts are not fupplied
with Nourishment sufficient; with the
Compreffure of the Air, to keep the Guts
within their common Compals; as the
Strength depends upon forcing the Steam
out of the Stomach and Gats, the more
they give Way to the Steam, the more
the Strength will diminsih. It seems tờ
me, that there is no Method more like
ly or fafe: to make the Juices secrete into
the Stomach, discharge them downward,
contract and ftrengthen the Stomach; a-
bate the sharpness of the Steam and Juices
in the Blood and restore a good Consti-
tution, than by a moderate Ufe of new-
gathered, or fresh Fruit and Herbs; about
an Hour before each Dinner. The Dif-
orders occafioned by eating exceflive Quan-
tities of Fruit at once, make the Phyfi-
cians forbid the Use of Fruit to People
in Disorder. But that should no more
disparage the Use of it; than the ill Effects
of Drunkenness, the Use of Wine, strong
Drink, &c. The Inhabitants of the nor-


thern Countries, where there is little or no cooling Fruit, are full of the Scurvy. Those of the southern Countries are seldom troubled with it. Those who have · been bred in the southern Countries, and

eaten much Fruit, and afterwards live in the northern Countries, and eat little Fruit, are most troubled with it ; besides we daily fee Horses and other Brutes that will eat Grass when they are in such Dilorders by dry Food, Surfeits, &c. restored to Health in a Month's Time by fresh Grafs, when all other Means have been ineffectual. Observations should be made, whether the Corpuscles of those Plants which cure the Farcy, and such like Diseases, are not very heavy and cold, and of what Nature, and in what Quantity the Spirits and Salts in them are. As Care Cautions ought to be taken of the Quantity of ing Fruits cold Fruit, Herbs, &c. which one eats and Salat once, because Excess will occasion Sur- lads. feits, &c. so also Care ought to be taken of the Quality of them, for there are some Fruits and Herbs so cold, that neither the Juices in the Stomach of Man nor Beast can raise them into Steam, nor discharge them without Surfeits, Fluxes, '&c. so also of the Time of using proper Quantities, and of proper Sorts, for if 701, X.


one use any sort too long, it will make one pale, and weak. We use Pepper with Cucumbers, &c. which immediately nettles the Stomach, and makes the Juices issue to raise a Steam, and dissolve them. What Operation can two or three Grains of such Matter have in the Stomach, other than in opening the Glands, and raising a quick Ferment? Or how can cold Things raise such a Combustion, as to cause a Surfeit or Fever, if Juices did not secrete? Or how could hot spirituous

Things prevent such Combustions, if they did not raise a brisk Ferment, and prevent too many Juices from ifluing in? The cooler or heavier the Diet, the more Juices it naturally calls in, and the more of them it carries off, and spirituous hot Things need less Juice out of the Blood to digest them, and so extend the Stomach, and keep them out. If by eating cold Fruit, drinking small Liquor, &c. the Stomach be cooled too much, or kept cool too long, too great a Quantity of bitter sharp Juices flow in, in small Quantity cause Belching, in great Quantity, Surfeits.' 'Tis not safe to drink any confiderable Quantity of strong Drink, when the Juices are kept discharged out of the Glands by Fruit or other cool Diet, for

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then the lacteal Vessels are very open, and the Steam heightened by the Juices and strong Drink, throws off too much into the Blood. Too much Action will have the like Effects; and the Matter so thrown off, is apt to fall into the Legs or lower Parts: If the Steam be too near spent by Heat; 'tis not safe to eat any cold Fruit, nor scarce any cold Meat, for fear of oversetting the Steam, or occasioning a Surfeit, by making the Stomach contract too much, issue too many Juices, &c. But 'tis more proper to drink a small Quantity of strong Drink to recover the Steam immediately, and after that is done, cold Meat will do less Hurt. If one perceive any Disorder by eating or drinking cold Things when hot; or by fasting, such as the Gripes, &c. which frequently happens, strong Drink, or rather hot strong Drink, taken suddenly, will prevent farther Damage ; but if it be taken after the Juices be secreted in too great Quantity, and the Ferment raised, it may do Harm, for 'tis very likely, there may be such a Quantity of sharp Juices in the Body of a healthful Perfon, which diffused through the Blood do no Harm; but if the Steam in the Stomach were kept condensed till they could be secreted into it,


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