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also to be considered, and the different Effects it may have by the Qualities of the Matter it shall be taken in. If a confiderable Quantity of Salt, be taken in Water-Gruel, or other thin Fluid fasting, may it not fret the Glands of the Stomach or Guts, go off in too great Quantity into the Blood, or &c. more than it would do, if taken with Meat, or thicker Fluids, and the Qualities of the Matter it will meet with in the Stomach, or which may be secreted into it, as Remains of the Meat, Phlegm, sharp Juices, &c. For whatever opens the Glands in the Stomach, will, besides its own Operation, occasion'a farther Operation by the Juices admitted into the Stomach, aca cording to their Quantity and Quality, most at first, and as it is repeated, and the Juires wasted, less and less. Therefore I think Salt most proper to be used as a Diet. And when there is too great a Stock of sharp Juices in the Blood, they may be more safely carried off by fofter Matter, of which next...

c H A P.

CHA P. XXXVII. Observations upon, and Comparisons be-.

tween the Effects of eating fresh Fruits, green Herhs, and dried Fruits, &c.

THE various Seasons of the Year in Nature t each Country, and the Difference of points out

the Time the Climate, in Countries of different La- of uling titudes, in some Measure point out the them. Uses of the particular sorts of Plants, Fruit, &c. variously adapted; some, only for the present Time, by Reason they cannot be preserved; some for Weeks, fome for Months, and some for the Winter Season, because according to their several Compositions, some are, and some are not, liable to rọt, corrupt, or decay. The Spring raises the tender young Blos. soms and Herbs, whose Corpuscles are light; the greatest Heat raises Fruit and Herbs to their full size, whose Corpuscles are then the coldest or heaviest. In the delining Heat, those Corpuscles are fermented and divided, perhaps some born off, and some others fucceed, and there by rendered lighter or warmer, or ripened. Some, by being kept after gathering,


undergo a sort of Fermentation, which divides the Juices, loosens the volatile Salts and Spirits, throws off some of the humid, cold Parts, and perhaps admits

Corpuscles of Fire, volatile Salts, &c. inChildren love Fruit to the contracted Pores. All Children,

and young people, whose Bodies are very hot and uneasy in hot Seasons, are mightily pleased with eating cooling Fruit, and are as naturally inclined to choofe it by Experience, as we are to take Food in ge

neral, when we are hungry, or Drink The Ori- when thirsty. The Scurvy, Gout, and gin of Eout and fuch like Disorders in the Blood, seem to Scurvy. be chiefly occasioned by eating such forts

of Food, and drinking fuch sorts of Drink as assist. not, or hinder the Juices from fecreting into the Stomach and Guts, and discharging them downward, and the Body is frequently rendered unhealthy, and sometimes even emacerated by the Sharpness or other Qualities of these Juices, abounding in the Blood. Horses kept in the House with dry Meat, efpepecially with much Corn, will not be well without Purging, or Bleeding, because their Blood grows too sharp, or too thick for want of discharging the Juices into the Stomach and Gats, which will occafion the Yellows, and several other


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Disorders. When on a sudden, the Sea-
fon becomes very hot, and the Body is
full of volatile Salts and Spirits, the Steam
within rarified, and too thin and volatile,
and the outward Pores too open, the Blood
will be too, thin, the Steam will pervade
the Blood and Pores, hurry off too fast,
and leave the Body hot and faint, and
then Alloys are abfolutely neceffary. In-
deed, when the Steam is very strong, hot
and subtile, and the Pores opens it bears
off groffer Corpuscles into the Blood, and
fo in Time makes the Blood more diffi-
cult to be pervaded or born off. And
when the Corpuscles in the Blood are
gross, and the Pores are shut on a sudden,
the Steam should not be suffered to abate
suddenly. The Juices in new-gathered or The diffe-

rent Ef.
unwithered Fruit, or green Herbs, aro ca- fects of .
pable of raising some sort of a Ferment, green and
in the Stomach and Guts, either by their dry Fruits.
Motion in Division, or by their Expan-
sion, or &c. till thefe Juices are born off
or Theathed or balanced, which those of
dryd Fruit, or Heşbs, out of which the
volatile Humidity is gone, or the Juices;
of Fruit or Herbs fermented, will not do.
Perhaps it may be the greener, or lefs,
fermented, or less dry'd the Meat of
Drink is, the groffer the Steam is, whiçbi

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rises from it, and therefore goes not of fo freely, but extends the Stomach and Guts, or perhaps it may proceed from å greater Quantity of Juices, which they may occasion to be issued into the Stomach and Guts, or from all thefe Causes jointly. If when the Juices are sharp; and the Steam fübtle, one eats a mode rate Quantity of cold Fruit, it makes the Steam groffer, and fitter to drive the Blood, and abate the Expence or Waste of the Steam, and by condensing the Steam at first, gives an Opportunity to the Stomach and Guts to contract, and to the Blood to replenish the Vessels in the sides of the Stomach, Guts, &c. with Juices to be secreted into the Stomach; which are the principal Agents to dissolve the Contents in the Stomach, and raise them into more Steam, and into the Guts, for discharging the Excrements downa ward, &c. Great Caution should be used at the firft eating of Fruit, for it is as unsafe for those to eat cold Things who are used to hot, as 'tis for those, who are not used to strong Drink or Exercise; to use much the firit Time; because the Glands will secrete too great a Quantity of Juices; and cause a Surfeit or Fever. I Fruit, be eat before Meat for fome Time;

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