תמונות בעמוד



The Rea-those in the Country.

wed by People in great Towns om

:: the Country. It must be in the fon af Quality,

Welitoor in too great a Proportion of

erile Salts, or Spirits in our Drink ; or Yo their being too much freed by Fire, Bintillation, Fermentation, &c. and made too volatile, active or sharp, and by exciting them too much in our Bodies with Heat by Fire, Cloathing, &c. or, by using the Liquors prepared by Fire too foon before the freed Corpuscles be sheathed; or, too late, when by long keeping, or new Fermentations, they are become acid, or those that are restored by Mixtures of mineral Poisons, or for Want of ufing a neceffary Proportion of Sea Salt with our Meat, or to our Meat, some Time before we eat it. It appears, that the more volatile Salts and Spirits we take, and the more they are freed, and the more Heat, the quicker the Ferment will be, and the opener the Pores, and the sooner the fine thin Fluid will go off. And when they are too much freed, 'tis likely they go off before their work be done, and leave the crasser Matter not sufficiently dissolved, nor carry it off the Stomach. But if they did do that, one cannot discharge them when their Work is done, for they carry off the thin volatile



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Maiter, out of the Guts and Blood-vessels;
leave the Excrements in the Guts too
crass, and the Blood too thick, or dea
prived of proper Juices for discharging
the Excrements, fo hieat and enflame the
Parts, &c. Since Custom hath prevailed,
and Men will use such Things as they
have been accustom'd to, what is the most
likely Agent, to temper, blunt, or abate
the Excess in Quantity, or Sharpness or
Volatileness of those Agents? Since Man-Sea Sale:
kind did always use Sea Salt, and more
lately than now and since Physiciatis for-
bid the using as much of it as was used
formerly, and almost forbid it in all Dif-
orders, and since it is their Interest to fora
bid all Things which preserve us in
Health, for what End, did Man always
ufe it? and what Effects hath the Use of
it, first, without the Body where we can
see it? If the Abyss be as large as some
think, and replenished with the same
Proportion of Salt as the Ocean, and there
be such valt Rocks of Salts in many
other Parts; as those discovered, perhaps
there may be one fourth as much Salt, as
there is of all terrestrial Mattere And to
what Uses, God created such a Propora
tion of this Globe Sea Salt, hath not; that.
I know of, been hinted at. The mine-

you, X.

ral Salts and Corpuscles rising by Springs, and the mineral and vegetable Corpuscles rising in Steam, fall down; fome, upon the Ground, and some, run in the Water, and it carries them, and others it meets with, into the Sea, and those must be 'raised thence, or circulate through the

Earth upward again. And the Water

'must leave, as well as take off mineral, Conjectu- vegetable Matter, &c. Whether, the res about Salt be to make some Ferment in the its Original Uie. Abyss, in order to send up the Steams for

Rain, Springs, &c. or to prevent Heat, and the more volatile Salts from ascending, and bearing up the Steam for Rain, &c. too fast, or to what other Uses, befides those we make of it, I undertake not to determine ; nor for what other Use, that sort of Salt or Spirit we call Bittern is designed, which abounds so in it. But doubtless these, and the several other forts are Agents, fome to excite, and fome to abate that Ferment, which raises the Steam, makes the Water circulate, and this Globe habitable. . And the Heat of the Sun bearing off the Water, and leaving the Salt dry upon the Coasts of all hot Countries, where they cannot preserve their Flesh, Fish, &c. without it, seems to hint, that that was one of the Uses for

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which it is prepared. We see; that the volatile Salts in the Juices of the Flesh of dead Creatures; who used no Sea Salt whilst alive; agitated by the Heat of the Sun, and Pressure of the Air, expand the Tubes and Parts; burst them; cut; and diffolve the Flesh, and bear off Particles of the Fluid and Flesh; till none remain; and that they are fermented, freed, and sharpened to that Degree, that in small Quantity, they are very nauseous; and in great Quantity and Degree; infectious. And those Bodies have most volatile Salts; or Spirits in them, or where they have been most fermented by the Disease they died of, or where they have been killed by those volatile sharp Salts; which we call Poison, which 'tis likely cut the Veffels in the Stomachi and Guts; and lacteal and Blood-vessels in their Passage ; and where the Body is soonest divided; they are most noxious. Nay; even they are volatilized and sharpened by the Ferment in fome Diseases in Man and Beast to that Degree; that those which fly off; while the Man or Beast is alive; are infectious, and most so in the hottest; clos est Seasons, when there is little Cold to clog them, or little Wind to disperse them. Nay even some Vegetables, fuch

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as Cabbages, &c. have Juices in them, which agitated by the Heat of the Sun and Air, dissolve the plants and send off Steams which are nauseous, and 'tis likely noxious. And 'tis likely those tender Parts in the Nose, along which the Air we breathe passes, and is an Efsay whether it be wholesome or not, by that Sense we call Smelling, is only affected by volatile Salts, and in various Degrees; by the Quantity, of the Corpuscles, and the Strength of the Agent which moves them, and in various Manners, by the various

Corpuscles of the Matter which they bear Its Effects in preferv. along with them. Sea Salt, well freed ing Fleth. from the mineral Salts in it, applied to

the Flesh of any Creature, which had undergone any such Fermentation before, it was killed, and after it is cooled, and the Corpuscles of Fire, and the most volatile Salts are gone off, will, by the Prefsure of the Air, be insinuated into the Tubes and Interstices of the Flesh, ada. here to, fix and clog the volatile Salts, so that the Heat and Air cannot agitate them when joint ;' and blunt them, that they cannot act, nor cause any Diffolution of the Parts. When the volatile Salts have dissolved the Parts of the Body too much, Sea Salt will scarce fix them, or in great


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