תמונות בעמוד

Qu. Con- leave the Remainder thicker. If a Gut encreasing a

ng or Bladder were fixed upon any swelled the Pref- Part with a Frame, cr tied at each End, Tare upon and secured with some cleaving Matter, any Part 9 or the that Air could not get out, and more Air whole. were forcibly pumped in, so as to make

a strong Pressure, what Effect would it have? Would it not repell the Humours, make them circulate, and .contract the Part? Or, if a Man were put into a large Vessel, and Air pumped in, and the Prefsure made stronger, would it not force the Juices into the sides of the Stomach and Guts, and the contrary, see p. 49.


The Use of Blisering.

The Use T HE Intention of Blistering, is to of Blisters, 1 discharge some of the thinner Juices and how raised." out of the Blood, when a Ferment hath

thinned the Blood too much, or when there is too great a Quantity of small sharp Salts, or other like pointed Bodies in the Blood. And is performed, by applying some sharp Corpuscles to the skin, which will open, and cut, the capillary Vessels which compose the cuticular Glands, &c. and by a Plaister, or some cleaving Mat


ter, which will keep off the Air, and suffer the Steam to open the Pores, and those Corpuscles to enter, and be moved by the Steam in the Juices of the Glands, · and that which they discharge.' And after their Operation, and the skin's being taken off, by continuing a Plaister of some cleaving Matter to keep off the Air, and suffer the Steam to discharge the Juices at the Ends of the cut Glands, and to prevent the Air and Fire, Salts, &c. in it, from wounding the Ends of the Glands, or drying the Juices which issue out, and prefsing them into a dead Skin or Scab, which would stop the Discharge. If Occasion require they repeat fome small Quantity of Tharp Corpuscles mixed in the Plaister, which will gently open the Pores, when applied to the Skin, or to the Ends of the cut Glands, to encrease the Secretion, or add Corpuscles of the contrary Quality to decrease it. Whether Qu. As te a Blister discharge some volatile Salts, or the Mat&c. which will not subside, and go off her roled by Urine, nor at the outward Pores, but by them, only into the Stomach ; or whether taking and their

Effects. some away, only lessen the Quantity which would have been secreted into the Stomach, and consequently the Sharpness of the Ferment; or whether they fretted


the Glands in the Blood vessels, and made the subtle Juices in them, fecrete too much, so as to disorder the Constitution of the Blood, as Vinegar, which though not vifibly prejudicial to the Stomach, yet is mortal when injected into the Blood, and lessening their Quantity abate that Effect, I have not had Opportunity to observe: Doubtless, some of the sharp Corpuscles applied in the Blister, will, as they enter into the small Blood-vefsels, be carried along with the Blood to all parts of the Body; and will have various Effects upon the different Parts, according to their different Constitution; and will more, or less open, or wound the Glands, and cause Secretion in all parts of the Body, till those Corpuscles be blunted, sheathed or discharged. And when the Glands in the Stomach, Guts, or Blood vessels, are ou pened to a great Degree, or as it were wounded, they will issue Juices against a great Strength of Steam for a while, as the small outward Vessels will do Blood or Juices, when they are wounded or cut, against the Pressure of the Air ; because where the Parts are cut, there are no Valves to shut. 'Tis not strange, that those Corpuscles should pass, if those of Oil of Turpentine only touching the out


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ward Skin can infinuate themselves, fo in-' into the Pores, and thence into the Bloodvessels, that the Urine Thall smell strong of it. The Matter discharged by the · Blister will be composed of Corpuscles of that Magnitude, or Juices of that Confistency, which the Glands or capillary Vessels, opened or cut; could discharge : For if the Passages, as one may fay, in the several Strainers were not of different Sizes, the Juices, secreted in each Part, would be the same. When any one hath a Blister, outward Wound, or is accustomed to have the outward Piles upon a sudden Stoppage of the Pores in any other outward Part, as by shaving the Head with cold Water, going wetshod, Absence of Cloaths, or other Defence from the Cold, the Steam within, acts more forcibly upon the weak Parts, which are kept warm and the blistered Place, or Wound, will run, or the Piles break out; and bleed more than they would otherwise have done. Increasing the Force of the Steam within, by strong Drink, Action, &c. will have the same Effect. If one have a small Appearance Vid. above of the Piles after a Stool, prefsing them p. 101. gently with one's Finger End, will put them up into the End-gut. If that be


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omitted, till the End-gut be filled with Steam, though you push them up, they will return. But if you break Wind, and then put them up, they will not return; fo 'tis likely, when one hath the Piles; if

one put up a Pipe with Holes in the Blisters not Sides, and let off the Steam, one might rifing, a then put them up. I think it is account

ed a bad Sign when Blisters will not work. If the Steam rise not; or pass not, or the thin Parts of the Blood be born off, or the Blood be stagnated, Blisters will have but small Effect, nor the Patient continue long without some Change:

bad Sign.



The Use of iJues, Rowels, &c. The Use "T HE Intention of making Issues; and In- 1 Rowels, &c. is to discharge some

Matter out of the Blood, which is too grofs to be secreted in proper Time, at any of the natural Places for Discharge, nor at the Glands cut by a Blister, but must be discharged at wider Glands or Vessels, cut and kept open, and defended from the Air. And such Glands or Vef= fels will discharge thicker Juices in Proportion to their Capacity; and perhaps,


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