תמונות בעמוד

pure, to serve for Respiration, this is generally common to all, except it be taken away by Art, or fouled by some Accident, or where it cannot have Motion, and in such Cases that Defect puts an immediate stop to all Motion. 5. Rest or Sleep, without which in a short Time their Motions are foon disordered, and in a short time after, cease. But as I take the two first to be chiefly concerned in what I am enquiring after, I shall first consider what concerns them, and the other three only accidentally, or afterwards,

CHA P. III. The Qualities of the several Sorts of Matter put into the Stomach, and of the Juices secreted into it, out of the Blood.

IN order to have some Notion of the

Operations performed in our Stomachs, it will be necessary to consider the different Sorts of Matter put or secreted into them, what natural Qualities they have, what Figures their Corpuscles are of, which of them may be considered as active, and which as little other than passive, what Vol. X. B


external Causes compress, move, or affect them, what Motion and Effects those Bodies with such Qualities and Figures will, when all together, and wrought upon by such external Causes, produce one upon another, and upon what contains them.

The several sorts of Meat we eat and drink, I suppose, are composed of Corpuscles of Water, Oil, earthy Matter, Salts, Air, Fire, and Cold mashed and mixed all together, and along with them, the Saliva or Spittle secreted out of the Glands in the fviouth * and Throat, and a subtile Fluid like a Mixture of Salts and Spirits meets them there, which either iş secreted or issued into the Stomach, or constantly remains there, and such a Quantity of Corpuscles of Fire, as form

what we call natural Heat. Qualities. The natural Qualities of Water are of Water.

tet. Gravity and fluidity, whereby every Body, ed in Proportion to the Degree of those Qualities in the Mixture. Its Corpuscles are extremely light, small, and capable of being expanded, divided, and carried off by corpuscles of Fire, Air, Spirits or volatile Salts, and are round, sinooth, or so figured that they pervade, but do not wound or cut other Bodies, nor divide the corpuscles of any Body except Salt, but impell what they meet with in Proportion to the force which impells them. Whether the corpuscles of Water be so small, that they can be formed into a fluid so thin, as to carry Matter to form and nourish the several Tubes of which an Hair is composed, or whether there be corpuscles of different Sizes in Water, or whether there be fluids, whose corpuscles are smaller than those of Water, mixed in it, and other fluids, to which Names are given, I am not certain.

heavier than its Bulk of Water, finks in it, and every one lighter swims, and when any other forts of Matter are mixed in it, those Qualities are encreased or diminish


* Or thus, a lubricating Mucus from those of the Fau. çes, and a Liquor analogous to that of the Salivary Glands, which is constantly secreted, and issuing into the stomach, and a Quantity of, sc.

Those (Qualities) of Oil are Fluidity Of Oil. and Gravity, some sorts havemore, and some tess. But any sort, Fluidity in a much less, and in most forts, Gravity in a lesser Degree, Bulk for Bulk, than Water. However its Corpuscles are figured, they are light, small and capable of being expanded by Fire, Air, &c. but not easily die vided or driven off in Steam, without a

Ba considerable

be Audent Sizes in Wer there be


Bodies, newith the

considerable Proportion of Fire; not capar ble of wounding or dividing other Bodies, but of intangling with one another, and with the Corpuscles of any folid Body; .capable of insinuating themselves into the Pores of most sorts of Bodies, not çapable of being mixed or intangled with the Corpuscles of any Fluid : But I think Theaths, entangles, and contains, or admits a greater Quantity or Proportion of Corpuscles of Fire, than any other Fluid or Body, as appears when it is fired; and from the degree of Heat it takes to make

it boil, Of Vege: Earthy or vegetable Matter has Gravity table Mat- and Solidity, and some sorts of it Elafi

city. In Mass, some sorts have more Gravity than Water, and some less, in Corpufcles nearly the same ; and 'tis most likely they are flat, thin or fibrous, framed to compose the Parts of our Bodies, not capable of wounding or dividing, but of adhering to one another, or to other Bodies; liable to be divided by Corpuscles of Fire, or Salts, and so light as to be born along with Corpuscles of Fire, volatile

Salts, and Air.
Of Salts. · Salts have Solidity and Gravity. In

Mạfs, most Sorts have more Gravity than
Water ; in Corpuscles fome nearly the



fame. Some which are lighter than; or ! will swim, or rise in the Air, or be elevated by the Heat of the Sun and Air, which I take to be much the same as Fire, but fomething larger, because Glass will let go Fire and hold them, and may be called volatile active Salts; and some which the Heat of the Sun and Air cannot move or bear off, and may be called fixed Salts. Some Sorts of them are blunt or sheathed; others matted, or they appear to be so; but most Sorts are pointed or figured, so that one Sort or other, or a Mixture of some Sorts of them, willl divide the Corpuscles of most Sorts of solid Bodies, some in the Fluid of Water, some in the Fluid of Air.. Their Corpuscles are liable to be divided, some by Fluids and some by Fire; they are capable of adhering to one another, and to other Bodies, and consequently those which are lighter then Air or Water, are able to make Corpuscles of other Bodies or Fluids of greater Gravity, then the Fluid which they are contained in, swim in it with thein; And those which are heavier, to make other Corpuscles of lesser Gravity than the Fluid in which they are contained, sink in it with them. Whether each fort of Spirits be composed of a distinct Species of Corpuscles, or they




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