תמונות בעמוד

Case will extend and contract, and the Force which extends the Tubes be greater than the Compressure and Strength of the Case, it will extend, if lesser it will contract; if the Force in any one of the Tubes or Pipes be less than the rest, it will contract more than the rest, if greater, extend more than the rest.

Our Bodies are fo surprisingly contrived and adapted to the Qualities of inanimate Bodies and Fluids, that every Thing, within and about us, acts according to the Laws of (the Agents which they ignorantly call) Gravity, Fluidity, Élasticity, &c. : The Fluids within us move and are moved, by such Impulses, as they are without; and such Corpuscles, as are sharp, smooth, &c, without our Bodies, are so within, and are united, divided, and separated as they are without; and they are, no otherwise changed within, than they are without, viz. by Union, Division, and Separation, which is occafioned by their Motion, Taction, paffing Strainers, &c. And the Motion of the Fluids within, is encreased by greater Proportions of volatile Spirits,' Fire, &c. as they are without, by greater Emissions of Heat from the Sun, from Fire, Manure, &c. and retarded by a greater Proportion


Man's Body pillars, Clots

goes, Levers,

of Cold, heavy Matter, &c. with this Difference, that every living Body needs Supplies of Matter, to furnish Agents to keep the Motions going, and the great Body of this Globe needs none, except Heat from the Sun. And perhaps the Motions of the Fluids in both are, in fome Measure, altered by the Qualities in, or Motion of, the Moon and other Orbs. Man's Body is formed of Parts called Supporters, Pillars, Clothing, or Covering, Partitions, Rollers, Wedges, Levers, Pulleys, Cords, Presses, Bellows, Sieves, Strainers, Canals, Receptacles, and by many other comparative Names which the Anatomists use. Each is at firft formed , in the Womb of a Woman, and by her nourished. After its Birth, the Stomach and Guts, are successively filled with what it eats or drinks, from whence the other hollow Vefsels, are filled with Fluids, some with a Mixture of all sorts together, some with this, some with that fort separated; the greatest Part kept in perpetual Motion, fome small Quantities kept stagnant to supply proper Occasions at proper Seasons; the whole is so framed, as to need a continual Supply of proper Matter in the Womb, to form and nourish it; and after that, to keep the Parts of it in Motion, and to augment for some time; and to supply the Waste of those Parts. That Matter is composed of a Mixture of various forts of Fluids, and Atoms, of various forts of vegetable Matter, &c. which lies dispersed through the whole Surface of the Earth, in the Waters, &c. The Atoms of Fluids are raised in Vapours, fink into the Ground, rise and pervade the Earth in Steam, and they, and those of the Solids, are by the fame Agents, as act in and upon Man's Body, raised in the Surface of the Earth, and collected by the Fibres of the Roots of Trées and Plants, in a fort of Halitus or Steam, carried along their Tubes through feveral Strainers or Glands, part nourishes, forms, and encreases the Roots, Stems, Branches, Leaves, and Fruit, and part is discharged as Excrement. These Atoms thus collected, and formed into Roots, Plants, Seeds, and Fruits, are some of them fitted for the immediate Nourishment of Man, some for his other Uses, some fitted for the Nourishment of Beasts, Birds, Fifhes, &c. and of several sorts of these Animals, fome are fitted for the Food of Man; some for the Food of other Animals, fome for the Service of Man, and all for his Benefit, as I have


shewed in another Place *. Those fitted for the Nourishment of Animals are by them collected and preyed upon, and their Bodies by the fame. Agents, in the Stomachs of thofe which eat them, are again divided, and what is fit to form and keep their Parts in Motion, and to grow and supply their Parts, is carried off from the Stomach, and Guts, in Steam or Halitus, sorted by Glands, &c. and the reft discharged in Excrement. - The Flesh of those fitted for the Food of Man is by the fame Agents again divided in the Stomach of Man; part carried off in Steam for the Uses aforefaid, and part cast out in Excrement, fo nothing is fitted for those Uses in Man till it has feveral Times, at least once, been divided infinitely small, carried from the Earth, or Excrements in Form of Steam, passed proper Strainers, and been separated from the useless or hurtful Atoms.

See Vol. XII. State of Nature.

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CHA P. II. The Things necessary to keep these Fluids . .,' in Motion... T HỂ Things absolutely necessary to

to keep these Fluids in Motion, and to move the Parts, &c. are, I. A sufficient Quantity of such properly prepared Fluids and Solids taken successively, : at proper Distances of Time, into the Stomach, without which, or by the Excess or Defect of which, the Fluids will run too faft, or too lowly, and in a short Time stand still. 2. The natural Compressure of the Air, which is common to all, in all Places, unleis taken off by Art, and then there is immediately a total Cessation of all Motion. 3. A sufficient Degree of Warmth or Heat from the Sun, Fire, Clothes, Action, or &c. In this we

ally err in Excess by Custom, and Man might live much cooler than we keep ourselves. But an extraordinary Defect of this sometimes occasions Efforts, which we call Fevers, and in a short time puts a stop to the Motions of the Fluids, sometimes suddenly. 4. Air sufficiently


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